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Nigeria and her best way to go now!


President Muhammadu Buhari

Except one has decided to devote oneself to the doing of evil, as regularly happens in people who regularly join the various cultic groups, or one has become overtaken by evil thinking and doing in any other ways, he will have no doubt that Nigeria has truly stopped to exist as any actual or to be hoped for nation as it now is. Nigeria now is only a jungle of sorts! In the preparation for arriving here, our very dear Muhammadu Buhari at the apparent leadership of the people who are obviously leading in this deterioration, has that he does not listen and can just keep doing anything he desires to do, irrespective of the common good. In order to do this, he quietly took over all the military, security, economic and all real and major governance offices, and delivered them to himself and those who in his mind constitute “the Fulani owners of Nigeria” and their servants. Every reasonable person in Nigeria has said so; and this is not simply my personal opinion – OBJ, the Catholic Bishops Conferences, etc.

In that way, our most beloved Buhari and those who had decided that his much claimed military and moral integrity credentials were enough to deceive everybody for him to get to this office solely for this purpose, have largely succeeded in what they set out to do. However, all these claimed military savvy and moral integrity issues have shown themselves to be entirely false. He neither defeated any insurgencies with those claimed military expertise nor has morality and corruption in Nigeria done anything since then than to keep increasing. So is insurgency and all terrorisms. Those have become the proofs or otherwise, of the claimed military prowess or moral integrity of the man. If anybody thinks otherwise, I will most humbly like to see the facts to that claim presented to us.


These failures have been so, largely because religious fanaticism and ethnic bigotry are the engine houses of Nigeria’s corruption; and if there is anybody who embodies both evils in Nigeria more than our very dear Muhammadu Buhari, I will very well like to know it. So, the so-called Nigerian Federal Government is steadily going on doing any most objectionable things it desires in the belief that nobody can do anything correctional about it. It is exactly this situation that has created the evil atmosphere in which Nigeria finds itself now, to seem like an impossibility that nobody can do anything positive about. Poorly educated people, even when they possess all the “educational” certifications in the world as is so common in Nigeria, think that under the present Buhari and the Buhari Army of Nigeria, nothing correctional can be done about these growing evils! But is that really so; or can it be?

In addition to this position, the other members of the Fulani racists concocting and administering this national injustice are not done with their pretending to be blind, deaf, dumb and invincible about the national stupidity to which they have led us. They have even gone wild with their boasting and arrogance over the fact that they and their past leaders since July 1967 have steadily, progressively crafted and restructured everything in Nigeria so well that we have all become their slaves; of which, any of them can do anything and get away with it. But in doing so, they are only thinking of the most primitive ways of war and all other such ways of hate and belligerence.

It must be remembered that all the evil scheming that brought us to this point started in the immediate post World War II era when their even much more worshiped Ahmadu Bello rose up to begin this now long led and yet unbroken scheming, performing and boasting about his intended plans to continue the Usumanu Danfodiyo “rudely interrupted” jihadic conquest of the entire territory called Nigeria by those British colonizers! These boastings, schemings and how the British accepted and aided him in doing so are all available on the internet and other easily available electronic systems that I will not waste my time recounting them here. Our so-called “heroes past” from the Middle Belt, the South-East, South-South and South-West were all hearing and seeing these things in all those times but each of them had his own (now by hindsight knowledge, truly rather funny) ways that they all thought that they were going to overcome all that crafting, implementing and boasting.


So, for those who would like to feel angry about this funny local, military and most primitive neocolonialism in the 21st century or this arrogance associated with it, it is good to advise them that there will be no basis for such angers. The very local or geo-political “heroes past” of any of these intending angry people lived with these arrogance (at that time by only one man, for that matter); and not only tolerated but some even fanned it for some parts of the country that he would seem to be especially concentrating it for, at that time. So, what are they doing now, by trying to do as if this (only now multiplied) boasting is a new thing? No, the boasting is neither new in form or substance; only that Britain is no longer in charge of our affairs directly as such!

So, with the present situation at hand, it will only be worthwhile to remind all Nigerians that are interested in making progress for everybody evenly and at the same time with the present situation that there really is no serious problem in that regard. Everybody in Nigeria who is alive and well, knows that the country has died since Buhari came on board this second time. All they need to do is to convince themselves that recovering whatever is worthwhile left in the Nigeria geographical area is a task that must be done by all lovers of progress, human love and development all working together. Those who are so apparently bent on the opposite of these will need to be MOST LOVINGLY shown the way to leave the place to wherever it is that suits them; but obviously no longer here amongst those of us who desire human love, mutual respect, peace and development. This must be done in such massive ways that the miscreants will know that they just have to leave.


Mahatma Gandhi led his fellow Indians to get rid of the British habitual impoverishers of nations in this peaceful way. Similarly, Nelson Mandela with his relatively lesser number and less educated people (but with external peaceful assistance) got rid of apartheid in South Africa. Later, the now independent Indians themselves got rid of the “would rather prefer” jihad culture people, to go their own ways, away from them, as Pakistan and Bangladesh all did. Afghanistan had earlier separated from India on the same ground; and now we know where all these three countries are developmentally, socially and economically, compared with the India that they left. Russia, even though foolishly deceived to carrying all the “..kistan” republics with herself because of their fanatical communism, with the help of other people, it eventually got rid of those brands of people among them also; and obviously has become better for it! Mu’ammar Gaddafi, in spite of his obviously similar inclinations as these jihadists, was wise enough to advise these jihad-seeking Nigerians that it would not work. But they would rather not listen at that time. Now, everything has come to a full final stop; and higher wisdom must now prevail, surely! Even the “lesser mortals” such as people like me may seem to be to such people, may do well to ask such people to leave the place now in their own personal interests!

Obviously, the situation in Nigeria now needs the well united actions of those non-jihad and non primitive neo-colonization inclined people and nationalities, to unite all their actions to rid the true nation of these nuisance-preferring people. The seeking of individual independent nationalities has no place for the task at hand now; that is, in my own most humble opinion. These loving and peaceful ways may have well organized actions within the country as well as outside it, obviously. These neither need to be one united action from overseas or even here in the country; but several of them, but all saying essentially the same thing and working for the common good. They need to be such a single all-united action, as long as they are all compatible and seeking for true peace and progress.

Above all, none of these truly common good actions and groups may oppose or fail to support each other in these all-loving endeavours. We need to do so, to seek this universal and common good, even for these other-undermining and hating peoples; and in spite of their ignorance of the good of this alternative ways to go, other than this their corrupted and fanatical ways, to themselves as well. May God Himself help one and all in these tasks ahead of us all! Amen.


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