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OBJ signaled PDP’s death long before polls


SIR: When Senate President David Mark remarked that the outgoing ruling party is in a state of coma and cautioned the warring factions within the party to sheathe the sword, he was actually making a honest assessment/appraisal of the party that has given him and other party stalwarts the platform to shine in their respective political careers.

But unknown to the Senator, the PDP as party has actually died symbolically and spiritually the day former President Olusegun Obasanjo publicly endorsed the tearing of his party membership card. And we quickly pointed out the implication of and the significance of this particular act; some party hawks might have waved it as mere superstition and called the old man uncharitable names.

But the import of the action was not lost on President Jonathan as he made moves to pacify the aggrieved man. Being a former President, leader of the party and Chairman of the Board of Trustees (BOT), that public show was the last straw that broke PDP’s camel’s back spiritually.

Incidentally, even though Obasanjo’s symbolic tearing of his party’s card only signaled the death of the party, he is not among the principal undertakers who actively participated in the burial process of the party. But should we allow the opposition to die? No. The PDP in collaboration with other parties should be assisted to form a credible opposition and offer constructive criticisms to the in-coming Administration which is an admixture of the good, the bad and even the ugly elements in the political system. For the sake of a virile nation that can withstand the test of time, the political system should not slide into one-party system. The Opposition should always provide the necessary checks and balances to checkmate any perceived bad policy of the government while keeping the officials on their toes.
The Government should always be reminded that the electorate have an alternative in the opposition and hence no room for any form of totalitarian system of Government.

• Gbemiga Olakunle, National Prayer Movement, Abuja.

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1 Comment
  • Paul Nwaogu

    Don’t describe PDP as dead just because OBJ left the party
    that made him a president that presided over the looting of the economy. He
    never founded or helped to found the party but was received by the party after
    he came out of Abacha’s gulag. A tree does
    not make a forest, they say, but it does help to form one. Having said that, OBJ
    misused the party and dumped it; may be his departure is a good riddance to the
    envisaged ‘revamped party’ that must get its acts together even though I am not
    an enthusiastic admirer of the party. The party under OBJ insulted the
    collective psyche of Nigerians.