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Of parable, divine disqualification and Edo election

By Raymond Oise-Oghaede
01 October 2020   |   3:00 am
As a follow up to my last write up titled “Edo Governorship Election and the Future of Our Democracy” I wish to crave the indulgence of His Excellency, the governor of Edo state


As a follow up to my last write up titled “Edo Governorship Election and the Future of Our Democracy” I wish to crave the indulgence of His Excellency, the governor of Edo state Godwin Nogheghase Obaseki to permit me to use this medium and opportunity to congratulate him and his amiable deputy, Philip Shaibu on their re-election for another term. It is also very important to congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari and other government functionaries; the Oba of Benin (Oba Ewuare II) and other royal fathers and community leaders in the state; the Chairman and Leaders of the PDP and all other political parties; the INEC; the various security agencies; the Independent Observers; the International Community; the good people of Edo state; and, other well-meaning Nigerians who made the success of the exercise possible.

As it has been my tradition of analyzing issues from a unique and unbiased perspective; this review is an ‘interreligious political sermon’ that is intended to take an insightful look at the ‘road to the eventual outcome’ of the September 19th, 2020 governorship election from a ‘paranormal angle’. Also, it will give His Excellency a firmer understanding of some things that are beyond the ordinary and which should shape his newly ordained dispensation; thus, it is not intended to lambaste or malign any person(s) or institution(s) whatsoever and should not be misconceived and or misconstrued as such. I decided to make it an open message to enable as many as possible people learn one or two things thereon for the betterment of our society. To this end, I will deploy my writing dexterity to walk down memory lane to ensure a seamless understanding and appreciation of the nitty-gritty of this sermon.

It should be recalled that His Excellency was elected for his first term in 2016 on the platform of the ruling party. In the course of time, you fell out with your perceived major benefactor who happened to be the chairman of your party. The imbroglio became fierce and all efforts to call a truce failed.

When the time came to seek nomination to fly the party`s flag for re-election; it became an uphill task because the forces within proved too difficult to be surmounted. You saw the handwriting on the wall and made frantic efforts to change the tide by running from pillar to post seeking a breakthrough; but, all your efforts proved abortive. However, God intervened on your behalf through the “divine disqualification”.

As a human, you must have been dispirited by that “outcome” because that was not what you were expecting the omnipotent, omniscience, and the omnipresent to do for you. You would have preferred that you were given the opportunity to at least test your might and try your luck at the primaries; but, the ways of God are beyond human comprehension. “He is ever jealous and would not want anyone to take or share His glory”; as a result, He made men to “remove their mat from under your feet while He replaced it with His own rug of honour”.

The first crucial thing to hold onto from the above scenario is the fact that the roughness of the road which eventually led to your exit from the ruling party was predestined to enable you to achieve your goal. Out of several options to deny you the ticket, DISQUALIFICATION was chosen so that God`s plan for you will come to fruition. It sounds weird, but that is a simple truth.

Come to think of it; would it not have been easier to allow you to contest for the primaries where ‘the powers that be’ would have deployed all in their arsenals to outdo and deny you the ticket? If that was to be the case, you would not have been able to contest on any other party`s platform (as per the Supreme Court`s judgment in Uche Nwosu`s case) talkless of being re-elected. In the same vein, the power brokers could also have sold you a dummy by cajoling you to settle out of court and sanction the swearing-in of the House of Assembly members loyal to them as a condition precedent to giving you an automatic ticket or supporting your ambition; and, after you must have done the needful; they will renege on their promise and still settle for their anointed candidate.

In this case, you would have been boxed to a corner and would not have any other option than to remain in the party and support the party`s candidate, knowing full well that anything you do to the contrary will attract their wrath and could lead to your impeachment on trumped-up charges. So, it was by God`s divine intervention that you were DISQUALIFIED in order to perfect His plan for you. He made a way where there seems to be no way by making it possible (by whatever lawful means whatsoever) to get the ticket of another party with an equally existing strong structure on the ground. It might interest you to know that the suspension of the chairman and the leadership controversies that eventually led to the dissolution of the National Working Committee; composition of the caliber of people in your party`s Campaign Teams vis-à-vis that of other parties; the resoluteness of the Edo people to say no to godfatherism; the backfired campaign of calumny against you; and the last-minute announcement of visa ban by the US and UK on perceived enemies of democracy to mention but a few; are manifestations of the finger of the most beneficent and the most merciful God. Therefore, my token of advice for those who are still nursing grudges and planning against you and your administration is to take a cue from the above and be guided accordingly; do not invite Osanobua`s wrath upon yourselves, because the fear of Him is the beginning of wisdom.

From the aforementioned, His Excellency will agree with me that the disqualification was DIVINE in all ramifications; because God turned it into an uncommon grace that instilled your love into the hearts of the people who resolved to support you to fight ‘the perceived injustice’ meted out to you. Now that God has perfected His plans by your well-deserved victory at the polls on September 19th, 2020; it is incumbent on you to show gratitude to Him for His goodness and mercy.

Therefore, you are adjured to use the next four years as governor of Edo state; and, in every other higher position(s) you will find yourself afterward to dedicate your time to the service of the good people of Edo state in particular; and, to humanity in general. Forgive all your adversaries as you have already done by the extension of the olive branch to them; be the unbiased governor of all the people (and not just your party and supporter).

Let the welfare of the masses be your priority; run an open government with all traditional rulers/community leaders and other stakeholders with the aim of making the environment safer and more conducive for the people and invariably attract foreign investors to create jobs; open up the remote areas by constructing link roads to the cities; pay workers salaries and pensions promptly; construct low cost housing for the low and medium income earners (to be spread over long term deductible from their salaries/incomes); introduce free education and primary medical care; create jobs for the youths so that they can be useful to themselves and their aged ones; support the farmers with tools and other implements to boost food production and exportation of surpluses; construct decent and affordable market stalls for the people to carry out their trades; support the artisans by establishing business villages/settlements for them; rejuvenate Bendel (Edo) Insurance FC and other sporting activities to restore the states glory in sports and entertainments; identify and develop areas for tourist attractions; continuously provide good leadership that will ensure conducive environment for all portfolio holders to engage in healthy competition in all areas of development for the betterment of the people and the state; and, most importantly, try as much as possible not to want to become a NEW GODFATHER; because, Edo people will resist it fiercely. May the Almighty God/Allah continue to guide and protect you in all your endeavours… Issseeeeeee. Please accept, Excellency, the assurances of my highest esteem.

Oise-Oghaede wrote from Suru-Lere, Lagos Nigeria.