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On Adeosun NYSC saga


Finance Minister, Kemi Adeosun

Sir: It’s highly embarrassing that the Federal Government under President Muhammadu Buhari is characterised by scandals of corruption and abuses. It is quite unfortunate that despite many voices that have been raised on Adeosun National Youth Service Corps (NYSC) saga, the ruling party, which controls all the government sectors, has refused to call a spade by its name. There is no doubt, that the silence of the Fnance Minister, Mrs. Kemi Adeosun, poses a serious threat to Buhari’s administration and it also shows the lack of integrity on the government of the day. The government has continuously proven that it would only spray insecticides on its opponents and keeps spraying deodorants on the garments of some undesirable elements hiding under the ‘babanriga.’

The arrogant manner in which the ruling party is treating weighty issues is totally uncalled for. It is equally calamitous that the Buhari’s administration only responds to issues that suit its whims and caprices and goes against the issues that demand urgent attention or keeps mute.

It’s a collective insult on administration of change to keep Adeosun in that lucrative ministry while she is still having a skeleton in her cupboard. Can someone humbly tell Adeosun to open up to narrate her own side of the story? President Buhari needs to be told that corruption war shouldn’t be waged on the APC opponents alone but those with questionable characters within the government should equally face the wrath of the law. The president must be made to understand that he was given the mandate to promote good governance, whereby integrity should be adhered to and compromised characters should be shunned.


The deafening silence of the representatives of the Nigerians in the National Assembly on the Adeosun NYSC saga signals a great danger on our democracy. The civil societies, public commentators, fellow Nigerians and the National Assembly should mount a pressure on the Federal Government until the NYSC file saga of Adeosun is well dusted.
Hassan wrote from Jos North, Plateau State.

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