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On Ekweremadu’s heavy beating in Germany

By Tony Afejuku
23 August 2019   |   4:29 am
When I accidentally saw the video clip of the attack on Mr. Ike Ekweremadu, former Deputy Senate President, in Germany I shook my head several times to the right and to the left in disbelief.

[FILES[ Ike Ekweremadu

When I accidentally saw the video clip of the attack on Mr. Ike Ekweremadu, former Deputy Senate President, in Germany I shook my head several times to the right and to the left in disbelief. The two young chaps who were watching the video clip from an Android phone were gesticulating and giggling and giggling. In fact, it was their giggling and gesticulation that invited my attention to them and the movie of the heavy beating Mr. Ekweremadu was getting from his merciless attackers, his fellow/Igbo compatriots, at a gathering of Ndigbo Germany to which he was invited as an eminent guest. What a sight to behold! What a spectacle of man’s animality! And what a despicable movie that the two young chaps seemed to be enjoying as an animato animation! Are they Igbos and members of IPOB – Indigenous People of Biafra? I didn’t have the luxury of time to ask them this question before I hurriedly left their presence.

A day after I saw the Ekweremadu heavy beating movie I saw an old chum, an Imo Igbo intellectual and professor, a philosopher, educator and lawyer as well currently writing a book, what he called his magnum opus, on Mathematical Logic. (By the way, this myriad-minded professor earned his first degree in Mathematics/Physics. He was also a past president of NANS – National Association of Nigerian Students – when Nigerian student unionism was Nigerian student unionism, and the student body generally had no stomach for stomach infrastructure. He showed General Yakubu Gowon pepper wey pass pepper in his hey days as NANS president and in General Gowon’s hey-years as our Head of State).

When I broached the subject of Ekweremadu’s horrendous experience in Germany, without expressing his support for IPOB, which he detests, he told me that the immediate past Deputy President of the Senate of our Republic got what he more than deserved and will forever deserve in the hands of Ndigbo world-wide. Before I submit your attention to his postulation in this wise, let me open his mind to you in respect of an aspect of his assessment of the central government as it relates to his Igbo people.

My friend of a true revolutionary constitution, bent and mentality, who knows the true meaning of revolution and how to make revolutionaries and rebels succeed, is a big fan of General Muhammadu Bahari. Surprised? You better don’t be. First, he thinks his Igbo people misunderstand GMB. When I queried his submission, he refreshed my memory with respect to GMB’s relationship with Igbo thus: In Buhari’s two previous campaigns to be president, he chose Igbo sons as his vice presidents; in his first campaign, he chose Chuba Okidigbo, and in his second attempt he chose Ume Ezeoke. If he hates or dislikes Igbo people as IPOB and company want Igbos to believe, Buhari would not have dared to choose Okadigbo and Ume Ezeoke, respectively, to run on the same ticket as he desired. With regard to IPOB, he wanted me to tell him when and how IPOB came into existence.

Without waiting for me to answer his query, he told me that IPOB was formed in 2015 as a fake revolutionary body led by a fake revolutionary, who actually is not a revolutionary but a clever by half con person who played (and is still playing) on the emotions of Igbo people he has exploited (and is still exploiting) financially and otherwise. In any case, what is the education of the young man leading IPOB, and where was he when former President Jonathan was in power as the “Azikiwe of the Igbos”? Rather than blaming Buhari for their current misfortune and misadventure in Nigerian politics Igbos should be directing their grievance at the door-steps of their “Azikiwe” idol indeed! Furthermore, IPOB that disallowed Igbos from taking part in the last elections suddenly gave nod to the people to partake in the elections. What necessitated the change of mind! Of course, it was the billions the leadership of IPOB allegedly got from one or two of the presidential contestants.

Also, my friend told me that Nigerians should laugh to scorn any claim of revolution or would-be revolution in Igbo land. When they had a territory called “Biafra” Igbos failed to secede from Nigeria. Is it now that they don’t have a territory that they can successfully pull themselves out of Nigeria? He won’t be part of the Igbos to be led by the nose by those political and revolutionary imbeciles who are only out to feed fat on the emotions of Ndigbo.

It was at this juncture that he informed me of the roles Mr. Ike Ekweremadu allegedly played in the existence and activities of IPOB – whom he and his cronies allegedly betrayed at different times. What happened to Ekweremadu in Nuremberg, Germany was one response to his alleged betrayal of IPOB with whom he allegedly gainfully hobnobbed and collaborated as the arrow-head of the PDP in South Eastern Nigeria. My friend deplored what the hobbledehoys of the proscribed IPOB did to Ekweremadu, but he has no sympathy for him either. Deliberately, I am withholding other things, yes, other things he told me, but which discreet discretion cautions me not to say here – at least for now. But Mr. Ekweremadu should thank his chi that he escaped the way he did in Nuremberg. Next time he will be deserted, completely abandoned to his fate . And the hawks will pluck out his eyes and heart. Tufia!
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