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On the coming Ondo gubernatorial election and other matters



I will begin my curve and course today by deviating…
The Edo gubernatorial election that has just come and gone was to taste a slice of my sweet tongue today without any irony intended. I was going to do another reminder about pertinent things I said in the past regarding my genuine attempt to make Adams Oshiomhole and his boastful cohorts make peace with God’s Rock Godwin Obaseki who God has been standing firmly with since the time of the symbiotic political and economic relationship between the two frontline personages who later became wardators of Edo political war. I believe that Oshiomhole knew the right thing to do, but he was persuaded or compelled by his hangers-on to turn his ears against the word of God. Of course, fake television analysts from within and outside Edo axis of our country equally tempted him to turn his back against the word of God it was my spiritual duty to deliver through the well guided collective voice of the Spiritual Masters of Merit who have been providing solid spiritual cover for their messenger.

Now let me say this: When Oshiomhole stopped Obaseki from re-getting the APC ticket to re-contest for the gubernatorial election, we saw jubilation from the quarters of those who chorused that the governor who has now remained in government house as we spiritually foresaw was a goner! Indeed, they clapped and clapped and sang and sang that our spiritual prophecy would not come to pass. Some even boasted that they had changed or were going to change the prophecy from coming to fruition. But they were spiritually blind people, all of them, including the humiliator-in-chief they dreaded or who dreaded them. They foolishly and blindly forgot one of the key things I said in this column long before what later transpired saw the disgraceful and humiliating light of day. I said, no, we said that all of Oshiomhole’s negative actions especially would lead to Obaseki’s triumph, ultimately and to his democratic destiny as strongly sanctioned and blessed by God.


They heard me, they heard us loudly, but they refused to listen. The spiritually blind were leading the spiritually blind astray. The spiritually deaf were leading the spiritually deaf astray. The spiritually un-feeling were leading the spiritually un-feeling astray. Oddly and un-oddly, the guide of the spiritually blind, deaf and un-feeling cohorts must perish with his bandwagon of waifs and strays. The last thing I heard Oshiomhole utter after his Waterloo and Edo-loo was to the effect that “You win some, and lose some.” The imprudent and un-sagacious man of loquaciousness and garrulousness should have garroted his tongue long before the time he lately uttered his late words of wisdom. Water don pass garri and garri don pass water. Obaseki the castrator has castrated Oshiomhole’s humiliating tongue.

But I am deviating. Or, I have derailed, it seems. You may be right to so observe. The fast-approaching Ondo gubernatorial election is our prime focus and target today. Yet the hand that helps to guide my writing hand pertinently strayed to what I began with here garrulously so pardon me the way you deem it fit to pardon me. I deviated, have deviated – rightly so, to underscore my primary concern here and now.


Last Friday, it was announced here that the incumbent governor of Ondo State in the person of Rotimi Akeredolu, SAN, was conspicuously standing in the lead among the contestants of the forth-coming contest. It was also announced that further consultation was still going to be done before what will be will finally be what it will be. The pendulum of victory in Ondo is now moving and swinging towards the direction of another candidate and contestant. The Spiritual Masters of Merit have enjoined me to drop further interest in what is about to transpire in Ondo State. They have enjoined me to maintain the law of silence, but with this caveat: Unless the unusual happens, Eyitayo Jegede of the PDP shall succeed incumbent Governor Rotimi Akeredolu as the next governor of the Sunshine State. May the sun sunnily shine in Ondo State on Saturday, 10 October, 2020. One reason we glean about Akeredolu’s dimming sun is that he is not a thorough realist in democracy. Should I say more? The Spiritual Masters of Merit are changing the agenda. But we will see what we will see. Have faith and believe. As we are told in Isaiah 43:19: “I am going to do something new. It is already happening. Don’t you recognize it? I will clear a way in the desert. I will make rivers on dry land.”


Here we must offer President Tactiturn Buhari a few words. It is a beautiful time that is more than a beautiful time for him to be the divinely significant realist in democracy of a new Nigeria. It is time for him to give our people what our people want. He should stop giving our people what he wants, but not what our people want. It is time for Buhari to be a humanitarian in every sense of the term. It is time for him to see and recognize that the duty of him as our president and political leader is to “protect for all the right to live well, to think, to dream, to hope, and to aspire….” If need be, he should be ready to cheerfully give his life for this dream to enhance our humanity and of the unifying Brotherhood of our collective experience as compatriots of our country that must not sink further into Despair.

On this sixtieth anniversary of our independence he must enervate us to believe that we have passed out of the condition of savagery and cannibalism and that we have become truly civilized beings with the “development of social consciousness.” To prove that he is listening to us, he must crash urgently the hikes in petrol price and electricity tariff that he recently cruelly endorsed on the cruel advice of his cruel cohorts and advisers who lack the qualities of enlightened leaders in leadership situations and positions. We shall boost this subject another time and day in no distant time.
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