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Ondo, Ize-Iyamu, ASUU and Jehu

By Tony Afejuku
09 October 2020   |   3:00 am
Tomorrow is Ondo State’s gubernatorial election at last. Are we still clinging to our revelation as intimated here last Friday? You see, dear readers, dear, dear readers


Tomorrow is Ondo State’s gubernatorial election at last. Are we still clinging to our revelation as intimated here last Friday? You see, dear readers, dear, dear readers, I have been experiencing moments and moments of contemplative meditations and meditative contemplations. And messages and messages about us and our country have been visiting me. I can’t talk about all of them. I can’t reveal all of them. I am not sworn to the convenience of secrecy or, better stated to the secrecy of the convenience of prophetic or esoteric revelations. But at all times I am enjoined by the Supreme Spiritual Masters of Merit to obey the law of silence. We must give out only those things and words that we must give out to those who know the value of words of gold and diamond. Even those who don’t know their value should be guided and directed to avoid the deplorable consequences of their stupid actions and yapping.

Tomorrow Ondo political yappers shall know what they shall and must know. Their low and stupid blows should not create the Akin Omoboriowo Ondo of 1983. The powerful APC governors are set to do both the usual and the unusual and the absurd to create tomorrow what I may call here and now a helter-skelter kind of victory and triumph for Rotimi Akeredolu. For them, in spite of everything put in place to give the electorate a hitch-free election, they believe that the “lower and stupider” their blow, the merrier and happier they will be as they march toward 2023. This is Prophet Theophilus Olabayo’s contention not exactly in his words, prophetically or un-prophetically. To those who don’t know, Primate Prophet Olabayo is the owner and founder of the Evangelical Church of Yaweh headquartered in Maryland, Lagos. I consider him the pre-eminent living Christian prophet of God in our country. For many years he has positively been yapping at the heels of our politicians and political ill-rulers, civilian and military and military and civilian.

When I re-broached the Ondo gubernatorial election in one of my recent moments of contemplation, the Spiritual Masters of Merit gave it to me straight: nothing has changed from the Eyitayo Jegede revelation; only the unusual will impede him against Akeredolu’s ‘democratic’ autarchy. The more I meditated on the matter, the less interested in Ondo the Supreme Spiritual Masters of Merit became. How did I interpret the revelation? Ondo is not Edo and Edo is not Ondo. But this should not be misinterpreted. “Give your thoughts to bigger Nigerian issues and problems.” When I inquired further, I was answered. “ASUU’s problem Nigeria can sink.” Further inquiry on October 1st gave me this answer:” The Federal Government will fail in its obsession to make ASUU a scapegoat of its failure in the universities.” There shall be more matter on this shortly. As for Ondo which I have just deviated from, I must maintain and respect the techniques and methods of the law of silence and of further silence, although something go shelle tomorrow. And I am to tell the people of Ondo as follows from “11 Chronicles” 20:22: “Now when they began to sing and to praise, the Lord set ambushes against the people of Ammon, Moab and Mount Seir, who had come against Judah; they were defeated.” May God’s will happen tomorrow in Ondo.

Now, Pastor Osagie Ize-Iyamu, who recently lost the Edo governorship election to the sitting governor Rock of God Godwin Obaseki, entered my contemplative consciousness. He should not and must not succumb to the conformism of the typical Nigerian politician by hopping to court to challenge Obaseki’s victory whether or not through the guise of a pre-election matter. If he is a genuine pastor, he should hearken to this voice: Go not to courts, pastor. You will lose it again. I won’t tell you why. As Olabayo said, “Anybody can go to court but they will not win in court.” And the Spiritual Masters of Merit say he is merely wasting his time. And a voice espouses: “Tell him to channel his left-over money of his failed election to the edifice of a hotel he is building.” Need I say more? The rest is silence. But I must volunteer this: his future will be radiant again if he does not disobey this message from above regardless of any bad word or allegation against him. My friends and brothers who are close to him should persuade and compel him to listen to this voice that never mistalks or misspeaks.

As for dear, dear ASUU, the end of the voyage is near and in sight and soon shall enter ASUU’s site. But the president of ASUU must occupy the minds and everywhere of his national executive team members. Some federal officials are dangling carrots of grandeur to undo the right action and every condition for it that is identical with the right sense of the correct responsibility and bringing the desired gains to their great patriotic Union. The privileges of the Union’s members soon shall be restored. Stick together brethren. Cross your arms and hearts in your now un-strange time of torment and count faithfully on yourselves and in your action for God’s kindness that will cause succour to come to you very soon. If the Nazis in the government refuse to extend their hand of real friendship and understanding to ASUU, Jehu shall come to descend on all of them. Who is Jehu? Go to Second Kings Chapter Six of the Holy Bible and read about him and Prophet Elijah who anointed him. For now, I am to tell all the good people of ASUU this:

“Good things shall continue to happen to you and it shall not stop. Whether you like it or not, believe it or doubt it; you are due for blessing, and it is your season of honour. Agree with me in faith that it is time you got favoured by God….” (ASUU president, Professor Biodun Ogunyemi must lead his executive members to read faithfully Psalm 34 verse 10 and John 5 verse 31).

The rest is silence… for now until the soon shall come to me time to do a full-blown message to ASUU. The discontents especially must not fail to book a date with this columnist on this fabulous page. The rest is silence…

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