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Origins of immigration


To become a U.S. or British citizen, you must pass a course in U.S. or British history, a course most non-immigrant citizens of these countries would fail. The exam confirmation of this could be gleaned from quiz shows in the U.S. and the U.K. to see how many white citizens of these countries know very little of their country’s history.

I suspect that many U.S. Congressmen and women and U.K. politicians and parliamentarians may be ignorant of their nations’ history. But seriously Mr. Trump may never have read U.S. history and the constitution, if he had, he would not be so
cavalier about the values of the U.S. and how these values evolved.

If he read the U.S. constitution, he only read article 21 which he believes gives him unlimited powers not Article l and 3, the various amendments and the rest which go on to restrict the President’s powers and hold him accountable. The U.S. constitution forbids anyone from breaking the laws without consequence. It created three co-equal branches of government; the executive, the congress and the judiciary. Mr Trump has continually sought to prevent Congress from performing its constitutional duties i.e to pass laws, to have oversight functions of the executives. There is a law for example encouraging whistle blowers and protecting them. Mr Trump encourages his supporters to name the whistle blowers while Congress is investigating whether or not his accusations/revelations could be authenticated.


The US law allows the treasury committee to subpoena anybodys’ tax returns. Mr President Trump has refused to comply. I dare say that many African presidents have similarly not read the constitution of their countries. Where they don’t like the constitution, they put it aside and rule forever e .g Àlgeria, Gambia, Uganda, Equitoria Guinea, Burkina Faso, Senegal, Libya, Tunisia, Egypt, Chad, Nigeria, Zimbabwe Congress have the power to confirm Supreme Court judges, cabinet ministers etc to avoid the hassles of processing the hurdle. President Trump uses the very African behavior of appointing to office, not substantive Secretaries of State who need congressional approval but acting secretary of state (of Magu of EFCC) I would not be surprised if down the line President Trump declare himself as acting President avoiding Supreme Court judgment of Nigeria—acting Chief Justice of Nigeria, every state appointing acting chief judges of various states.

When blackmen read about immigration laws in the West they feel that these laws are specifically designed to exclude them even if this is not specifically stated. Immigration talk destabilizes black, brown and yellow people, making them feel guilty until proven innocent. As I understand it the humanoid developed from the East Africa, the fountain of humanity, from there humanity spread to the rest of the world. In the long march of history the various races had evolved, and with it humanity evolved several capacities for travel, for building up constitutional capacities, the creation of various states weapons of war and protection and feeding populations.


There were people in the North and South America, the Caribbean, in Africa, Asia, Australia when the West then were an unknown concept. The emergence of nation states in Europe, spurred on the ability to travel the seas to the Americas, Africa, Australia etc. Those who come from Europe had no respect for African, Asian or American immigration laws and practices. The demographic history of the world starts from the neglect of the immigration laws of the Indians in North and South Americans, the Caribbean, and elsewhere. Fast forward several centuries, the result is that the immigrants from Europe have populated the Americans. In doing so they have first adopted what may properly be described as cleansing policy of that I mean killing off the animal inhabitants of South Africa, the Americas, Australia, and Polynasia. They then decided that perhaps this was cutting ones nose to spite ones face. The new comers needed labour to survive in their new habitats after having almost decimated original inhabitants-hence the trade in labour, often regarded as slave trade. Lets forget for the moment the notoriety of that labour moment the upshot today is that in none of the countries where the Europeans have settled was there not massive decimation of the original inhabitants?

The irony is that the Europeans who were illegal immigrants, asylum seekers and criminals in their home countries or fugitives from the law have populated all of the Americas, all of Australia, Asia, all of Southern African. Where the Europeans have been unable to penetrate was as much as the result of the fecundity of the original owners of the country. India for example, itself a creation to some extent the nation state. These European immigrants and asylum seekers have dominated and controlled and amended the demography of half of the world so the young man and woman in Asia, Africa cannot understand why was good in European gander goose should be denied the Asian, African goose or gender.


There is an American saying about what goes around comes around. The Japanese ensconced in a small Island but an industrial and military giant had their own breaking up of the immigration code. They had the rest of Asia especially China, Korea, Malaysia from above they procured their workforce so as to maintain and develop their dominant economy and military states. The Japanese broke into all these nations to maintain their superiority. Although all these ended in the second world war, the repercussions of Japanese expansionism had not been fully played out (Culturally Japanese had maintain its separateness despite its colossal economic and political power. Few culture have exported the essentials of their culture intact and accepted by period the powerful West as day to day practices-Judo, martial arts, painting, dress patterns, culinary exports-sushi, saki, imoji, swordmanship: all these essential Japanese attributes are as ubiquitous as Toyota, Nissan. The Japanese population in Sao Paulo (Brazil) is over 2 million. When Koreans demand reparations beyond what already been paid from Japan, do they have a case? Millions of Koreans were shipped to Japan or employed in Korea towards the Japanese war effort including providing Korean women for Japanese soldiers. Does anyone know the number of Japanese/Korean descendants from 1914 to the end of the world war 2 in 1945? Can Japan pay these reparations? How do you compute emotional disturbance? This of course leads to the case of the reparations by Europe and the United States for African slaves.

Arab and African slaves. If ever a nation need to pay reparations for slave trade and slavery none needed to do so more than the Arab countries. No people-European, Japanese etc have been effective and longer slave trade raiders, traders and merchants than the Arabs. Do not let Islam or the ubiquity of the Arab language deceive claimants of reparation from the Arabs. Christianity and the language of Europe-English, Germany, Spanish, Dutch all of which are Romans. In sheer volumes the Arabs took more black slaves and for several more countries than Europeans to the Americas and the rest of the world. Relatively speaking the Arabs should pay more for the penalty and length of their slave exploitation. Both Europe and Arab countries can afford to pay reparations just as Japanese afforded to pay Korea and Philippines.


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