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Our journalists and our peculiar mess


[FILES] A photojournalist with Vanguard Newspapers, Gbemiga Olamikan being brutalised  by operatives of Department of State Service (DSS), at Federal High Court, Abuja during a case involving Sunday Igboho’s aides in Abuja… yesterday PHOTO:LUCY LADIDI ATEKO<br />

Let us state urgently and urgently that the columnist, this columnist, is yielding this column again to our readers who are honest followers of it at dawn, at noon or at dusk.

Some persons have called to tell me that it is a cradle song. Others have also informed me that it is a noon-time delicacy which they always look forward to – no matter the topic on display.


The dawn readers say that to embrace the column in the morning is to place themselves diurnally at the dawn of their world. I am flattered, but not really flattered. Their respective good wishes and praises nourish the sensibilities of this penner and his pen-craft.

Where are we heading to? Where am I heading to?
This is a continuation, sort of, of last Friday’s enterprise. But we are re-framing its title and focus, sort of, I say again, to accommodate other thoughts, old and new, that encourage our journalists to use their democratic tongues and nibs of consecration and sanctified arsenals to halt the particular mess that is more than a peculiar mess that smears your country my country our country.

The peculiar mess is unlike that of Adegoke Adelabu, the fabulous brilliant orator and unique “Penkelemesi” (“Peculiar mess”) frontline politician of the First Republic who tragically left our shores at the time he did in the sixties by a road accident. He was a staunch member of the National Council of Nigerian Citizens (NCNC), which Dr. Nnamdi Azikiwe led.


The peculiar mess of Penkelemesi’s fabulous era is a child’s play compared to what we have since witnessed since General Muhammadu Buhari entered our lives as a civilian president. Things have really gone awry since the old soldier and gentleman officer of yore entered the Good Rock that has since dazzled us as the Rock of Anomie. Our circumstances have really been anomalous since then. There is no hyperbole here. And everybody or almost everybody minus our patriotically diligent journalist has caved in. Anomalousness is the name of the game in your jungle land – yours, mine, and our jungle country. Your Abba Kyari is no more your Abba Kyari. His good and sensitive antennae are no more, are no longer, good and correctly sensitive. And he is the acme of the nicely acidulous cops of his people who lord it over everyone outside their circle of conspiratory conspirators. Hell!

The darkness that we see everywhere in the manor has followed our sportspeople, our young men and women, our athletes, to Tokyo. How they crashed and crashed! Our journalists must light the conspiratorial light of the disgrace in Japan. The consumption that consumes our athletes in Japan must be whistled into the perfect remembrance and sensations of truth. Our travellers and hustlers in Japan shall and should be well questioned. The pleasure they enjoyed in Tokyo and elsewhere in Japan must come to light. They cannot be blooming with our money in foreign lands without plotting for victories for us. Their blooming cheeks which are forever plump and cool must lose their swellings. They must explain to us convincingly why your country my country our country of tough and highly brilliant brains and brawn could not commit at least one of us to one gold in Tokyo. These thoughts and sensations and others caress me as my readers’ correspondences help to exalt my creative and journalistic consciousness.


Now let me cajole your attention by serving some readers’ delicacies. Of course, the delicious uneasiness contained in some of the conversations exalts their pleasure.
I say Merry reading, merry, merry reading, dear, dear readers, old and new, of this column.
* Erudite columnist, your last two weeks’ write-ups were super and instructive as always. As a retired journalist, I know those journalists who do not have defective integrity. You are one of them, one of those with diamond integrity. Keep up the good work you are doing. It is highly appreciated by spiritually aware souls.

*Your column on journalists as bandits made very interesting reading. Your opinion is very correct. I also talked about academic banditry and book syndrome in a recent row at our department in our Federal University in the North Central. “In this age of academic banditry lest we take Boko-syndrome for answers to our problems, every narrative must be clinical to put the records straights,” I stated on our platform. The authorities were forced to restore the removal of the affected courses and normalcy was restored. Hard knock. The type our journalists should give to the deaf in power. I trust you, dear one, I trust you. Give it to them.


*The message must be stressed repeatedly: Journalists must take the bull by the horn and set the developmental narrative for Nigeria. After all, the so-called three organs of government have lost focus on the main idea of development. Keep on talking to us in your really inspiring column.

*Thanks for “Journalists are bandits,” a catchy heading. I just hope that those who read/saw it would appreciate that you were being sarcastic.

I also hope that the likes of Lai Mohammed, Garba Shehu, Femi Adesina, etc. will read it. As an aside, you mentioned “decades upon decades of colonial evil.” I am one of those who don’t believe that colonialism was entirely evil. We are in our “peculiar mess” because people like Zik, Awo, Tony (your elderly namesake) Enahoro, etc. were in a hurry to get rid of the “colonial evil” and gain independence for this geographical space called Nigeria. And that was where/how the rain began to beat us!! Lastly, “Our journalists are our last hope” beautifully takes care of last week’s caption which it stylistically extended.


*I just read through the litany of feedbacks to your last piece. I have come to realize that a courageous writer will always indirectly (and directly as well) raise a courageous reader. You have imbued in us a patriotic spirit, sound and bold, that each essay opens our eyes to truth buried in the grave of lies. Many thanks.

Need I say more? Need I continue with our conversation? Of course, the conversation will continue some other time with the introduction of a new topic. Meanwhile, we should encourage our resident doctors on the march to march well to their destination to give us the health care, facilities, and benefits our compatriots rightly and richly deserve as human beings. The lies always constructed, couched, and delivered to us by this rudderless central government of untruthful people must be rejected. We must rebel against their lies upon lies and falsehoods upon falsehoods. Our journalists and columnists must resist and resist our peculiar mess – the peculiar mess dished us by our presidencynologists. We must resist and resist their hell. It will not take us any hell to do this. Hell!!!

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