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Our journalists are our last hope


A man looks at newspapers at a newsstand in Abuja, Nigeria June 5, 2021. REUTERS/Afolabi Sotunde

In the big spirit of our broad democratic tongue, mind, heart, eyes, nostrils, ears and skin, this column is devoting today to some ardent followers of it. It is letting some readers pour their hearts out with respect to our “Journalists are bandits” which appeared last Friday. The fabulous readers who number among the column’s main-stream followers cut across various geographical spaces of our country and across the professions of our educated and academic elite. Of those selected one or two are females.

What gives this columnist immense joy is that they pour out their patriotic saliva with respect to our country’s current predicament which its political helmspersons especially at the centre of governance are turning bleaker and bleaker day by day and day by day without qualms, but with severe pains to the ruled, the unfortunate bearers of the brunt of rudderless presidencynologists. These readers share perfectly and in-to-to this columnist’s sentiment and positive and courageous, brave and bold hope that things cannot continue as they are now in your country my country our country. Our journalists and columnists must rise to the occasion and become bandit-journalists and bandit-columnists to make our country the progressive country it is destined to be.
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*The very last two paragraphs nailed it. As a journalist I know that the profession has gone to the dogs! That not withstanding, those who are committed to their conscience must continue to stand by the truth. I say with boldness: Afejuku belongs to the class of the Noble!

*I don’t know what APC did but it’s an irony that the same media they rode on to victory is what they’re now scared of. Never have people been so scared to criticize government as it is today.

People are afraid to offend the powers that be or to avoid being marked. If those who are elected to serve are not criticized, then they have nothing to fear again. They can do as they so wish without fear. The propaganda that they employed to write glamorous stories just as the best movie producers can produce magical films but a thousand lies cannot stand one truth.

*The ironically dense and sarcastically biting essay emphasizes the misperception by political rogues in power of journalists and creative writers who deploy the pen-craft to awaken our collective dead conscience to the reality of power abuse. As always the vintage essay is timely because we witness evermore constant threats to the media by this censorship-monger of a presidency. We thank God for still keeping “bandits” like you in active rebellion against silencers of the vociferous.


*Good morning, Sir. I just want to personally say thank you for your article in The Guardian this morning (Friday, 23 July). God bless and continue to protect you. You have given me hope that all is not lost.

*Thank you for assuring citizens like us that there is still hope. A lot of Nigerians have given up, and they can’t be blamed; the people (religious leaders, private entrepreneurs, politicians and systems) they looked up to have failed them. Nigeria shall survive and will be great again by God’s grace.

*Good morning, Sir. I read through your interesting piece and my standpoint comes from this quote. “Of course, the Khashoggi treatment was much earlier on in Nigeria (on 19th October 1986) visited on our own dear Dele Giwa.” My sincere question is: do we have journalists these days who can tell the truth in the face of threats of death? I see many journalists these days being drafted into political positions as Chief Press Officers, Commissioners of Communication and media officers and their force of eloquence and vibrant zeal as the 4th wheel of the government estate comes to an end. Will the real journalists stand up and be counted?

*Thank you sir for this professorial piece. I read and read and reread and saw truth embellished in the article. Of a truth, it takes extra boldness to tell the whole truth at a time like this in Nigeria.


* I have read the masterly, scholarly piece twice. It’s so loaded and rich. The man Buhari bared his fangs in his first coming ala GMB with his draconian press-gag decrees. We can’t forget what Nduka Irabor and Tunde Thompson went through. It appears the democratic apparel with which he has been donned in this second coming as PMB is getting worn out and really now thin. He is losing and has almost completely lost patience and is set to show you bandit-journalists or journalist-bandits, pepper whether you are 4th, 3rd, 2nd or 1st estate of the realm. But I like your spirit. Our journalists are our last hope. Whether he knows it or not, he will find out soon that there are bandits and that there are bandits. You guys should continue your harassing and confounding brand of banditry bravely and boldly. Na him go taya. Plenty hailings for the great column and for the flagship, the mighty and Almighty Guardian!!!

*Amazing insight! Journalists should be the first estate of the realm! This is an idea they should take seriously to stamp their authority on the socio-economic and political affairs.

*Sir, in my own little way, I dare say that this one is an exercise in apocalyptic and eclectic journalism! In guarded temerity and mellifluousness it reminded me of the parallax ingenuity of the Giwas and Ekpus and the audacious erudition of the Babarinsas and Soyinkas, etc. It takes a “YOU” to journalistically puncture the acropolis of feudalistic conspiracy and the planned annihilation of the scum of the society!!! Thanks for keeping the flag flying!!!

Afejuku can be reached via 08055213059.


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