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Oyedepo’s antithetical gift to Buhari!



Affirmation without discipline is the beginning of delusion ­– Jim Rohn.

I want to unequivocally congratulate President Muhammadu Buhari, President of the Federal of Nigeria for his general anticipatory victory in the forthcoming presidential election on February 16, 2019.

My felicitation to President Buhari is premised on the antithetical endorsement of President Buhari by the political Bishop, Oyedepo of Winners’ Chapel Church and his tripartite political co-conspirators.


Oyedepo’s terrible lie that the “presidency has reached agreement with Jubrin’s family in Sudan.

The “god of men” even stated that “50% of all earnings in Nigeria will be given to Jubrin family for 10 years to cover up the Buhari/Jubrin swap.”

This allegation is not only a contemptuous silliness but terribly ludicrous. Nigeria is in dire consequences of these gods of men in Nigeria.

Nigerians are paying the price of the combination of gullibility and religiosity.

Meanwhile, there are technocrats, captains of industry, doctors, lawyers, administrators, teachers, professors, accountant, economists, fathers, mothers, children etc in his church.

Mind you, majority of his followers are not dumb or ungodly.

Some are truly and ecumenically encumbered by the church’s doctrines and their love for Christ to challenge their pastor, or severance from the church.

Unfortunately, the “god of men” is far-fetched from being Christ-like in his persona and utterances! But the good news to Nigeria; and bad news to the manufacturers of lies and deceit is that, people’s reawakening is being enlivened from the “In God’s name Plc!” podiums in Nigeria.


People are exploring their state of mindfulness to discern truth from lies, deceit and religious mercantilism.

This is a crucial moment for men and women of goodwill and with patriotism to rise up in unison to disabuse the minds of haters in Nigeria.

Pastor Kumuyi seems to be giving us hope to reorder our religious values and moral principles. There is urgent need to bringing back Nigerian lost religious values and glory.

The recent “holy” lies from the pulpit of Oyedepo is a national embarrassment.

His viral video with evil insinuation about the undying cries of “cloning” and “double-man” presiding over Nigeria is unbecoming and insulting to our collective intelligence.

The embarrassing messages being spewing out from Oyedepo’s pulpit for political expediency is a cancer to nation’s fragile unity.

In his current “theological” theory of conspiracy, Oyedepo misconstructed the satirical article by a satirist Dare Olatunji and cooked it as usual for his gullible followers to consume.

His congregation consumed with relish his message of hate with a resounding shout of pseudo-Hallelujah.


Where are the true disciplines of Jesus Christ (Peace Be Upon Him-PBUH) in Nigeria to curtail the eccentric excesses of all these religious entrepreneurs? Nigeria has reached the baseline of religious blasphemy and Buhariphobia! The country urgently need to go back to the basics.

This is not a normal period in Nigeria! Decency, morality, love and fear of God and the spirit of brotherhood are fast being eroded by the people who command with manipulation the minds of gullible men and women in their vineyards. Mind is a terrible thing to waste!

Incidentally, just like Nnamdi Kanu, Oyedepo is begging for war not only with Buhari but with the unrepentant religionists of both sides of our religious isle (unrepentant Muslims and fundamentalist Christians) in Nigeria! What is the motivation of this “god of men”? A million dollar question that can only be answered by Oyedepo and his political masters.

Mindfully, the excesses of these pastoreneurs must be curtailed fast, before these “god of men” send Nigeria into the abyss of time. Their followers must explore their state of mindfulness and patriotism for decency and peace to reign again in Nigeria.

The viral video of his unholy sermon to say the list is very disturbing to a country finding its voice and identity! The viral video goes beneath the dignity of human beings not to talk of a supposedly “man of gods.”


His message is an invitation for religious war in Nigeria. We must do everything possible not allow war to happen in Nigeria! Oyedepo’s lies are very toxic and it’s a serious insult to the Sudanese people’s republic.

Sadly, the hatred the “man of god” has for Buhari is actually a plus for the Buhari’s victory at the poll in 2019.

A reminiscent of MKO Abiola and Alhaji Tofa in 1993 presidential election will give historians insight into the unfounded lies against candidate Abiola’s impending islamisation of Nigeria.

The lies and deceit peddled by these agents of division and religious bigots in the country collapsed on them like a pack of cigarettes on June 12, 1993 presidential election.

What is wrong with the mind of man? Abiola was overwhelmingly elected by the Nigerian people.

Nigeria history is very repetitious! History is repeating itself in the impending re-election of President Buhari.

Buhari’s integrity and unscathed persona will prevail over his adversaries and haters! His adversaries tried to surreptitiously yank him; the man refused to die! What else do they want from a man who wants a brighter tomorrow for all his fellow citizens?


As Buhari maintains the path of honor, patience, decency and inconvenience to the path of his vision and convictions for Nigeria, it is pertinent for Buhari to maintain his focus, cool and remain peaceful, steadfast and a statesman.

Buhari should avoid any provocation and guide his courage of convictions jealously at the expense of his convenience.

He should focus more on his mission to deliver Nigeria from Nigerians, and from the vultures of religion and politics in our clime! Nigeria needs the unguents as balm to soothing the aching body of our sick nation.

Oyedepo’s last straw is swaying a lot of mindful and patriotic individuals in Nigeria to love Buhari the more! Let the momentum continues!

Buhari’s political adversaries are obviously in the agony of impending loss; they will eventually be sore losers on February 16, 2019.

God bless the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

Balogun wrote from Arizona, USA.

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