Tuesday, 30th May 2023
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Perspectives for 2023 – Part 4

By Ebun-Olu Adegboruwa
10 May 2022   |   4:37 am
Thank you sir for this wonderful piece. For me South-East shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to rule Nigeria. Peter Obi that I know has all it takes to rescue Nigeria from the present calamitous situation the nation finds itself as a result of bad governance.


Let me share with you some other perspectives expressed by other patriots in reaction to the first piece published last week.

Patrick Oyetakin
Thank you sir for this wonderful piece. For me South-East shouldn’t be denied the opportunity to rule Nigeria. Peter Obi that I know has all it takes to rescue Nigeria from the present calamitous situation the nation finds itself as a result of bad governance.
Adetola Odumuyiwa
Big Sam, I disagree with the way you painted Tinubu as the person that raised your senior colleague in the legal profession and a Professor of law who I know cuts his political administration skills while working with Prince Bola Ajibola, SAN, as Special Assistant to the Minister of Justice as he was then. Professor Osinbajo, SAN, worked with Bola Tinubu as Commissioner for Justice and Attorney-General in Lagos State bringing his wealth of experience to the job. He already knew what he wanted to do with that office on his appointment and never took the administration of justice skills in Lagos State from Tinubu who is not a legal mind, anyway. I hate the notion that if I work under your leadership, you have become my boss, as we work together as a team and not as an apprentice. I also want to debunk the insinuation that he made Osinbajo to become Vice-President to Buhari, from all the accounts that I have read, this was far from the truth.
On the issue of zoning, I don’t see it the way you saw it. I strongly believe that zoning will never help the course of one Nigeria as we are defining it. Zoning will do more harm than the good we all long for. If we don’t stop this issue of zoning now, it will become a bigger problem in the near future for us to handle. We claim to be practicing democracy but we are doing just the opposite. If PDP fields a South-East candidate for the coming election and Nigerian electorates reject him and vote for an APC candidate who is not from South-East, what happens thereafter. If a South-East candidate wins, either as a member of APC or PDP, what happens after his eight year tenure, where will the next President come from? It will get to a point in our country when Ilaje people in Ondo State will demand that it is their turn to produce Nigeria’s president. Our concern today should be to have a pan Nigerian president from anywhere in Nigeria that will see Nigeria as his constituency and not necessarily where or which region he belongs since we are not ready to decentralize our governance in such a way that the center will no longer be attractive for anyone to be nursing his life ambition to be there.

Adewale Akintewe
I read this piece with rapt attention, and I felt the writer had done political justice to some political voids in this country’s history, given his position on the South-South divide. In addition, he corrected some incorrect assumptions about Comrade Omoyele Sowore’s ability to rule this nation, in contrast to some who ask what position Sowore has held in the Nigerian government. Howbeit, I beg to differ with some of the conclusions, which appear to be a point of discouraging a leader who has been building ambition and also human at the same time, and when the time comes to make his ambition realistic, a follower whom he has built tries to impediment him by showing interest in the same ambition. Humanly speaking sir, would you be pleased if any of your trained lawyers showed interest in a position you want to run for at the same time, say, NBA president, in your chamber?
Olamiposi Justus Omoriba
Who is the best to take the mantle of leadership after Buhari? I may be wrong to be categorical but out of many options, I will consider Omoyele Sowore, at this point in Nigeria, there is a need for total paradigm shift of governance, especially the one that considers the universal law of human rights and the rule of law. Sowore seems to be in tune with this than the rest. Only an environment with good justice system breeds adequate security and economic prosperity.

Confidence Emmanuel Owosanni
Learned Silk Sir, I love the fact that you invoked what I call “The Swiss intuition” coupled with a high rate of unpredictability in demystifying/canvassing the issue of choice candidacy! You’re critical with engaging euphemistic words so as to avoid any form of surfaced derogatory remark got my most attention to re-read this piece. I’m wowed! God sparing your soul, I’ll make you a special adviser to the…on… when I become the head honcho of this great country.

Bestman O Besty
If we are to apply the PDP zoning arrangement, automatically it is the turn of the North to rule under PDP, sentiment and emotion aside, in 16 years of PDP in power the North only ruled for 2 years why the south 14 years, it’s naturally fair for PDP to adhere to their zoning arrangement by zoning it to the North for equity and fairness. Buhari is not a product of PDP.
Olajumoke Awosika
Profound insight. But my money is on Wike as a radical game changer. If he gets there, I believe he has the courage to demand and get true federalism, overhaul and change the evil 1999 Constitution and give back the resources of each State back to them. We need someone bold and audacious at this time in our history.

Ayorinde Obanewa
Good morning my mentor and very senior. I have said it in different platforms and places that if we desire a working Nigeria that all her citizens will be proud of then H.E. Peter Obi still remains the best candidate and we are all aware of this fact. I just think we should take our destinies in our hands by doing everything humanly possible to retire these sets of economic and political vampires. God help Nigeria.”
I am well aware of the brewing controversy concerning the eligibility or otherwise of the former President, His Excellency Dr. Goodluck Jonathan and the case of Dr. Kingsely Moghalu but since neither of them has indicated their interests openly, it is best for now, to confine the discourse to those who have made open declarations. Now, presidential elections should not be about individuals but rather programmes, policies and the manifesto of the platform upon which the candidates seek to run for election.

The case with Nigeria is so unique that none of the political parties can be identified with any specific ideology beyond capturing power for the sake of it. The legacy that Mr. Peter Obi, Comrade Omoyele Sowore and Professor Yemi Osinbajo will leave for our nation is to conduct their campaigns on the basis of sound ideologies, documented programmes and enduring policies that will translate to rapid development for our nation and for all our people. This is my perspective for 2023.
Adegboruwa is a Senior Advocate of Nigeria (SAN).