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Peter Obi as Atiku’s joker – Part 2

By Sunny Igboanugo
08 November 2018   |   3:33 am
Many people have already pointed to his immense financial war chest. It is believed in some quarters that between him and Atiku...

Peter Obi

Many people have already pointed to his immense financial war chest. It is believed in some quarters that between him and Atiku, they could split the full financing the presidential project from their pockets and feel nothing about it, just like Abiola did in 1993. Others have talked about his records in office, where today, he holds the trophy as the only governor who left the hugest amount in the coffers of the state and very minimal debt portfolio for his successor in the history of the country. There is this aspect that before he left office, he not only paid off all the debts of more than N30billion owed retirees as pensions and gratuities by previous government, but actually upped their salaries and created a legacy for paying workers by the 25th of every month, which has been sustained till date. Yet, many are pointing to the immensity of his power of speech and ability to hold his audience spellbound, which is one of the biggest assets of politicians. That aspect, they say is already tested at different forums and on several occasions both nationally and internationally.

Or is it his wizardry in managing men and materials, such as he brought to bear on Fidelity Bank that has made the institution one of the most fortified and forthcoming even while others appear to be floundering and tottering on the brinks. But what many may not know is that Obi, like the late MKO, has been a silent giver and a builder of bridges in many places. The refrain everywhere is quite loud that he is a very stingy person not given to parting with money. But those stories are coming from those who do not know him or do not appreciate what the idea of open-handedness means.

Those who do, say a Peter Obi, may never be caught throwing money in the air at parties of whatever kind, no matter the occasion. He is not the type to organise lavish birthdays. You may never see him buying newspaper pages to celebrate people’s birthdays either, just as you have heard him on several occasions, even as a governor, appealing to those who wanted to give him gifts during his birthdays or buy media spaces on his behalf, to convert same into cash to be donated to the needy in the society. These are on record. So, when you hear that he does not “spend,” you may wish to calculate how much he has spent since he left office in donations to schools, not only in Anambra, his home state or the South East, but in far-flung places in the 36 states of Nigeria to ensure the development of education. You are sure to be surprised by the figures. Let me give you an example of what Obi does with his money. In May, this year, Obi was at the burial of his elder sister, Lady Bibiana Adani in Ukana, Enugu State. From the story told after the event, some of the people in the rural community, went home unhappy. Why? They had come prepared for a lavish ceremony, with some of them bringing extra bags to carry home some of the goodies, while others were already imagining what they would go home with as gifts, especially now it has become a fad for items such as mobile phones, electronics and other highly-priced takeaways are now part of such events.

However, they were disappointed that no such thing happened. Now, this was not only a very rich man, but a former governor. What stinginess? Of course, nobody could blame such grumbling, given what could have been the picture in other circumstances. But Obi explained his sentiments to reporters who took him on over the issue after hearing the complaint of the people. This was his reaction: “Sometimes I shudder on what people do for the dead as if they are marketing commodity. All the dead needs from the living is decent burial after they must have taken care of them while living. As a Catholic, what I owe her now are prayers and booking of masses for happy repose of her soul and not an opportunity to display wealth that should rather be used to add value to humanity.”

And to make good this line of thought, he has commissioned a brand new hospital be built in the community in memory of the same woman. That is Obi’s style. Flowing from this mind-set, it is understandable his brand of politics. He is the type that may be more amenable to that recommendation by Barak Obama and Hilary Clinton that African leaders must build strong institutions rather than strong personalities. So, you are more likely to catch him building physical institutions such as hospitals, schools, transport facilities, facilitating economic infrastructures like companies, businesses, agricultural concerns and the likes as well as social infrastructures like roads, bridges, rails, et al. You are unlikely to see Obi investing in some structures Nigerian politicians build. He is unlikely to buy guns and other dangerous weapons to build an army of thugs that will fight for him at political rallies or undertake to neutralise his enemies, real or imagined or sponsor candidates to higher positions based only on their loyalty to him as a person, in other to build the much-advertised “political structure” that is very popular today amongst politicians.

The difference is that with his brand of politics, that partially-blind man in Kano, that well-equipped library in Wukari, that brilliant child in Abeokuta that has just excelled in his examinations, may just have benefitted from Obi’s interventions, in the same manner the five Anambra Girls from Regina Pacis Secondary School Onitsha, who became the pride of our nation by winning the Gold Medal at the World Technovation Challenge in the Silicon Valley in San Francisco, US. Like it played out that day at the Odezuligbo’s palace, during Abiola’s visit, memories of Obi’s past deeds, may well be coming to the fore soon, now that it is most needed. People hardly forget these things.

Igboanugo, a journalist, wrote from Abuja