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Politics, peace and the rule of law


It has variously been known that all humanity somehow, since antiquity, have always believed that there is life after death, that there are realities beyond all these things that we can see, touch, feel or howsoever properly comprehend, in this our ordinary selves and life. These things have variously been classified as meta-physical, theological, spiritual, and so on and so forth. Wisdom also teaches us that it is only a fool that can say in his heart that everything must be physical, be touchable or seeable, else he will not believe in them, or that they exist!

Similarly, everybody who is normal or even minimally intelligent, should be able to realize that the true progress of man on this side of the physical-metaphysical divide that we refer to as the earth or the world, is aimed at what is generally referred to as civilization! Such one, especially if he has gone to any amount of formal education up to even primary six, would know that such civilization had gone through the era of barbarism, autocracy, brutality, war, wickedness and all their winner-takes all and survival of the fittest era, to the present one of universal love, the rule of law, peace, progress and unity of all mankind. Anybody still living in the various past human societal cultures of wickedness and the scheming of wars, must surely be able to see himself as obsolete. Such persons should be ones whose lives should be mourned, even if they may still be humanly alive; and apparently still breathing!


It should therefore be very obvious to anybody who takes the time to think about it, that the purpose of society and its leadership in the modern world should be that of the pursuit of THE COMMON GOOD, peace, universal progress, and the rule of law. While all these pertain to any societal and organizational leadership, it is in the entire national governances and their subsidiaries that this civilization is to be the most applicable.

Politics, as the meaning of all these, means the science and the art of human relationships and organization, that allows their partakers to be able to influence such societal power (or even to capture it for themselves) in order to use it to pursue the greatest good for all or at least, the greatest number of the people in the polity, evenly – the very meaning of THE COMMON GOOD! Therefore, while such politics is exercised everywhere – in the homes and families, at the places of work, of play and of worship, etc – it is in this area of national governance and its subsidiaries that its responsibilities are the greatest and to be exercised by the best of men!

This has been the problem and the dilemma of philosophers through the ages: why is it that very often, the least prepared and the least qualified of men are the ones who get into these realms of human leadership in most countries of the world? It would be very obvious to one and all that any so-called governance that prides itself in the abuse of peace, THE COMMON/UNIVERSAL GOOD, social justice and the rule of law, is an anachronism. It is a government that should be ashamed of itself. Nobody needs to tell it to anybody doing so or howsoever involved in it.


Why does one need to share this reflection in this newspaper, in ANY newspaper for that matter, in Nigeria today? I will be personally surprised if any ordinarily healthy and mentally balanced person in Nigeria today will be asking that type of question. However, just in case anybody would do so, perhaps such a person would be persuaded to think through these other questions as well: why is the present federal government delighting in antagonizing the different sections, the reported 250 or so ethnic nationalities of this country, against each other for the benefit of a very minority of some 5 million (of the claimed 200 million Nigerian) population thereof; and believe that it is ruling the country as modern politics should be? Why does it believe in arming itself and her agents to the teeth and keeping all the military, security and social well-being agencies of the country in the hands of its acclaimed “trustworthy few” 5 million and their sworn agents in readiness for an anachronistic warfare that only the primitive still prepare for and expect to arise in the modern world?

Why does this government see murder, mayhem, all sorts of arrogance and intransigence as well as very well organized social injustice as norms to be celebrated; rather than the social monstrosities that they are? Can anybody fail to see these festering “inadequacies” of government everywhere in the country under the watch of this present leadership at the centre and the many aligned to it? How many people (honoured or otherwise) will have to tell them so before they realize that it is not a wise thing to continue with? If there is anybody who is unable to see these inadequacies, it will be good for such a person to let me know it privately; or again in this forum, so that as true human brothers, we may discuss these further in absolute brotherly love and objectivity as modern civilization demands!

As someone who has trained people all over this country as well as lived substantially in most of its parts, and so learnt of the many socio-cultural treasures of this country and her various people, it is most saddening to see all these monstrosities growing in the place! So, the sole purpose of this reflection is to ask all Nigerians who read this, and especially those who know the people instituting these evils in the country and her individually wonderful people and ethnic nationalities, to reach them in time to repent of these evils.
I say this particularly of the members of this self-chosen autocracy 5 million race that are my own trained people and their other well trained brethren, to take this message to their so-called Aso-Rock Mafia and related groups presiding over the present organized national terrorism and war-mongering governance. The signs are all there for everyone to see, that evil can never thrive for too long a time but must give way to the good. This is so, no matter how little that respite will be, before the forces of evil may begin again to gather and to reorganize. It will seem very obvious to me that the end of this evil era is close at hand. Would all previously involved in these gargantuan evil politics on the country PLEASE begin to find explanations for these things(“these mistakes”; because we are all very willing to accept their confessions of and repentance –change of heart – from). They had howsoever imposed these evils upon us in the last five years; but must begin to honestly revise or reverse them. If they refuse to do so, let them not say that nobody had advised them as such; precisely because that is what I have just done here. Peace, the rule of law, universal love and progress for all, EVENLY, must become our political song in Nigeria. If not, those who choose otherwise will surely pay for it sooner or later. God bless Nigeria; and especially her very many and varied peoples and ethnic nationalities! Amen.


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