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Positive thinking mode



The talk about Coronavirus which has hit the world below the belt is what fills airwaves by the minute, by the hour and every day, whether here in our country or overseas. Newspapers are in the forefront. There is updating of reports by digital publications on the ravaging ruthless pathogen by the seconds. It is all in the efforts not to keep the world in the dark. In terms of the speed at which it sweeps through any land it berths and the fatalities it leaves on its trail, COVID-19 has struck alarm in the hearts of governments and put all peoples in an inconsolable panicky mode. It is unsparing in its choice of targets. Today the statistics of its victims are unflattering. Understandably, neither the government nor the governed have been able to shift attention to any other subject other than on how to defeat this invisible and yet powerful enemy which has the capacity to do battle on several fronts within countries and across oceans at the same time. It is devising existential strategies which has pre-occupied minds. Yet, we must begin the process of rolling back the currents of fear and panic that have gripped the world. Fear and panic driven into life and activity have their own consequences. I will come to this point presently.

At this juncture, the admonition of Prof. Chima A. Onoka last week could not have come at a better time. He said the world had changed and doubted if it could ever be the same again. He believes that COVID-19 has brought unprecedented times and it was time to end the blame game and wake up to fight …“a fight of faith and strategy. It is time to take responsibility.” Counseling against fear, Prof. Anoka listed what he thought everybody should stop doing now: “Fear and Panic (this is unhelpful); docility and finger pointing; blaming government, blaming hospital managers; blaming China or other countries.” He went on to say that Nigerians should stop blaming people travelling into this country (citizens or foreigners).


It is generally known that when a person panics or knows fear, his thinking faculty experiences difficulty and he is unable to think straight. He begins to make mistakes. In the event he is an accused person, he begins to make statements that even implicate him. In such a situation, it is not uncommon to find a police officer who is interested in the truth and justice trying to calm him down.

In the mechanisms that govern life and our world, fear and panic obstruct the spiritual currents of help that seek to envelop a man in order to protect and uplift him. In other words, a man who is gripped by fear in the time of personal trial or national calamity is severed from him. Help being spiritual is of the Light, but panic or fear emits a dark ring of radiations. The luminous helper approaching him is unable to connect with him from the sheer reason of lack of incompatibility in radiations. The Light being thus withdrawn so that it will not be soiled. Didn’t William Shakespeare tell us that cowards die many times before their death? The counter currents of courage make the fearless to be an overcomer.

Experts admonishing us of precautionary measures to take speak about protecting the nose, mouth and eye as they are entry paths of COVID-19 into the human body hence the imperative of our having to wash hands frequently and rub them sanitizers. In the body the dangerous virus attacks the throat and hampers respiration. From the throat it moves to the lung to embark on its last stage of destruction. The body structure is made up of cells. From one cell, in the course of the building of the body by nature beings in the womb of the expectant mother, other cells emerge fanning out to form different organs. Among the components of the cell is the nucleus in which cellular respiration is regulated. The unseen other components of the cell are spirit motes which stream down into the material world from the highest spiritual realm. In the material world, they give rise to elementary particles which give human body its physical firmness, as well as to atoms. Atoms are in cell molecules. The core of the atom is surrounded by shells of electrons. Expectedly so, given its origin.


Since the atoms are spirit particles wrapped in material substance, they make contact, through attraction, with the human spirit. The spirit which is the core of man as we know him, which, indeed, is the real man in the school that the earth is— seeking to be a conscious human being of value. The human spirit, through its radiations, is expected to bring animating pressure on the cells and different organs which in themselves consist of spirit motes from the Heights.

Because we human beings have made material pursuits the primary purpose of life, the expected radiation influence of the spirit on the body and its organs for radiant health is dimmed and weakened. And given the imbalance in the development of the brains with the attendant suppression of the hind brain, cerebellum, which is the spiritually receptive part, the body of man is distorted. This made man to suffer from double jeopardy. Consequently, human beings have left themselves susceptible to invasion by viruses and to all manner of ailments. For example, because of failure of cellular respiration, and absence of radiation influence on the organs which is also to strengthen immunity in the body, we human beings are laid readily open to cancerous attacks.

From the foregoing, it is not difficult to see that the world-wide attack by COVID-19 pandemic can be largely attributed to imbalance in the body structure, change in lifestyle and crass material pursuits. Man has moved away from the pathway charted for him by the Almighty Creator to live. Writing on “The Immune System—The body’s armoury in the innate and acquired resistance to infectious disease”—in New World Magazine, Sally Kenyon states: “Optimal function of the immune system requires that immune cells and cell products interact with each other in a sequential, regulated manner. Protective immunity requires powerful cellular responses that must be tightly regulated in order to minimize damage to the host while allowing the destruction of pathogens. Lymphocytes are the key cells in immune response and with the other mature cells involved in the response develop from cell stem cells and originating from tissues such as the liver and bone marrow.”


The former Egyptian Member of Parliament I referred to last week spoke eloquently about what we human beings have made of a world made out to us for our spiritual development. It is devastation. What has been regarded as value has been found worthless and not able to save man in the greatest hour of need. Man has rebelled against the lawfulness placed in Creation to govern all the worlds. The cleverness of the human being has been made to replace the wisdom of God, the Almighty, and the Author of life. Today mankind has been humbled and brought down on their knees. Over 500,000 cases of COVID-19 affliction have been confirmed, and fatalities keep rising. The figure in France rose on Tuesday by 499 deaths within 24 hours and Italy saw additional 837 fatalities. Lockdown is the order of the day in most states of America and in several parts of the world. The question on the lips of a great many is: what is the way out? The Italian Prime Minister, Giuseppe Conte, throwing up his hands in helpless resignation, said: “Can’t understand what more to do. Our only hope remains up in the Sky. God, rescue your people.” The world is in dire need of healing, yet the supposed sanctuaries of God, mosques and churches are shut with security operatives roaming the streets, some lurking in the shadows and the alleys to drive away the beseeching ones seeking to supplicate the Most High for deliverance.

Given the alarming rate COVID-19 is spreading, the enlightenment by the various authorities and health experts, borne out of love is justifiable. In many counties including our own, there is daily briefing by presidents, chancellors, prime ministers, governors and mayors. There are jingles on radio and television; the artistes have risen to the occasion with drama plays. Cartoonists from the family of artistes are not left out. Turn right, the talk is about coronavirus; turn left, the sing song is about COVID-19. The air is filled with the talk about COVID-19. Is there any delirious implication about saturating the whole atmosphere with the outcry and campaign about Coronavirus? With the knowledge of the lawfulness that governs our lives and the entire Creation, there is no gainsaying that there will be serious implications perhaps worse than the world is experiencing at the moment in the hands of Mr.COVID-19.


Every thought, every speech and every action is a seed planted in the soil of life. Every thought attracts similar thoughts or is attracted by others flowing in the universe. They take on form in accordance with the contents of the thoughts. The thought-forms are continually nourished and reinforced. Every thought is connected to its author through ethereal threads which if not countered and severed through pure thoughts come to the authors heavily laden, pressing for manifestation for the individual author’s harvest. The fruits of the thoughts return unfailingly for harvesting in multiples after going through maturation processes in the ethereal world. The harvest could be treasures, sweet or rotten fruits depending on the nature of the seed sown. As it is with thoughts, so is it with speeches and actions. They produce fruits.

With an endless talk and discourse, with thoughts flowing out of us about Coronavirus, it can be seen clearly that a plaque carrying its content, even if the manifestation is different in form, will return to menace the entire world in future. In view of the intensification and acceleration of events and experiences of these times, it will not take the accustomed 100-year cycle to return. The meteorologists, the modern-day star gazers, have looked into their crystal balls to advise us of what the sky has in store for us by way of apocalyptic rains. If we add that to the report card by scientists, our universe is in for a very long night. The scientists say many measurements have shown that the carbon dioxide concentration in the atmosphere was never as high in the last 800,000 years as it is today. There is imbalance in ecological equilibrium. Soils because of prevalent nature of agriculture, for instance, have lost their ability to store carbon and have themselves become CO2, all combined to tear off the ozone layer protecting the earth.

What I am getting at is that while the loving enlightenment on COVID-19 may be necessary, to stem future consequences of the discourse which has filled the world, it will have to be left to individuals to begin to wind down and better, still, to switch off from it, put on our thoughts the toga of positive thinking as a shield and think or indulge in matters which are uplifting. According to the revelations in higher knowledge spreading on the face of the earth today, the outworking of the perfect and immutable Divine Laws governing the whole Creation pays no heed to preferences or ignorance of mankind, their likes or dislikes. Adamantine is the law! Man needs knowledge to heal our world. All other steps in the end will amount to no more than palliatives!


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