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Qum faya Qum Be and it became

By Victor Kassim Isa Oyofo
20 April 2022   |   2:41 am
It has become necessary to say a few words of enlightenment about this creative expression of God Almighty, especially because we are far from the right knowledge of the Nature of God

Heavens. Photo/Pixabay

It has become necessary to say a few words of enlightenment about this creative expression of God Almighty, especially because we are far from the right knowledge of the Nature of God and His working. Qum-faya-Qum is the creative fiat of God.

This writing that I call enlightenment would have been impossible for me if I had not been fortunate to come into the knowledge, called “The Grail Message, In the Light of Truth” given to mankind in 1931 by Abdruschin. He published It along with two other volumes He called Resonances 1 & 2, to the Grail Message.

Abdruschin came to mankind in fulfilment of the promise, which Jesus made on the eve of His crucifixion. Jesus said, “It is expedient for you that I go away, for if I go not away, My Father, will not send you a Comforter. The Comforter or the Holy Spirit who My Father will send will bring to your recollection all that I have told you. He shall teach you all things including the last secrets of Creation. …etc.” (See the scriptures in the Gospel of John.)

Men cannot know or have the right concept of God because our composition or nature limits us. We are spirit particles, which came out of the creative fiat “Let there be light.” Qum-faya-Qum’’ (Be and it became) has approximately, the same meaning as “Let there be light.”

No human spirit of his own accord would have come to this right conclusion. It is only from the two Sons of God, that this explanation became possible… and it is with joy that I pass it on to the reader.

So it is, only from the two Sons of God did we get the true nature of their Father.

My Muslim brothers argue against the idea of the Son of God, saying “Allah did not beget and is not begotten.” Surat 112.

This Surat, whilst it builds up monotheism, has not been understood by earthmen because they lacked the possibility. However used to defend or support monotheism, it does not explain Qum-faya-Qum. Men must understand that the creating process, which is followed has logically made necessary by the Nature of God! In the absence of creative logic, Qum-faya-Qum sounds like magic, which comes nearest to human understanding.

There is no magic in the working of God. His ways are simple, logical and follow a Divine Order. Simplicity is in Omnipotence dictated by Omniscience!

This argument against the concept of Son comes up because we build up our concept of God from who, and what, we are and from this, we picture the word Son, to involve a woman giving birth to a child just as it happens on earth. From this wrong postulation, many errors arose which carry dire consequences!

Indeed, “God did not beget and He is not begotten,” according to human understanding but in His Omniscience He works through His Love embodied in Jesus and His Justice personified in Immanuel, the Holy Spirit, Who is also the Creative Arm of God.

Here, in the working of God, the concept of the son is the highest and most lofty. It means “a part of” God. These two parts are His Love and His Justice personified. His Love is personified in Jesus while His Justice is personified in the Holy Spirit, who is called Immanuel. In, and with, their Father, they form the Trinity of the One God, known to Christians! The two Sons do not have independent existence from their Father, unlike earthmen! (This is the meaning of “I and the Father are One.” John 10:30).

But alas!; the Christians have the wrong concept of the Holy Spirit. Any doubts about this will be silenced by asking any Christian the question: who is the Holy Spirit. The answer, or lack of it, will confirm their ignorance and confusion.

Immanuel is the Creative-Arm of God. This is why He also has the responsibility for order in Creation. He carries the Divine Will or more correctly He is the Will of God, thus the Divine Laws embodied; the Laws which all creatures must obey for their prosperity and salvation or which if they disobey lead to suffering and finally to damnation if they do not change. Through Him, the creative fiat, Qum-faya-Qum, was uttered and Creation came into being and is maintained.

These lofty and highest concepts would not have been known on earth if the Love of God, Jesus Christ, at the point of crucifixion, had not pleaded with His Father to send the Holy Spirit, His brother, to this earth to complete His Mission of Love, which is anchored in Justice.

The Will of God is embodied in the Holy Spirit. To Him all human spirits in creation owe their origin, welfare and existence. It is to Him all bow irrespective of their religious affiliations. Even those who claim to be atheists are human spirits who will account to Him nonetheless! The Laws of God govern the universes.

In this clear understanding, “bowing to” or submission, simply means obeying the Divine Laws. For this to happen, knowing the Laws must precede obedience.

The Divine Laws are not clearly defined in all the religious books. Therefore people created substitutes or tended to ignore the traces of the laws in their religious books.

The 10 Commandments spelt out one of the Laws, called the Law of Reciprocal Action. Surat 83 spelt out this Law in the Quran also. The Surat 83 says: “Use the same measure for others that you use for yourself!” This is the same as love thy neighbor as thyself. This cardinal teaching of Jesus is the key to life, existence and harmony; it is the key to all that flow from the bountiful Radiations of God.

It is the disobedience to this injunction or law that has caused conflicts, wars, greed, avarice, corruption, hatred and all evils on earth. The disobedience will lead many into perdition! Obedience leads to salvation, peace, and ultimately to Paradise.

The other two laws are; The Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species and the Law of Spiritual Gravity. I invite those who want to know these laws to examine my source of knowledge called the Grail Message; “In the Light of Truth.”

Now let’s examine further the creative fiat Qum-faya-Qum. The lecture in the Grail Message titled “Let there be Light,” tells us all about the creative fiat. It is unnecessary to attempt a reproduction of it in any form. Let those who are thirsty go to the river to drink and refreshen themselves! Thus the scriptures will be fulfilled which say “Let him who is athirst come, and whosoever will let him take the water of life freely.” Revelation 22 v 17.

Before the fiat was uttered, God had existed in eternity and His Radiations that are creative were limited to and contained within the Divine Realm. This fiat, which God uttered out of His Love, was the beginning of creation.

The creative fiat was uttered once by God and creation came into being in its perfection. Since what issued stands in perfection in God, no further statement was necessary, unlike what believers in Qum-faya-Qum like to think and believe. He does not resort to Qum-faya-Qum to change or make anything. Creation is administered by the laws, which make up the Divine Will.

The human being on earth is a human spirit, albeit, of the last spiritual precipitation which could not be conscious of itself at the point of creation. He is called a spirit germ who carries the wish to be an independent conscious ego. He set out from Paradise in an unconscious state into subsequent creation from where he will gain this ego consciousness. If successful, he will return to Paradise to be fulfilled! Or he will perish into unconsciousness if he fails!

On this journey, he is equipped with his spiritual intuition and free will to decide which path to take. In addition, he has guides attached to him who he can consult.

With his free will, he can change his decision and direction at any time.

The Divine Laws regulate Creation including man. If he knows and obeys them in his dealings with his fellow-men, he is lifted up in joyous and harmonious existence but if he does not know and does not obey the laws, he is tied up in sorrows and miseries.

A look at life on earth today shows that men neither know nor obey the Divine Laws, which manifest the Divine Will.

In accordance with this Divine Will, God’s forbearance is now at an end. Hence He has decreed the Holy Judgment.

The Holy Judgment itself is the responsibility of the Holy Spirit. This is what is meant by “He will reprove the world of sins and of righteousness.” John 16:18.

I wish that the right recognition dawns on many during this Holy Friday, marking the crucifixion. May God hear our prayers. Amen.

Oyofo, is a former Senator of the Federal Republic of Nigeria.

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