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Racism, black lives and the testosterone paranoia – Part 2

By Henry A. Onwubiko
22 September 2020   |   3:37 am
The labor power of the newly freed black proletariat elevated the conquering Northern white supremacist from a national industrial champion and banker to a world champion of industries...

Continued from yesterday
The labor power of the newly freed black proletariat elevated the conquering Northern white supremacist from a national industrial champion and banker to a world champion of industries and multinational corporations through international trade and free enterprise with its accompanying racism and white supremacy at the world stage. Not only were the new black proletarians recruited massively into the United States Army to fight in the two world wars in Europe, they were also used to seed industries in Africa, Europe, Asia and Latin America and also to galvanize the cheap labor of the local colored and black populations with their cheap local commodities for manufacturing a variety of products sold at International markets to maximize surplus value and profits for the conquering ruling white supremacist. In Liberia, the rubber tree plantations and tyre manufacturing owned by Mr. Firestone and Michelin enabled the black man in America to reunite with his black brothers in Liberia and other West African states, when it was never intended by the white master that they should meet again.

In the United States new social reforms became necessary with the development of International trade, the expansion of white investments and profits and more importantly the return of thousands of the black proletarians from the world wars in Europe and white-owned factories abroad in Asia, Africa and Latin America to demand for social justice, and the upturning of the racist Jim Crow Laws. The new economic necessities in the world with new global experiences by the black proletariat and the global expansion and investments of American capital formed the social and material basis of a second Civil Rights Movement. New Reforms and Amendments to the Constitution were needed to appease the growing unionized workers and the globally exposed black proletariat. These conditions included the Right to vote, the demand for more humane living conditions and better living wages. At the summit of his wealth, national and global power the conquering white supremacists declared the Monroe Doctrine in which he made himself the owner of Latin America, its backyard and resources, while his fraternal fellow capitalist and white supremacists of Europe held the Berlin Conference and divided Africa among themselves into various spheres of influence.

Finally, racism and white supremacy responsible for black genocide are the ideological remnants of the socio-economic formation of slavery. Under neo-liberal capitalism the racist and white supremacist ruling class still globally sustain black servitude which has remained economically and socially beneficial with its numerous racial privileges. This racist ruling class is globally responsible in the planning of black genocide as a strategic means in ensuring perpetual black servitude and under-development whether in the African continent or the numerous diasporas of Britain, France, Spain, Portugal, Australia, Belgium and others with the United States of America remaining the epicenter.

The mode of implementation of black genocide has often varied with the location, time, social and geopolitical conditions. The Black Lives Matter Movement has not only exposed to the world how the police institutions of most western nations are in subterfuge white nationalist security outposts who under testosterone paranoia hunt their streets to kill physically endowed young black men with the strategic goal of sustaining black servitude and under-development of the black communities, reinventing racism while continually retaining their unwarranted racial privileges.

In Africa black servitude and under-development is also instituted by the same global strategy of black genocide but under different social and geopolitical conditions. The renewed tactics of destabilization through the intra-continental and global manipulation of capital, labor, employment, religion, commodity prices, uneven wages, competition over markets, geopolitically engineered famine pitted against skin color, ethnicity, and race will continue to exacerbate towards their intended global dynamic of black genocide.

Is the genocide from the Nigerian civil war whereby millions of black children perished from starvation, induced kwashiorkor not as a result of the western manipulation of investments by the oil multinational corporations, chiefly Shell, Mobil, Texaco and others, and the instigation of violence through the fabricated religious dynamic between the Northern Moslem population and the Christian South as western imperialism equipped both ethnic and religious groups with arms, indirectly sold through their Arab allies leading to the dynamic consequence of black genocide and the under-development of Nigeria?

In South Africa, the system of Apartheid generated a racial conflict where the white man profited for many years from the resulting racial privileges, leading to the loss of millions of black lives through a social dynamic designed to produce black genocide, underdevelopment and control. The apartheid system has continued to propagate a process of xenophobia where the white supremacists deliberately propagate unequal wages between different ethnic groups from other African migrants doing business or who are under employment in South Africa, against black South African indigenes. Wages and nationality are manipulated by white supremacists leading to a violent dynamic resulting in seasonal xenophobia and black genocide which undermines the much needed solidarity by African states, amicable intra-African trade and social development.

There are sufficient evidence linking members of the ruling white supremacist class of Western imperialism to the funding of both government, Christian and Muslim groups which propels the dynamic of terror in Boko Haram, El Shabaab and other terror groups in the African continent which lead to their intended strategy of black genocide as a means of ensuring black servitude, control and under-development.

More recently are the planned efforts to destabilize Ethiopia, which through its leadership has become the rallying nucleus and model for economic development for African nations. With a remarkable focus in the construction of roads and other necessary infrastructure connected to its new industries, Ethiopia has began to solve the energy needs for its industries and people through utilizing the Nile River to construct one of the world’s largest dams. There are concerns in the use of contiguous African States to destabilize its development efforts by undermining the construction of this essential energy source by western imperialism through sowing the ethnic seed of Black genocide through the anonymous assassination of a popular Ethiopian musician from the Oromo ethnic group that has lead to social unrests and genocide of Ethiopian citizens, and the destabilization and under-development of a rising African State in order to sustain black backwardness, dependence and servitude and bow to the white supremacists forces responsible for global racism, black genocide and unending servitude.

The tactics of using black lives to inflict the overall strategy of black genocide in the African continent as a means of economic and social destabilization not only leads to under-development but discourages self reliance and encourages a reactionary and an alienated state of mind, of self resignation, dependence and black servitude, the principal and global strategy of white nationalism, racism, and white supremacy.

In the key cities of the black diasporas of France, Britain, Belgium, Spain, Portugal with the USA as its nucleus, the institutions for the enforcement of law and order such as the police force, prisons and other dungeons have in subterfuge become the recruiting bases for white supremacists who under government funding commit black genocide to keep the black man in servitude and under-development, and are applauded by other white supremacists as their heroes. Of historical significance is the ascent of the revolutionary flames of the Black Lives Matter Movement as it highlights the trail and national armpits where this dark strategy of black genocide is implemented through police brutality. Ironically, these are the same antediluvian pathways of the slave trade. When it reaches the killing grounds in Africa, home of the black man with their diabolical maneuvers of socio-economic, geographical and religious tactics, these different dynamics that lead to the same black genocide will be revealed to history. Then the new world order of multilateralism and global socialism may, as of necessity be in sight before a troubled humanity consumes itself.


Professor Onwubiko is head, Department of Biochemistry University of Nigeria, Nsukka