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Recession, a blessing in disguise


RecessionsSir: Which way Nigeria? Are we cursed or are we the cause? The current recession in Nigeria seems to be a blessing in disguise. Nigerians will soon be forced to work out some common sense solutions to our common sense problems. At present, the country and her people seem to be journeying on a-road-to-know-where. Hard times don’t last forever if people use their difficult periods to their own advantage. In fact, recession is a period for moral rearmament and seriousness in a serious nation. Beleaguered nations use their time of tribulations to collectively get their acts together to solve common problems.

The current hardship in Nigeria will soon speak senses to the fecundity of the tithe payers, who feed their prosperity preachers at their own
expenses. Recession will speak in tongues to mosque and church goers, and to their Alfas and GOs. “In God’s name plc” will start to file for
bankruptcy in the conscience of the people. The Alfas who tell their ‘victims’ that they can peep into their stars, astral and aura to predict their future’s fortune will soon start to look for another sweat-paying-jobs. We will start to realise that we cannot mock God by being unproductive and expect prosperity and good results in return as rewards.

When we have factories or manufacturing houses turn to “House of Worship,” in a country with abundant human and mineral resources; with good climate! Recession will be a child play, depression will set in, and Nigerians will then wake up to engage in productive ventures. Nigeria will reorder its moral and religious values without blasphemy against the omnipotent God. We are currently in a state of dystopia. Things are falling apart, and the centre is fast crumbling too.

When we are awoken, at that time, prayers, salvation and hard work with productivity will replace the get-rich-quick, prosperity gospel, hypnotism and indolence. “Men of God”- “Imams,” and “Alfa”, “Daddy GOs and Mummy GOs” will either be farmers, professionals, artisans and entrepreneurs, etc.

In the end, Nigerians will start sharpening their sense of imagination for possibilities. And prosperity and development will come back to Nigeria. There are no other ways to progress except through hard work, good conscience and conscientised prayers.

The Almighty God that administers the United Kingdom, the United States or other developed nations is the same Almighty God that is administering Nigeria. He is a God of all nations. He is an impartial omniscient, omnipotent and omnipresent God. Let’s go back to work and stop mocking this infallible God. He has had enough of our pretensions.
Yahaya Balogun,
Arizona, USA.

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  • Tantolorun

    This is self consolation. There is NOTHING good in recession at all. How about the social vices that follow recession, as people will try all means possible to survive it? Armed robberies, Kidnapping, Ritualists, “Yahoo”, etc. Actually, recession, as the name suggests, is a regression in a Nation’s life. According to this article, unfortunately, this is actually the time many people rush to God, through His servants, as God is the last hope of the Hopeless. many sick people that can not afford hospital care, will go to churches and Native doctors, as alternative care is either cheaper, or “salvation is free”. Of course, many avoidable deaths will occur. As quickly as possible, this Government should lead the nation out of “Egypt”, as it is not a good place to be, and henceforth, the Citizens should be the watchdog of the economy, stop praising and honoring those that live above their income, as everyone, including the innocent, will bear the crunch.