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Saraki, Ndume behind the eighth ball


Mohammed Ali Ndume

Sir: It is obvious that the house majority leader’s position earlier bestowed on Senator Ndume Ali from the first, was an Indian gift after all. Whoever thought that he would get the keel-hauling that he received recently? The relationship between Senators Ndume Ali and Saraki Bukola appeared perfect to me.

When the going was good, he was among those who said,”let’s hurriedly conduct the election, before they return to the house. This is our chance.”(Emphasis mine). Small wonder, he became relevant and influential in the Eighth Senate. Politics is a dirty game indeed especially when power, wealth and prestige are concerned. If that is the case, “Necessity knows no law.”

Morality in politics doesn’t do any good. Many have opined that it has never advanced the growth of society. But a country can never move forward if politics is not played within the asymmetry of morality and the algorithm of what’s best for the country.

Ndume lost out in a power play. It is no news. Every politician knows that the day of comeuppance will come; especially if that politician is reflective enough to know that he was not a fair disciple. You need not dig too far. Get a book on Edward Ted Heath, Michael Heseltine and Margaret Thatcher. Nigerians are hungry and it is no time to start a Kentish fire. But it wouldn’t be all beer and skittles for the Senate President.

If I were him, I would avoid the bell, book and candle. A politician’s mandate is to leave a positive legacy for posterity; to free people from the burden of despair. Many people are creased by the depression and want out of it. This is no time to fight members in the same or opposite camp but a time to appreciate the sense of urgency and move the country forward if we truly have the desire to do so. Aren’t Nigerians presently looking for corn in Egypt and carrying coals to Newcastle just so they can survive?

The Senate President should appreciate the fierce urgency of now. This country does not need personalistic rulers like Saddam or Putin who couldn’t and can’t be contained by their countries’ political parties, party caucuses and military institutions. Because they treated/treat these institutions with the look of patrician disdain and Anglo-Saxon arrogance that makes it impossible for a Catholic to be a king of England. The personalistic rulers mentioned above was and is impetuous and they push(ed) their countries to disaster with no clear-cut national ideological orientation.

The founders of The United States of America were not lovers of populism. They reasoned that it was akin to mob rule. They favoured mediation in politics because mediation leads to development and peace.

Make no mistake about it, as stated by me elsewhere,”social stability is necessary first before economic and political stability.”‬ How can a country develop when politicians do not believe in tractation among all?

When nihilism and survivalism take the place of heroism?
Things are heating up with this assembly and the executive, both of which are of the same political party. We never see them host a People’s Filibuster on how to stand up for the rights of everyday folks, for protecting the powerless, for seeking equitable workplace conditions, for making multinational companies invest their profits in Nigeria to create jobs and it is disturbing.

Simon Abah, Port Harcourt, Rivers State

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