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Scant respect for human life


The rate at which events are accelerating and intensifying in our world is terrifying, our country being part of this globe not spared. You would have hardly caught your breath before another event occurs, the latest even more horrendous, more alarming than the one before it. It could be seen that Iran was going to avenge the death of her foremost general, the highest-ranking general and commander-in-chief of its elite Quds Force, Quassem Soleimani.

The signs were there and the bellicose pronouncements of the warmonger Donald Trump did not help matters. What with the threats by the new commander of the force, Brigadier-General Esmail Ghanni and the vote by the Iraqi Parliament to expel the US forces from their territory on the prompting of aggrieved Iran which itself fired ballistic missiles at two US bases targeted at the troops there. Because of the uproar in fear of attendant escalation of tensions which prompted some world leaders to swiftly wade in, the world knew some relief, more so that Mr. Trump widely seen as the provocateur in this instance, even by the United States allies who said in hushed tones that they were not consulted, careful though they were not to break ranks. The relief had hardly settled when Iran committed the gravest blunder.

Iran shot down the Ukrainian aircraft with 176 persons on board. There were no survivors. After days of denial, the Iranian authorities were later to accept responsibility for the unbelievably bizarre incident. It was Iran’s follow-up on the ballistic missile strike against the US bases in Bagdad.

The military high command was later to state that the bringing down of Ukrainian jetliner was an error mistaking the flight as a hostile one, going in the direction of a sensitive military centre of the Revolutionary Guard and the military was predictably at “its highest level of readiness.” The President, Hassan Rouhani blamed the incident on the U.S. ‘threats and bullying.”

Killings do have consequences beyond our imagining, indeed beyond what is conceivable to us mankind. How is anyone to explain, how much more, justify the shooting down of a commercial aircraft with 176 persons on board, even if it were carrying only Americans? The action of Mr. Trump cannot represent the thinking of every American. There will be millions out there in the United States who would have switched off, horrified by the conduct of their president within and without the frontiers of the United States. There can be no greater proof of the disapproval of Mr. Trump than the daily battle between him and the United States media. It should also be remembered that his challenger at the 2016 polls beat Mr. Trump by three million popular votes. Trump upturned the victory only at the Electoral College. How can the life of all Americans be at risk because of the conduct of their president such that any aircraft suspected to fly the US flag must be shot down? As it turned out, there were Iranians and Canadians on the ill-fated flight. There were many who certainly had nothing to do with either the US and her politics, or Iran and her local or international politics. There was a Nigerian engineer working with Boeing and who followed the aircraft on a test run to Iran. Many nationalities were victims.

A former Chief of Staff in the U.S. State Department, Col. Larry Wilkerson and Hillary Clinton were featured in videos that circulated in social media early in the week. Col. Wilkerson said Mr. Trump was “pulling the wool over the American peoples’ eyes, and certainly over the international community’s eyes.” He likened Mr. Trump’s reasons for the attack on Iran and the attendant assassination of Qassem Soleimani to Mr. George Bush’s excuse for the attack on Iraq by the US leading allied forces which culminated in the death of Hussein Saddam in 2003. He said: “We’ve seen this before.. the same everything, same tactics, same people, same strategy.” He said America kept making the same mistake. America has been at war for 17 years.”

Demonstrating a contrite spirit, he went on to say he was feeling pretty low; “I wish I had resigned.” As for Mrs. Hillary Clinton, the video recalls her prediction and warning electing Mr. Trump as President. Said she: “It is not hard to imagine Donald Trump leading us into war.”Clinton went on to characterize Mr. Trump as unfit as president: “His ideas are dangerous. He should not be someone who should get close to the nuclear code…To make Trump president is a historic mistake,” she told her audience on campaign hustling.

I have gone so far to bring these feelings and remarks into focus to show that the action of a president does not necessarily represent the thinking of everyone in any land. Unfortunately, that is not the way of the world. Whether as individuals or government functionaries, we have no ideas of the consequences of our actions, if at all, by a negligible community of mankind, very faintly.

The commandment of God, the Almighty Creator, is “Thou shall not kill.” The delight of human beings is in the victory of subduing and killing fellow human beings. The Divine Laws do not make exceptions. Murder is a murder; killing is killing and assassination is assassination. The laws are eternal, immutable and incorruptible, affecting those who know about them or who are ignorant of them. Whether it is Donald Trump or Iranian President Hassan Rouhani with his new commander of the elite corps, none of them certainly, like the majority of us, has the foggiest ideas of what awaits violators of the Divine Law. The Laws of Nature are to ensure order, harmony, peace, joy, and happiness, as well as beauty in the whole of Creation. How do the laws operate in the case of killing that appears not to mean much to the modern man who proudly boasts of drones that work with precision, ballistic missiles, nuclear power and other instruments of destruction?

Every thought, volition, and action is a seed that goes unswervingly through maturation processes. These thoughts are connected with the ethereal world of our immediate Beyond. In Beyond, they take on forms. Every form gives expression to the will of the thought, volition or action. Power centres arise formed by similar thoughts that attract or are attracted by similar thoughts, volition, and actions depending on the strength of the thoughts issuing from us and volition we harbor. Through accumulated energy inherent in them, these centres exert great influences on us human beings through radiation threads. How? It may be asked.

The servants of the Creator unassailably loyal in their activities weave the contents of our action, the will in our thoughts and volition into radiation threads which connect us with them, that is it thoughts, action or volition as the case may be. Anyone with similar thoughts anywhere in the world is also linked through the Law of Attraction of Homogeneous Species.

The result is that even from the far end of the world, contributions are made by many people to a given event once the time is ripe. Unknown to a great many, everything around us is living and surging. When the fruits of our actions are ripe for harvesting, since they are in radiations, the stars also radiating provide the channels through which the fateful works are driven to the authors. Because evil thoughts predominate in the world, these have also given rise to demons in the Beyond now menacing mankind who have links with their creation through threads, connected with the loom of our weaving. They influence a great many, indeed taking possession of them to commit heinous crimes against their fellow men. Those who are protected are those with contrasting tendencies in greater measure. It is the same outworking of the laws the world will experience when thoughts of love and of nobleness, high-mindedness predominate. Such are anchored in light and pure currents which cast a shield of light radiance around the people from whom they proceed.

According to revelations and enlightenment contained in higher knowledge spreading on earth today, evil arrows can then not find a foothold on them or their environment. But because the merchants and vendors of evil are more, our world has been out of joint, completely upside down.

In consequence of the radiation pressure of the Light as a feature of the times in which we are today, the threads are being greatly animated and given speed. What all this means is that we are individually the starting point and the final destination of what we send into Creation. This is the sad reason for our world being in turmoil today.

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