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Security: Yahaya’s silent trails on insurgency war

By Philip Agbese
12 November 2022   |   12:44 am
While necessity remains the mother of invention, experience has proven to be the soul attribute of successful leadership. The steady disruption of peace in northern Nigeria by widespread insurgency was a clarion call

[FILES] Lt.-Gen. Faruk Yahaya

While necessity remains the mother of invention, experience has proven to be the soul attribute of successful leadership.

The steady disruption of peace in northern Nigeria by widespread insurgency was a clarion call that needed to be answered by the best and most-effective personality who understood the severity of the challenge. This was a call for one who had led war and is used to the frontlines; a person with a clear distinction between peace and war.

Enter General Yahaya Farouk. On May 27 2021, President Muhammadu Buhari, in his usual thoughtful act of redirecting and refocusing this country along the lines of greatness appointed Gen Faruk as Chief of Army staff. The Sokoto-born General had to return from the Northeast where he was hitherto serving as the Theatre Commander of Operation Hadin Kai, which is the Boko Haram counterinsurgency operation.

General Yahaya Farouk has always imbibed the right attitude from his early days as a professional soldier. He never gave room for laxity and assumptions, dealing decisively with terrorists. He pursued them to the very end with strength, vigour and technical support until they were ultimately crushed or left with no option but surrender. He was that cruel.

His ruthlessly calculative approaches paid dividends aplenty. Troops never had it better against the terrorists who were neutralised at every instance. This made him stand out among his counterparts. As Theatre Commander, Ops Lafia Dole, he further enhanced his burgeoning reputation.

The COAS flaunts impeccable records with little or no casualties in many confrontations with terrorists. His return to the trenches was therefore not surprising as he continued to make positive efforts towards ensuring that the last terrorist in the northeast is either exterminated or arrested.

Not done yet, Gen Faruk has broken new ground as Army Chief. No surprise. Beyond his record of success, the gallant COAS is a born leader with a charming aura and intimidating fragrance for criminals. He hit the ground running, directing timely focus to troubled areas while adopting the necessary modalities to achieve his intended results. Jackpot!

In less than two years, Faruk Yahaya has attained demigod status, surpassing every benchmark. His unique skills have come to the fore being a war veteran, peacekeeper, and administrator with efficiency in maintaining order and stability in conflict-ridden areas. This General respects the boundaries of religion too, careful to avoid discrepancies in his judgements and decision-making.

But beneath the tough, no-nonsense soldier lies a compassionate and adoring man. Humane and passionate about the plight of the less privileged, Faruk is kind to a fault, humble and amiable. He is loved by all owing to his willingness to support soldiers and citizens without showing any tolerance for nepotism.

On the field, he works earnestly to implant his cheerful disposition in the Army. First, as a human being and then as a soldier, whose shadows should reflect in every army personnel, so long as he remains the COAS. He is the shining light among the current service chiefs and is reputed as the most charismatic on the continent.

Silent but wise, calm yet ferocious, jovial and decisive at the same time, Faruk has inspired men and officers alike to professionally give allegiance, patriotism and loyalty to the country. This is in spite f the enormous challenges of the 21st century.

However, in the last year, he has proven to be that crack soldier who will obey the last order. His persistent commitment has remarkably made the level of insecurity drastically reduce over time, while the alarming Book Haram insurgents have been dealt with in a pragmatic approach taken by President Muhammadu Buhari. Many successes have been recorded under his leadership as he has been steadfast in the discharge of his duty and providing aid to civil authority.

Yet the earlier we all recognise that no service can do it alone in this fight against banditry and insurgency, the better for us as Armed Forces and a Nation to surmount the current security challenges. This fight needs the support of all and sundry.
On this note, Yahaya Faruk has requested everyone to continue to partner, collaborate and cooperate with the security agencies despite daunting challenges in our collective aspiration to keep Nigeria safe, prosperous and a home for all.

Mr President got it right with the appointment of General Yahaya Faruk. Thanks to the right decision made, now, the dreaded and blood-thirsty members of the insurgent group called Boko Haram have been sacked from many villages they formerly occupied, and majority have been frustrated to flee through the borders.

Security is development, without development, there is no security and without security, there is no development. These two are what help every nation to exude unending greatness. And together, we all can sustain Nigeria’s greatness.

Agbese is a security expert/human rights activist based in the United Kingdom.