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Shocking news from FUOYE – Part 2

By Tony Afejuku
30 April 2021   |   1:08 am
The remarks I introduced and published in this column last Friday were honestly issued to assist in giving the Government Council of FUOYE and the Visitation Panel to the institution, a particular but unsolicited advice and modicum of decorum.....


The remarks I introduced and published in this column last Friday were honestly issued to assist in giving the Government Council of FUOYE and the Visitation Panel to the institution, a particular but unsolicited advice and modicum of decorum, neither with criticism, nor with intellectualism, nor with plain journalism, and the trouble would not have been taken if the Governing Council and the Federal Government’s Visitation Panel were not thought to be places of undiluted justice worthy of their names. Indeed, members of the Governing Council and Visitation Panel were thought to be persons of integrity and honour who rise or would rise above petty campus politics and make members of our human rights community and ardent admirers of justice proud. So I thought. So I believed. So I dreamed. But I was wrong. I was dead wrong. I was oddly wrong.

Meanwhile, let me keep you in abeyance – for a brief period. Some readers on reading what they rightly called my “intervention” last Friday on FUOYE’s shocking news spoke nicely to me. Some sent messages to me, messages which are critically apt and which stand forth luminous and have the interest of a passion, and that are so true to the temperament of critics devoted to justice and fairness. None of them is connected to FUOYE – although one of them is an Ekiti Indigene living outside the state and far from the vicinity of FUOYE. Let me quote the messages of two or three of four of them without disclosing their identities: “Campus politics;” “This is an interestingly insightful intervention conveyed poetically. But while the former VC and the Registrar might be appreciative, the current VC might consider you a foe;” “The FUOYE story is reminiscent of the distasteful paradox of power and of the small minds who sit in positions of power. We have them in UNIBEN too. It is shameful that this level of pettiness exists in ivory towers. We have now seen that the scent of power is unpalatable;” “Wao! Soremekun is still alive and this is happening? This is a lesson for all leaders who think they can cover up by putting their cronies in power. Your call for justice and due process is natural.

Afejuku could not have done otherwise. But, sir, don’t you know you are talking to the deaf and dumb? Let me quickly prepare you so that you don’t get really “disappointed.” That registrar is finished! How do you think the vultures in FOUYE will ever listen to the voice of wisdom? FUOYE is a summary of the Buhari regime. Sad and very sad, indeed. By the way, God bless you for your kind description of my native state, Ekiti. I hope to host you there one day. Superb combo of poetry, oratory, prose and descriptive essay!”

I only sent a pertinent reply to the writer of the second quoted message thus: “Whatever they say for or against my intervention, what matters in the end is the truth of the intervention regardless of whose ox or bull or buffalo is gored. And thanks, Dr. P, for your appreciation of my intervention, including my poetics.”

Let me reply the other attention-givers to this column. I understand that the Registrar was fired this past Tuesday by the Governing Council in Abuja where the members met. Clearly, from the information available to me, the Registrar “don jam jam” as I “prophesied” last Friday in a manner that visibly indicated that the Registrar’s sack was heavily pre-determined. In other words, the Council members at the behest of the chairman and the new Vice Chancellor who was always boasting of the bigness and effectiveness of his super-red ink super clearly failed to follow due process and the straight line of justice in the matter. There is no modicum of justice in the manner and ways the Registrar’s matter was handled.

In fact, as I was doing this column, the breaking news of the Registrar’s sack by the Governing Council hit my phone. I read the statement issued on behalf of the new Vice Chancellor by his new cronies. I simply laughed. Nothing that stands on nothing will prevail in the end. The matter has not ended. It will only end when the end of justice that is justice is fully met and fully fulfilled.

By the way, the question of welfare package mentioned in the “breaking news” was merely placed there to hoodwink the sentiment and passion and temperament of the FUOYE community. Sooner or later, the chicken shall come home to roost. The hazard money the new Vice Chancellor approved for the staff before the issued statement will amount to nothing in the end. The statement and the hazard money will only win the crude consciousness of the money-minded for a little while. Who betrays his boss will also be betrayed. Who bad-mouths his boss will also be bad-mouthed. Who stabs his boss in the back will also be stabbed in the back. The law of retributive justice never fails. Those to whom betrayal is a passion and a hobby will always be consumed in their passion and hobby by their passion and hobby. They will always end up in the belly of their passion and hobby. Let the new FUOYE helmspersons be singing and dancing to their hurrah now.

They will witness the strongest contrast possible in their hurrah moment and time. I utter here, in this wise, the collective voice of the Supreme Spiritual Masters of Merit. We will see and hear what we will see and hear. And that will be the real shocking and breaking news about FUOYE before the real shocking and breaking news about that institution that the immediate past Vice Chancellor really has brought to national and international lime-light in the space of so short time. I wonder how his mind is working now. I hope that one day in the not faraway time Professor Kayode Soremekun will give an appropriate response to what the Ekiti reader messaged me about him and his fellow Egba ethnic brother who has succeeded him as the Vice Chancellor of FUOYE.

I really await with all sincerity what this great academic of status and stature, a very worthy professor in his discipline, will one day say openly to us. The great achiever who detests plagiarists who detest him for being truthfully and honestly plain, how are you doing in your new post-Vice Chancellor days? Sooner or later I shall sing the song and song of your FUOYE Vice-Chancellorship. I know far more than you may not and may never imagine me to know.
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