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Slaves suffered total subjugation



Sir: suffered total subjugation, dehumanization, alienation and total reduction to nothingness. And the trade on slave flourished more in the Badagry area of Lagos, where they were transported and tortured to wherever they were expected. The Badagry People suffered the worst hit from the slave captors Badagry as we all know is a part of Lagos state at the far end where the Border to Benin Republic is. Even after independence, and in this era of democracy, there is a glaring marginalization and deprivation of right; a synonymous experience to their slavery in the colonial era. This seeming current slavery is perpetrated by no other than those who see themselves as the king makers in the helm of affairs of GOVERNANCE in Lagos State. And that is a total infringement on the right of the Badagry people to FRANCHISE-“Right to vote and be voted for”

Yes, they may have been voting, but the right to the public offices they should vie for is being restricted to that of mere local government chairmanship. But the inevitable House of Representatives, and the State Assembly; even the Senate is encumbered in the district pattern which deprived them from having an actual representation by a BADAGRY PERSON, VOTED BY BADAGRY PEOPLE AND REPRESENTING THE BADAGRY PEOPLE in the senate. Growing up, I was told that part of my CIVIC right apart from freedom of speech, choice, freedom is the right to BE VOTED FOR. In it I was taught about my civic responsibilities too, of which the right TO VOTE is one. The self-imposed demigods in the political realm have been enforcing the actual obedience of the Badagry people to carrying out JUST THEIR CIVIC RESPONSIBILITIES, without access to their CIVIC RIGHT of being VOTED FOR as the GOVERNOR of our beloved Lagos state.


POLITICS is not a baptism of some sort where godfathers and godmothers are required. So the domineering imposition of some persons who think they can influence the polity on the citizenry is in itself unconstitutional and criminal! The constitution never stipulated that my right to contest must be decided or endorsed by a man called BOLA AHMED TINUNBU and his cohorts; it never told me when a man from a particular part of Lagos state whose integrity to me is questionable is contesting, I do not have the right to present my Badagry brother whom I feel has the true qualities of leadership.

BOLA AHMED TINUNBU is human. I am a human. My Badagry brothers and sisters are human and are Nigerians, and as such should be beneficiaries of the dividends of democracy. We all have equal right. None among us wields a higher right than the other. As such, Bola Ahmed Tinubu cannot impose his wish on any western state or nation especially the Badagry people who have long been relegated to eat the crumbs from the table of the state’s wealth.
I am paternally Egba, and maternally Badagry. It is imperative to state here that Tinubu is not, and will never be my leader as a Yoruba man, for no basis which sought general consent, with me endorsing Tinubu placed him as my leader as a Yoruba Man. I stand this day as a voice for my mother’s people to say no to marginalization from Tinubu and those who made a god of themselves. Come the next gubernatorial election, the people of Badagry must be considered, their relevance must be brought to the table, they must not be deprived of their RIGHT TO BE VOTED FOR. Their franchise must be given back. True justice, which advocates their civic right must be allowed to take its course. The Badagry People must be in the forefront of governance in Lagos state.

Long Live Badagry People!
Long Live Lagos State!
Long Live Nigeria.
Adeolu Olugbnega Patrick Adewuyi sent this piece from Badagry!

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