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Solar system to monitor Sambisa forest?


Sambisa forest

Sir: It is surprising to hear that the Nigeria military authorities believe that Solar Surveillance systems is what Nigeria requires to fish out the Boko Haram elements in Sambisa forest. In this time and age, Nigeria does not need Solar System equipment in any way to survey insurgency in the North East. What Nigeria needs at this crucial point is highly sophisticated Radar System. If there should be any surveillance installation in Sambisa Forest, it should be UVA Radar Installation. Considering the fact that insurgent groups are highly cognitive and smart, our military have to be smarter and they have to embark upon usage of synthetic Air Traffic Advisory System (SATAS), a highly sophisticated SATAS combines sharp eyes radar unit.

Scanter Radar System is sufficient to perform the necessary operation and maintain the system at the Module level. Also, Radar system that is required for UVA Radar installation to support surveillance in Sambisa forest is Detect Sharp Eye Radar, which is integrated to the New Synthetic Air Traffic Advisory System (SATAS). Nigeria equally requires a highly sophisticated Ground Observer 80 (GO-80) Radar System. This type of Radar System addresses the surveillance, reconnaissance and target, acquisition of nation’s borders and security forces. In addition, the GO-80 offers ultimate performances of ground Surveillance Radars in a very compact and light package, which has 24km detection Rand and pedestrian, and tanks to its large antenna and 2,000 range gates down to 10 width.

The GO-12 is a high-weight compact ground Surveillance Radar. It is one of the best answers to a growing demand for high-weight compact ground surveillance Radar. The military should know that using solar system to defend Nigeria from Sambisa is considered an analogue system that will not help Nigeria military to achieve its aim of flushing out terrorists from Sambisa forest. Considering the fact that the Buhari’s administration is determined to fight terrorism hence, it recently proposed $1 billion to complete the job. But, the military choice of Solar system for monitoring the activities of the insurgent groups in the North East is a poor decision and a waste of tax payers’ money. It is obvious that the Solar system he intends to purchase from the USA can be purchased for between $25 million-$30 million, but it’s surprising that the price is $80 million.

This writer can assist and recommend for the military authorities where they can purchase portable Radar sensor, surveillance equipment. It should be noted that the fortification of Sambisa forest with Radar system which are used for detecting hard or dense objects within a defined perimeter around vessels, coastal, harbour, air defense and borders like Sambisa in the North East. The reason for this submission is to highlight the importance, efficacy and impact that Radar can have in the development and growth of a nation like Nigeria. Instead of Solar surveillance system, the military should purchase Ground Surveillance Radar system (GSR) whose function is suitable for detecting moving objects, locating and automatically classifying and tracking such objects meant for destruction in the cities and key insurgent operating areas, day or night and under any weather condition.
Jesse Onyeacholem wrote from Aguda, Surulere, Lagos. info@siding. Org

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