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Spirits visiting Nigeria on tour of Benue State

By Lorenz Bajah
25 December 2020   |   3:34 am
Stories abounds, how the sons of God took human form to marry beautiful daughters of men who gave birth to mighty giants who became famous warriors of ancient times, which marked the beginning of high powered sinning in the history of mankind.

Stories abounds, how the sons of God took human form to marry beautiful daughters of men who gave birth to mighty giants who became famous warriors of ancient times, which marked the beginning of high powered sinning in the history of mankind.

It is written in the Bible in 1 Kings 22:20 that “And the LORD said ‘who can entice Ahab to go into battle against Ramoth-gilead so he can be killed?’ there were many suggestions.

21 “And finally a spirit approached the LORD and said ‘I can do it!’

22 “‘How will you do this?’ the LORD asked. And the spirit replied, ‘I will go out and inspire all of Ahab’s prophets to speak lies. ‘You will succeed’ said the LORD ‘go ahead and do it.'”

If the spirits from the camp of God can cause confusion to humans, then there is no need doubting the damage evil spirits and those from the gods can do when they take human form or possess human beings.

These spirits visit Nigeria very often and whenever they visit, it seems they possess Nigerians to commit suicides by drinking deadly toxic substances (sniper) and using the rope to hang themselves. The visiting spirits possess Nigerian married women to kill their husbands with broken bottles or knives while they are asleep, while Nigerian husbands take turns to beat their wives to death.

The spirits possess Nigerians to rape women. Clerics too don’t escape this, since they molest even boys and turn around to blame a member of the confederation of visiting spirits called the devil. Kidnappers run riot killing, kidnapping and collecting ransoms. The other group kills innocent citizens and abducts school children and end up snapping pictures with governors.

The spirits possess those who claim to be fighting for the same spirits to massacre innocent farmers in search of food on their farms. Those who should stop the killings tend to blame the victims for not obtaining clearance from the military before going to their farms.

Herdsmen commit genocide against farmers in the country, and it appears the spirits come in their true form here hence they are elusive and can’t be brought to book by security officials, people only see their victims. People are told the murderous herdsmen are invading “Libyan aliens” but farmers who are victims are asked to accommodate them as “fellow countrymen.” Yet some Nigerian political leaders claim to pay the herdsmen in foreign countries to stop coming into Nigeria unrestrained to kill farmers at will for sport. This sort of confusion can only come from the spirits.

At the moment, it seems the visiting spirits are on tour of Benue State because of the events taking place there. A month back, a married lady poured very hot water on a single lady in Benue she suspected of having a romantic relationship with her husband, injuring her. Recently, a husband in Benue State used his wife’s face as a punching bag; people close to them said she looked as if attacked by the duo of Anthony Joshua and Tyson Fury.

Some days ago, a lady in Benue locked the door of her boyfriend’s house and set the house ablaze while he was asleep because the guy refused to marry her for not getting along well with his mother. He is lucky to be alive and is receiving treatment in the hospital, while the lady is at large. This is coming three weeks after a married man set his girlfriend ablaze in Benue, killing both of them after the lady ended the relationship to enable her marry a single man of her choice.

The trending story on social and mainstream media is that of Aondona Yaga, a casual staff of Gwer East local government in Benue State who set himself ablaze to death because he was sick and was not been paid his salary for over three years.

A few days ago, in the same Benue, herdsmen reportedly killed four and injured seven people in Tse-Agbande, around the state capital. Veronica Akwa, a 27 year old mother of three and wife to one of the deceased was shot in her waist and foot, is among those currently receiving treatment at the State University Teaching Hospital. This is coming after a few weeks, when herdsmen killed a husband and wife at Tse-Tyohemba in the same Makurdi axis. What can one not see and hear when spirits tour a state?

When yours truly was about to involve the visiting spirits in Coronavirus disaster in Nigeria, he heard a slow but clear voice within him, surely from the spirits saying “It is true we possess Nigerians and take on human form whenever we visit Nigeria but at the height of Coronavirus pandemic, we were visiting other countries and not Nigeria, you must always be objective and not suffer from fallacy of hasty generalization.”

The voice went on to say that “malaria kills over 822 Nigerians while diarrhea kills over 1000 Nigerians on daily bases, that makes it 1822 fatalities in a day, multiply this number by almost nine months of Coronavirus in Nigeria and you will get over 491,940 fatalities. The fatalities from Coronavirus in Nigeria could have been greater than this number since none of your leaders has constructed a world class hospital to contain the virus since the outbreak. Like the vast crude oil reserves in the creeks of Niger Delta, Coronavirus is the latest cash cow of your political leaders.”

The voice continued, “What your Nigerian political leaders do make us go green with envy, which we are even thinking about taking a master class under them. The fact that your governors embezzle local government funds meant to be injected into the economy to develop and touch people at the grassroots level; they took it to another level when they hoarded common Indomie noodles, palliatives meant for over 100 million people previously living under extreme hunger and poverty that were under COVID-19 pandemic lockdown.”

The voice concluded “Has it ever occurred to you that, because your political leaders are more deadly than us and out of envy we possessed young Nigerians to start the #EndSARS peaceful protest? The protest is principally against the dysfunctional system you have in Nigeria manned by oppressive rent seeking and commonwealth looting political elites. You have painted us in black terms but we have given you people a chance to speak to power and demand answers why a country like Nigeria, endowed with natural and human resources is rather the global headquarters of extreme poverty. So enjoy the reprieve while it last; this is a positive gift from us.”

I sat listening with nothing to say to the voice speaking to me, I decided in the language of the generation of soro soke to “drop the mic and in fact, move!”
Bajah wrote from Abuja.