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Spiritual versus political power in our country

By Tony Afejuku
21 December 2018   |   3:53 am
When I sat down to do this column I meant, that is, I intended to dwell on what I carried for sometime in the sub-continent of my sub-consciousness as our country’s cruelty.

When I sat down to do this column I meant, that is, I intended to dwell on what I carried for sometime in the sub-continent of my sub-consciousness as our country’s cruelty. I was going to speak about how our respective political leaders especially have dominated and broken our thoughts, hopes and dreams with cruel deeds – cruel deeds which have vulgarized our morality and slackened our arteries of decency, arteries our leaders have stuffed with crude cruelness and cruel crudeness. Truly, their crudeness and cruelness and crudity and cruelty have crumpled our humanity, and our immaculate sensations crunched long ago beneath the feet of their wickedness. Those of us who poured out our hearts to surgical deliverers did so (and are still doing so) in some remote and ephemeral expectation of divine ablation. Maybe real heroes of our politics and hearts who have solidarity with our people will appear with radical surgical books and apparatuses to take a novel plunge to give us a peculiar political intensity devoid of passionately cruel fantasy of a primordial image that we have now.

As my thought and imagination positively roamed and streamed, I got to the primummobile of our country’s political and spiritual destiny. I entered it. The first thing I noticed was an event in the form of a debate christened “2019 Nigerian Presidential Election Forum,” which, you better believe it, this paper, by way of a report, dwelt on in the edition of Monday, December 16, 2018 on page 5: “THE Cambridge University African Caribbean Society (CUAS) and the Cambridge Union will be jointly hosting a panel discussion for five presidential candidates ahead of Nigeria’s 2019 general elections.” I chuckled. How would a debate for five presidential candidates enable the Nigerian electorate to elect a president, no, to elect the president that would take us to the prim-rose path of our destiny? Since when have debates won any election for a Nigerian president and leader? Of the five presidential candidates expected to be panelists at the event, one of them, our current president, who is defending his presidential crown, gloriously or ingloriously, next year, is a poor speaker and communicator. It will be absurd if he is not wise enough to rid and rig himself out of the event. The other four candidates in the persons of Abubakar Atiku, Obiageli Ezekwesili, Kingsley Chiedu Moghalu and Donald Duke/Jerry Gana are, in varying degrees, eloquent speakers, consummate communicators and audacious orators. But eloquent speeches, artistic communications and daring rhetoric are not sine quanon for presidential electoral victory in our part of the political universe. (Even outside our political shores these skills are no means of proclaiming or guaranteeing presidential electoral success as we witnessed in the presidential election debates three or so years ago between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. The former won their two debates but the latter won the US presidential election and is today still luxuriating in the pomp of presidential victory). What this means is that our other four distinguished prospective presidential candidates (and other ones) must understand the reality of the highways, work-yards, prayer-grounds, burial-grounds, coffee-shops and beer bars where electoral successes, defeats and dooms are manufactured.

The matter is not as straight-forward as we may paint it or as I may relay it from my realm of primum mobile. Despite our enlightenment – and that is if we accept blindly that we are enlightened-, we cannot but accept or follow the perspective and interpretation that our elections have always been contests between spiritual combatants who want political power. Those who win elections, especially presidential elections in this country, always want us to accept and believe that God is always, has always been, the architect of their successes and victories. They and their associates – and cohorts of Satan, as the case may be – will never be tired, are never tired of proclaiming that “Allah gives power to whom He pleases.” This actually is their ancient practice, in fact, a very ancient practice, they employ every now and then to cow, con and demonize their opponents, rivals and enemies. It does not matter if their rivals, opponents or enemies are better candidates than them or theirs. Of course, only God knows good and better candidates, we are always told. Thus, campaign rallies and events and populations of different personages and riff-raffs that grace them do not make candidates presidents or governors or senators or house of reps or houses of assembly members. No matter the rich substances or subjects of a candidate’s campaign tours or themes, and promises contained in a candidate’s manifesto, he/she cannot win any election unless Allah or God wills it. Even electoral frauds at whatever stage have the stamp of Allah’s nod and endorsement. Those who seek political power without acknowledging this spiritual consciousness are branded as total and totalized demons in combat with God.

In very many cases so-called political leaders and contestants go to shrines of real demonic gods to tie and reform negatively their electoral souls. In some cases traditional rulers of their localities are used to discredit rivals and opponents, some of whom are compelled to take oaths of allegiance after their hearts are inflamed with hidden demonic desires. Thereafter they become real electoral terrorists who hobnob with their fellow ugly terrorists from other localities and regions with the full support of their traditional institutions. Eventually, they become migratory terrorists even when elections are over as they are used to impose humiliations upon post-election “trouble-makers” and their justifiable rage with the consent of the evil spirit of their chiefs who as local spiritual masters impress it upon them that elections – presidential or gubernatorial elections especially – are contests between the really spiritually powerful and the less spiritually powerful – who must always be beaten “by force or guile” which Satan epitomized in John Milton’s Paradise Lost. We have even witnessed cases of traditional spiritual masters who in their regalia went to election tribunals and high courts tactically to influence judgments in favour of their clients and patients. Usually, they were in the judgment places to corrupt or entrap spiritually the judicial minds of judges.

What does all this indicate? Wrong candidates, generally speaking, have always emerged as our country’s political leaders. Many of the terrifying ritual murders in the land we can blame on our election-seeking compatriots, many of whom are malicious killers, assassins and terminators whose political assignments are not in accordance with our omniscient Deity’s prescriptions. Perhaps they are always in power because they are less of the evil ones, spiritually speaking. But the time surely must come when evil spirit from our one and only Lord must be sent to torment all our bad political leaders to quit power. Our modern and postmodern destiny wills it so in accordance with the will of God who will, sooner or later, bring us mighty solace. Truly, in accordance with His direction, our psychic and political paramnesia and paraplegia will ease and cease to be.
I vacate my realm of primum mobile which I shall re-enter when summoned to do so again.
Merry Christmas.