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The Brexit brouhaha and the petulant BoJo!


A video grab from footage broadcast by the UK Parliament’s Parliamentary Recording Unit (PRU) shows Britain’s Prime Minister Boris Johnson standing and speaking at the beginning of a debate (PMQs) and subsequent vote on an Early Parliamentary General Election, in the House of Commons in London on October 28, 2019. – British Prime Minister Boris Johnson will make a fresh push on Monday for an early election as EU leaders prepare to back yet another Brexit delay, just days before the departure deadline. Johnson was forced to abandon his promise to leave the European Union on October 31, after MPs demanded he ask for more time while they debate the divorce terms he struck with Brussels. (Photo by HO / various sources / AFP)

Sir: Our crowd-pleasing ace music maestro, Chief Sunday Adeniyi, popularly known as King Sunny Ade sang preemptively in one of his explosive songs. And the audacious lyrical song speaks to the current conscience and consciousness of the British MPs; the Brexiteers and their crowned clown Prime Minister-BoJo. The music goes thus: “Kíló mbe nígbó, tó ndún màhuru màhuru? Tó bá fé pani je, kó kúkú pa ni je, bí ò sì pa ni je, kóyé dún màhuru màhuru mó ni mó…” 

The music literal translation goes thus: “What is in the bush terrifying us? If it will kill, let it come out to kill. If it is not going to kill, let it stop terrifying us with an empty threat…!”

The Brexit brouhaha (mahuru, mahuru) continues to bring international embarrassment to Britain and the hapless Regrexiteers. British Prime Minister behaves like a petulant child who doesn’t know what he wants. Boris Johnson’s second ‘‘unofficial’’ childish letter to ask for more time, postponement or further delay, (or whatever name you want to call the extension brouhaha) of Brexit to the EU leaders is not only jejune but comic to the rest of the 27-member countries and comity of the European Union.


Brits and Beexiteers are in a quandary. The quandary of self-imposed immolation and burden. The uncertainty beclouding entire Europe now as a result of the historic decision of Britain to leave Europe is palpable. This palpable sense of loss resurfaced on Thursday, October 17, 2019, when Prime Minister BoJo-Boris Johnson thought he was going to imminently strike a deal with the MPs to make Britain divorce the EU (27 European countries) by the end of October 2019. The vote to extend the Brexit till early January 2020, to give Britain leeway to get her act together is being threatened by the Prime Minister Boris Johnson’s puerile and recalcitrant attitude. Where Britain goes from here is a head-scratching conundrum for everyone in Britain. A journey to nowhere you would say!

Realistically, in a Karmic doctrine and retribution, Karma has a way of dealing with present and past events. The daunting task for Britain is that it’s dancing dangerously to the unknown. Britain must remain in the EU to salvage its age-long prestige and power and avoid political and economic perils.

Whosoever must have conceived, proposed and birthed the idea of Brexit has been disingenuous to the non Brexiteers in the United Kingdom. Agreement or no agreement, the withdrawal and legal jeopardy anchoring Brexit is an existential threat to the glorious existence of Great Britain. Brexiteers have three existential options opened to them now:
• Brexit extension!
• General election to stay in the EU!
• Trigger another referendum of Brexit (to stay or not to stay)!

If these Òyìnbó pepès (colonial master and the stakeholders) had the inkling of Karma, I would’ve told them point-blank that the evil of colonialism is taunting the existence of Britain. Imagine Baba Awolowo to be alive and witnessing the razzmatazz of Brexit today? It would have confirmed his various words of wisdom on colonialism, neocolonisation, and imperialism.

Meanwhile, African countries need to leverage the current macabre dense in the British Parliament and the celebration of the British’s impending defeat. Africa must mutate to the glorious continent. If you have read a book titled: “How Europe underdeveloped Africa” by Walter Rodney, right now, you will be clinging a glass full of wine with your suitors to celebrate the current chaotic and juvenile leadership in Britain. The evils that men do live after them.

Yahaya Balogun wrote from Arizona, USA.


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