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The craze for a bundle of joy on the path of sorrow!


Every woman desires to have a baby she can cuddle and call her own. The family, the society, relations, friends and acquaintances expect this of her. When the arrival of the baby is delayed, or does not come at all, there is consternation; a close-knit relationship is strained and most times collapses from pressure within and from without. What with personal recriminations and attendant private tears in the closet; what with gossips and what with loss of confidence and a feeling of low esteem. There is sufficient familiarity in nearly all cultures with the storm a childless couple goes through to require a recap, not only because of the bond and inexplicable pull between children and their parents, but also because children are considered as social, cultural and economic imperatives. These are the age-long realities of our world.

As this column sought to explore a fortnight ago, there is no length a couple, but more so the woman, will not go in search of babies. Babies are stolen from their cots in hospitals; they are abducted. The search has led a great many to seek solace in scientific rescue through test tubes and surrogacy which is a veritable pathway to sorrow in the future. Studies by scientists at Temple University of Medicine, Philadelphia, already show that the unnatural children suffer from obesity, hypertension and the dreaded diabetes type 2.

An online publication has just reported the case of a woman who, when she was 32 abducted a baby from a hospital room 20 years ago in Florida, United States, disguising as a nurse. The report reads in part as follows: “The 52-year-old pleaded guilty in a Jacksonville courtroom Monday to abducting baby Kamiyah Mobly, now known as Alexis Manigo. Gloria Williams who raised the girl as her own in Walterboro, SC, was arrested early last year after a tip to authorities, and Manigo was matched to her birth parents through DNA analysis.” The sentencing is in May, but the kidnapped girl is set to plead for mitigation, saying her abductor gave her the best of life. She kidnapped her after she had a stillborn baby.

Desperation does not often translate into an ardent longing for a baby being met unconditionally. There will always be conditions precedent either by way of medical remedy, attitude but more importantly knowledge of correlations of real life. All experiences, pleasant or unpleasant, sweet or sour, must have their underlying causes. A problem is thus easier solved by first understanding its root cause. What then are of childlessness?

Medical experts explain that childlessness could result from damage to a woman’s uterus and as they put it, when also what they call hysterectomy is removed from her uterus. A woman could suffer from internal heat that defies medical clues. A severe heart disease is said to be among conditions that make pregnancy impossible or risky. The common cause is, however, blocked fallopian tubes. Some of the causes are most times overcome in the hands of specialist gynecologists who may have scaled up their skills. Although data is not immediately available to validate this: It would appear women with fallopian tube conditions yield more readily to have a recourse to exploring the possibility of having their longing met through test tube channel, scientifically known as Assisted Reproduction Technology through In Vitro Fertilization which first hit the world like a storm in 1978, first in Britain, then in India later the same year and in the United States in 1981. Those who may opt for surrogacy cut across women with all the conditions. Even then, reflection on these health conditions must compel beyond-the-surface enquiry on what had led to the conditions under consideration, most especially the issue of blocked fallopian tube. Who blocked them, how did they get blocked and why? Was it an accident? Was it as a result of an illness?

Aspects of life not always considered in matters of this nature, indeed in practicably all matters, are the wider correlations of life, the interconnectedness, lifestyles and their consequences, lack of clarity about who we are as human beings as well as widespread ignorance of the purpose of life and the life-governing mechanisms, the inflexible and incorruptible and self-acting living Laws of Nature to which repeated attention has been drawn in this column. With ignorance we are unable to distinguish between man and his cover; we are unable to separate the driver from his vehicle. These are what constitute the crux of the matter.

Many a young woman backed by “progressive” mothers and human rights activists does not give a damn about abortion. The argument by such women is that it is their body and what happens to it is no business of their neighbours. We must remember it was an election issue in the United States, a despicable aspect of Obamacare Planned Parenthood which Hillary Clinton was resolved to continue if she won. Crazy as Donald Trump sometimes is, he has wisely thrown it out of the window. That is not the only harm done to the unborn and born children which I will explain presently.

Children are known to have been abandoned by the roadside, some have been picked wrapped cleverly and dumped in refuse cans to be offloaded by unsuspecting refuse collectors on a dunghill. Invading troops in some lands have been known to throw children from high rise buildings. Some children are burnt with their parents in their sleep. How does a loveless and murderous woman who throws away a wonderful gift of God expect to have children if given another opportunity of an earth life through re-incarnation? And yet, as we now know from higher knowledge spreading on earth in these times, there is no single human being in the entire world today who is living on earth for the first time! Everyone has come several times in search of atonement and to make progress in his development.

Shamelessness has gone beyond a passing fad. Young and old compete in being scantily dressed, living almost half of their body to little imagination. Several celebrities in the United States worship their bodies and when they become expectant, display their nudity publicly. When women are scantily attired exposing their sensitive parts to all eyes they stimulate impure thoughts. These thoughts assail them and debase them until they lose control of themselves over time. Even then, a shameless person cannot be embarrassed. A person who cannot be embarrassed can go to any length in lovelessness and callousness. A prospective child hovering for opportunity of reincarnation would of necessity avoid such a lady not knowing what she might be up to should it seek her as its mother, after all mothers have been known to burn the palms of their children with hot irons or hot charcoal!

In the US where statistics are readily available, there are 112 million unmarried Americans, representing 47 per cent of the adult population. There are 51 per cent households headed by unmarried Americans, representing 44 per cent of all households and 39.7 per cent of all births are to unmarried women. That was according to studies carried out in 2007. The figure would be worse today in view of the continuing decline in lifestyles and values. The studies on the unmarried Americans were in 2012, according to reports.

We can understand wider correlations only when we discard the notion that what is invisible does not exist and incomprehensible. And yet to every decision comes attached to it irrevocable responsibility. Take the issue of abortion as an example. When does life of a child begin in the womb of an expectant mother? The pro-life forces using science have proven that “there is no difference between first trimester or second trimester or third trimester.” Said Dr. Amold Halpem, one time director of Planned Parenthood Abortion Clinic: “They are all human beings in different stages of development.” And he vowed: “I will never perform abortion again. Never. We have gone into a noble profession. We should not lose sight of what we are called to do.” I recall in the heat of this debate several years back, the pro-life forces, going beyond rhetorics, attempted to prove that what is destroyed during an abortion is a human being. They produced a film to establish the verity of their argument, a film titled “The silent scream.” It is supposed to be the scream of the foetus as the abortionist gynaecologist chases the little one with his lethal instrument. After watching the film, gynaeocolgists who had been involved in performing abortion not only gave it up, but rallied round to educate the public that the foetus behaves very much like a human being even as early as 12 weeks. The issue of age came into the picture, I assume, because although churches reject abortion generally, some believe that the soul enters the foetus at 12 weeks. For some strange reasons, the pro-abortionists, too, believe that is the magic foetal age…when the foetus can be deemed to be murdered and illegal. The film takes the viewer through ultra sound scan into the recesses of the womb where a foetus rests peacefully!

The relevance of the foregoing to the subject of today, “Why some women are childless’’, is to show that there is pre-existence of soul before getting into the womb. The Biblical statements such as “I knew thee before I formed thee in thy mother’s womb;” or “who shall we send, who will go before us” lend infallible validity to the fact of the earthly pre-existence of the soul. Except on a very few occasions, it is the woman, as the stronger sex, that attracts the waiting soul. The process begins with that serious, yet wantonly abused first step, the procreative act. Unknown to many, sharing of that hallowed moment sets off a pressure against the couple’s immediate environment. As the vibrations surge out, ringing away, a channel emerges through which souls waiting anxiously for an incarnation access approach the couple. From among them a soul or two, as the case may be, suited to the couple will eventually inhabit the cloak under preparation by nature beings. The scenery is like a vacancy notice hanging on the gate of a company which attracts a multitude of job seekers jostling for a single or two or even three positions. Procreation itself is a supplication by the couple to the Most High to be granted the privilege of having a permanent guest in their midst. The child is a blessing for their development through care, love and worries, as well as for the child who is granted another opportunity of atoning for its errors, commission or omission in his previous earth life. The parents through love and care they avail the child also purify their spirits to become better persons.

In the appearance of man on earth, what many people are generally familiar with is procreation and birth and consequently conclude that life begins in the womb of the expectant mother. But contrary to this prevailing concept, there are three steps. The missing third step is incarnation although sequentially it is the second step coming after procreation. Incarnation or re-incarnation is the entry of a soul in a woman’s womb when pregnancy has gone half way. The signal of this is the movement in the womb which is described as the first kick and the woman glows in the moment of this maternal bliss arising from the awareness that there is another human being inside her.

The forming of the body is an elaborate effort by the nature beings, the executive servants of the Creator. Although an egg may have been fertilized, before the splitting of the consequent cell into many more cells, a prototype body is constructed during which an account is taken of the threads of fate of the waiting soul, including physical inheritances from the parents as well as their karmic rewards or discomfort. It is after the fashioning of the astral body that the cells begin to divide forming tissue, the heart, liver, the eyes, every other organ and system. Radiation threads which serve as bridges are constructed between the prospective mother and the soul awaiting incarnation. It should thus be clear that an abortion does not concern a woman’s body or life alone. At her own request during procreation elaborate activities are set in motion to fulfill her wish. A unilateral decision to terminate the development in her will hurt many people in the chain of events, apart from wasting the time and destroying the work of the nature beings in loyal activities to our Lord and Maker. For the waiting soul who may be granted the first opportunity for another earth life in say 500 years or so, this is a hope dashed. This can be likened to a struggle for a university admission and the pain and anguish a prospective student is plunged into when he is not admitted even though he is qualified, or is admitted but before resumption, the university is closed down—permanently. Or, the prospective student, after quitting his job, with an elaborate farewell party and expression of best wishes, on arriving on the campus during registration, he is informed his admission was made in error! A hope is dashed. And hope being a living form if dashed is murder. It is said in higher knowledge that murder is not only killing in the flesh.

A soul so unkindly treated may seek revenge. He may block the woman’s chances of child bearing to deny them a prized joy! If the woman’s action is supported by her husband or boyfriend, he will be put in a health condition that he will not be competent to put a lady in the family way now or in another earth life. The harmed soul may also decide to await them in the beyond to settle scores. It may along with others avoid the woman even though she is now serious in the desire for a child for they never know what she can be up to. Souls keeping away in that manner, unknown to a great many, could be a cause of infertility, primary or secondary. Abortion is certainly not a case of one loving his neighbour as himself, in the chain of events it has the possibility to unleash. This, however, is still an understatement of the poison this act spreads in the beyond! Even if the whole world annuls the law prohibiting abortion as outdated, the Laws of Creation are unaffected.

Another cause of childlessness is miscarriage which usually occurs close to the entry of the soul when pregnancy has gone halfway. This is as a result of a defect in the bridge the soul is to use to take possession of the womb. This is rampant today among young girls, adorably educated, but who pay scant or no heed to the development of their hindbrain, the cerebellum. Concentration is on the development of the frontal brain, the cerebrum, which is the seat of the intellect, and they come out in flying colours. This overshadows the hindbrain, constraining it in its activities. Alas, they may, in fact, unconsciously be damaging the bridge they will need in future for childbearing. This happens mostly because the radiation of the over-developed frontal brain distorts the hormonal orchestra, the discharge that lubricates the womb and strengthens the radiation bridge the incarnating soul is meant to use at this stage. The pregnancy is mysteriously lost because, following lack of lubrication, the channel is closed. The developing body to form the habitation of the soul for the remaining months of the pregnancy is cut off from the radiation of the soul itself, and lacking in radiation interchange and nourishment, has no further use. It comes down suddenly.

Akin to this cause is suppression of womanliness when women ape men in their ways and profession and in sports. What for goodness sake does a woman gain running a marathon race, or playing football, jumping all over the place, driving cranes or flying aeroplanes, running with men wanting to be governors or presidents? In the process women steel the delicacy of their special make up they are endowed to lead the world and the home in propriety and honour and ennoblement. All such activities come with dire consequences, if not now, certainly in the future. The steeling of the body paralyses the faculty for childbearing. They burden their delicate intuition, their refinements with exertion, thus coarsening and suppressing it.

Of course, there is a high and noble cause of childlessness. A woman, upon recognizing her grave errors and neglect in a previous earth life, may have resolved to devote her life to serve in the vineyard of the Lord without any distractions whatsoever, to atone for her earlier failures. But on getting to the earth once more she forgets her vow and counts herself as numbering among the childless, whereas she is the noble one deserving of honours. So, with the memory of her vow receded she joins the Jones and the masses preoccupied with the longing and search for babies. A bandage is always placed on the faces of all human beings so that we do not jump steps and work to the answer, but grow naturally in our development. It is even more so for such women with the resolve to serve so that they can grow naturally into their tasks. As higher knowledge makes plain, motherhood, sacred as it is, and characterized by maternal bliss, is not the highest task of womanhood. The volition of such a woman while taking her vow may have rendered her reproductive organs inactive, even though in place like any other woman’s.

Through her special essence which man does not possess, woman is conditioned to absorb higher radiations from the Throne of Grace and mediate the same to disperse darkness in our world hold and ennoble not even only men, and our earthly environment, but cleanse the beyond as well. It is not for nothing that De Gaulle’s wife whom I have quoted before said to her husband: “Charles, you rule France, and I rule this house, including you.”

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