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The demonisation of Nigeria’s politicians (and politics)

By MC Asuzu
26 April 2022   |   3:39 am
Wisdom teaches everybody who wishes to listen to (or to heed) her that only a fool can say in his heart truly, that there is no God! For God can surely be most easily seen in the metaphysical order in life and the mystery of the unknown and unknowable in it.

Wisdom teaches everybody who wishes to listen to (or to heed) her that only a fool can say in his heart truly, that there is no God! For God can surely be most easily seen in the metaphysical order in life and the mystery of the unknown and unknowable in it. Even for those of us who embrace the wisdom of the organic and physical sciences as a discipline, or of the professions in it, we continue to see that the discoveries and breakthroughs of science and its technology only teach us of the wonder and enormity of the yet to be discovered, in the very mystery of God who is the metaphysical mind behind all these discoveries! Thus the more we discover and learn to know of these, the humbler yet we must get about the yet to be discovered mystery that we call God.

So, with all these facts, even so-called non-spiritual or non-religious wisdom continues to affirm that only a fool may say truly to himself that there is no God. In these modern times, those who have been saying so to themselves organizationally since the mid-1800s called themselves the Modernists. However today, they call themselves Secular (or merely atheistic) Humanists. The harm that these people are doing to all human society and doing their “best” to transport and impose on the rest of the human race are there for all to see! These apparent human beings are “marrying” their cats and dogs, other animals and even, their televisions. They are holding funerals for them on their deaths or spoilage; aborting their babies instead, and the many other things in between those behaviours.

They have animal rights for these animals but not for their human babies. Most of these Secular Humanists of the West have very carefully taken over their national governments and carrying out all sorts of atheistic imperialisms with these governments. They do so even within those countries, to talk less of exporting and imposing them on all other countries (especially the non-developed and, one may also say, the retrogressing ones); with all the global imperialisms thereof. This would seem to be their wider objective. Some of these Secular Humanist politicians also claim ceremonially, but surely only deceptively, that they are fervent Christians! Their ultimate objectives as given, explained and ordered in the terminal portions of their scriptures (“the Humanist Manifestos”) is to achieve a one world government by which will finally be perfected.

While earlier largely within these so-called Western world places only, this organized atheism was growing daily in its socio-political monstrosities, within most of the so-called developing (and I dare to add, non-developing or retrogressing) countries, the politicians themselves are busy becoming bigger socio-political monsters to the rest of their people. These are people whose total human impoverishment they are busy growingly on a daily basis! Unfortunately, many of these non-Western (“non-developed”) country political leaders go the very opposite ways with their “Western” counterparts. They are so religious with themselves; but doing exactly the very things that God by any imagination would never do or delegate anybody to do. They organize and kill (or in their own language, “eliminate”) people who do not agree with them politically; to talk less of those who oppose or expose these evils that they do.

They impoverish the people in every way and are very proud of themselves for doing so, with their suffocating wealth in the midst of all the miserable poverties in the people around them, created by themselves also. They even boast of it as they flamboyantly display their ill-gotten wealth in every way possible. They leave their people with no employments (or the creation or enabling of others to provide those) for their people. They impoverish the education and health systems of their countries while obtaining these services for themselves and their families by un-hidden tourisms with these their wealth abroad; or even with the tax-payers money still! While collecting the country’s wealth, sharing it among themselves homongously, “banking” and “investing” them abroad, they continue to borrow monies in the name of these countries from the most inadvisable sources, to add to their loots and the peoples’ present and especially future impoverishments (particularly those of the future generations’).

In the face of all these unwholesome situations, it becomes very easy for the people (even their social critics), in talking about these unwholesome situations, to begin to demonise these politicians. Because of this, it becomes necessary for us all to remember that, truly truly, those who do wrong anywhere and everywhere really do not know (i.e., understand properly and fully) the wrong or evil that they are doing! For how can they know and understand it humanly, with all the sure short-changing of the doer and his very own by those acts sooner and later, and still go ahead to do it? Jesus the Christ said so, not only as a pious observation but for the social science fact of the matter! That is why God is able to forgive such errors, and very readily.

Those who understand the error fully, and not challenged in any ways as to be unable to do the good readily, yet go ahead to do it, will be doing exactly what the devil as Lucifer did; and that is why such REAL SINS AT THOSE TIMES are not forgivable, even by God Himself. All these politicians who are doing evil to their people and the world at large are surely not devils; that is, in my very humble opinion. On the contrary, they are just people doing the wrong things because they have challenges and do not know (understand fully) what evil they are doing. So, we should not and must not demonize them!

All we need to do is to continue to see how to educate them on the beauty of understanding and pursuing the common good as the only proper reason for political involvement anywhere. This education of the polity and the politicians must be engaged in by as many of the truly educated citizens as possible – not just a handful of those. If the politicians’ education in these ways fail, then only a mass revolution by a well-educated and mobilized entire polity will be able to do so. All of us should know this, so that every desirous person will rise up to their responsibilities in these regards.

Therefore in constructively criticizing our politicians, we may not demonize them. We must know that each and every one of them involved in all these still growing national impoverishments of us by them really are challenged people who do not really understand the evils that they are doing to us. These challenges range from childhood, familial, tribal and other developmental mis-education, to the uncorrected human selfishness of the heart of man which wisdom teaches us as inherently “desperately wicked”.

These challenges then progress to the widely pervading, seemingly accepted and very well protected or even glamorized cultures of materialism, hegemony and religious fanaticism in the name of religiosities! (Many “Holy men and women of God” in the Nigeria of nowadays are also lost in this culture of materialism, and the cheating and impoverishment of others). These politicians need to be salvaged from this rot, individually and collectively; else nothing will work until the necessary national revolution will mature and come to rescue us all from it. In Nigeria, even if this revolution will not come from all over the country, it may have to come from the South-South, the South-West, South-East and North-Central, as some signs thereof are already taking shape, whether we can see it or not. People like me will only keep praying that our properly educated compatriots from the so-called North-East (of the Boko Haram-Shuwa Arab-ISIS-ISWAP saga) and North-West (of the “Fulani herdsmen terrorists”, “terrorists from Libya”, etc, saga) will wake up and join in this quiet, peaceful and common good movement for the entire country because everybody will be the winners thereof!

God sparing us, as well as giving us the needed enablement, we will try to do this essential non-demonizing but constructive criticisms of some currently juggling and some past jugglers for Nigeria’s highest political office. In that way, we can all see why even though some Nigerians have come to dislike (or even hate) these Nigerian political juggernauts so badly, they need not do so! These folks have also done some real good things as well as have some goodness about them.

So, even if the evils that they did or are still doing lives after them, we must mention those good things, even first, before delving into their stores of the undesirables. This same engagement in similar or even more evil acts, abound in some of the followers on both sides of them and the rest of the people; and we must develop the same disposition to all of them together! Only then will they know that as God orders us generically and since antiquity to do, we love and appreciate them. But they must hasten to stop the evils and do no more of them; so that their blessings will continue to be increased by God!

God bless Nigeria; and us ALL too! Amen.