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The falling candidate



Sir: The presidential candidate of the All Progressives Congress, APC, President Muhammadu Buhari, has been falling all over at the campaign rallies for his re-election.

Buhari’s falling at his campaign rallies is not in any way a campaign strategy to attract votes for him but an obvious demonstration of his poor health, which has taken the country’s wealth to the London hospital.

In several instances at his campaign rallies, the camera focusing on the President to enable those watching on television to see him from the campaign arenas, has been taken away from his position to prevent people from seeing the breakdown of the President.


With that obvious proof of candidate’s ill health, old age and lack of energy, the presidential cabal still deemed him fit of holding a heavy country like Nigeria for another four years.

What happened in Kogi and Kaduna states where the President was falling should be enough proof to Nigerians that the cabal in the presidency wants to use him to shortchange the country and get rid of him after they might have succeeded in achieving their selfish goal.

Let’s put sentiment of every aspect aside and say the truth.

Buhari is ill, he is extremely old, he lacks energy and some people have taken the control of his government for their selfish interest.

Therefore, we should vote for someone with sound health, right mind and energetic to prevent more spending and giving of country’s wealth to the London hospital.

Above all, Buhari’s failure is blatant. None of his campaign promises in 2015 has been fulfilled.

The promise of ending Boko Haram with a given deadline of December 2015 is not fulfilled, the promise of building more refineries is not realised, the promise of paying the unemployed youth in the country has been abandoned, the promise of reviving the education sector is fake and that’s why the universities and polytechnics are currently on strike.

Also, the promise of placing a ban on seeking for medical services abroad has been equally abandoned and violated, the promise of making fuel N45 per litre is as well fake, the promise of creating four million jobs for the unemployed youth is cancelled, the promise of ending poverty in the country has been forgotten, the promise of making kerosene available and cheap for the poor is no longer possible, the promise of ensuring the 24 hours of power supply has not been fulfilled and the promise of fighting corruption has been one sided in favour of those in the same party with him.

The list is endless. The truth must be told and the needful should be done.

Kindly send Buhari back to Daura with your vote before it is too late.

Awunah Pius Terwase wrote from Mpape, Abuja.

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