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The need for advanced technology in Nigeria


Space technology

Space technology

Sir: We didn’t need miracle before we improve our economy but we need to compare Venezuela, Greece and Japan before we could talk about how to change the issues battling with our economic difficulties.

My main purpose of writing this piece is that, I observe one of the solutions to Nigeria’s crisis: economy recession, terrorist attacks and corruption.

I didn’t believe the giant of Africa could be facing this crisis but we didn’t have to sit back and look and allow our leaders to do everything, likewise those leaders have a lot to do.

One of the solutions to bring back our economy is technology. Technology is a body of knowledge devoted to creating tools, processing actions and extracting of  materials. We can conquer Boko Haram and other insurgents if Nigeria as a country is well developed in terms of technology.

Recession is known as a period of temporary economic decline during which trade and industrial activities are reduced, generally identified by a fall in the Gross Domestic Product (GDP) in two successive quarters.

You should ask me how technology can help this situation. Japan’s economy was on recession in 2013 and 2014 and within a year or two Japan was among the first to third leading world’s economies. What’s the reason behind their success? It is advanced technology.

Mr. President, Nigeria needs technology; you can’t fight corruption without this. The youth nowadays will not practise agriculture the way it was practised in the past. AU and ECOWAS can’t bail us out.

Venezuela was once the leading exporter of oil; they entered economic recession in 2015 but it has been surfacing since 2010 when there was increase in poverty, which later led to malnutrition among children.
Nigeria and Venezuela have almost the same issues but I pray Nigeria will soon get out of this mess. What makes Venezuela so poor? Because their only source of revenue comes from oil, they are currently battling with food crisis.

Agro-tech will help Nigeria a lot, if we can invest in it, all I am talking about is technology. Greece and Venezuela lack technology- their economy is yet to resurface. Nigeria lacks technology – what’s going to happen if we don’t invest?

To achieve our aim, we need made in Nigeria project. Advanced technology countries never remain at the back. Change is required for every country in the world as time passes.

Odudele John Ayodeji,

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  • Babalakin

    A good topic but poor content. I am sure you are not an engineer. Engineering and technology has never thrived in countries what has such problems. so we go back to the drawing board, solve this ‘little’ problems. in fact from my engineering experience, this Nigerian problems are simpler to solve than cracking technology. AND FOR ALL to know, the easiest way for Nigeria to acquire technology is this – make Nigeria good and all the big companies in the world will locate their factories and assembly plants here in nigeria, then we can start. check out the story of samsung and the others. then also the nigerian technological brains abroad can come home. at the moment there is not technology or engineering in nigeria. it just does not exist.

  • Billy Kay

    Babalakin you slam Ayodeji for poor content when you have offered very little in your response. You could have elaborated on the issue raised but offered no critical analysis and detail. This approach is typical of many contributors to online discussions.