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The Nigerian marriage is not worth it


“We must learn to live together as brothers or we perished all as fools”
-Martin Luther King Jr.

Sir: In 1914, the colonial rulers under Governor Friedrich Lugard, amalgamated the southern and northern protectorates to form the Federal Republic of Nigeria. We can define the word “Amalgamation” as an act of merging two different entities to form one new animated entity.


Amalgamation in Nigeria is a mutually symbiotic agreement between the two regions to live under one leadership and system of government and answer the same name with the hope of peaceful existence.

Is Nigeria really an amalgamated country?
We can answer this pertinent question by stating the words of Chief Obafemi Awolowo, a founding father of Yoruba extraction who said that Nigeria is just a mere geographical expression, because a Nigerian may happen to be an Egba man first, before being a Yoruba man, before being a Nigerian.

When I decided to recently go through the national dailies, I was depressed to see headlines such as “Violence continues in Shasha as mob razes down more shops and mosques”. When I loaded the page to read the complete news I learnt that Shasha market was located at Akinyele, local government area of Oyo State. From the report I learnt that about 50 shops were burnt.


Later, I saw a new headline indicating that “Shasha’s victims buried in mass grave”. The heading is extremely pathetic.

What comes across my mind is that what would happen to the huge number of Southerners living in the north peacefully, were there to be reprisals. More innocent people will simply fall victims. These ethnoreligious disparities and clashes will lead us to nowhere, apart from being a road to a failed state. 

The essence of amalgamation is to make the life and properties of every Nigerian in the protectorate safe and secured; and for everyone to live peacefully. If this cannot be achieved, we as Nigerians are tired and will consider the union as forceful marriage and false agreement. In that case, it will be wise to procure a divorce and thus make life more abundant for everyone. No marriage is worth it if involves regular clashes of people and loss of innocent lives.

By Ali Tijjani Hassan


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