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The Obi Cubana lessons for youths 


Obi Cubana

Sir: Life is not as rudderless, stingy, or chaotic as some people especially the contemporary youths presume. But if life has proved illiberal, uncharitable, or unkind to you, check up on your content carriage, you may have redundant luggage(s).

The present set of striplings often perhaps expects that manna has continued to rain down from the skies as in the wilderness enroute Cannan Land where milk and honey flow profusely. The foundation of this present life is laid in principles and policies. Against the achievement of anything of value, a certain procedure or process must be conscientiously and strictly followed through or adhered to.


In a hilarious cartoon, the Nigeria Vice President is seen seriously suggesting to his boss the President himself who apparently was perplexed on where next he should focus on his search for the foreign loan facility. ‘‘Stop going to Sokoto State for this desirous funds supply, let’s look at our Sokoto,’’ the Vice President humorously but humbly advised his principal. ‘Sokoto State’ is one of the Northern Nigeria regional states. Reference to it connotes long distance; whereas sokoto is the Yoruba name for a pair of trousers. So, stop looking for a thing that’s far away when the same thing is just nearby you.

The funeral of the late mother of Mr. Pascal Chibuike Okeke, popularly known as Obi Cubana is invariably rich with usable lessons valid for our youths, particularly. The exhorting message Obi Cubana himself passed on to Nigerian youths in his 13 minutes interview granted to BBC Pigeon correspondence speaks volumes of the imperative of youths to work hard. While the hullabaloo and shenanigans of this life are unrelenting and unremitting, please thou diligent soul, let not your eye of focus be removed from the ball of self-discovery and development. Discern your innate potentials and without minding the cynicism and criticism of your sure detractors, take the bull by the horn and proceed against all odds and dissuasions to carve out your niche in life in that core profession and calling where providence has situated your usefulness as well as good success.
Steve Obum Orajiaku, freelance journalist and social activist. 


The ventilation of the outrage of the disgruntled members of the public particularly our thriving youths citizenry on account of the gross irresponsibility and misappropriation of public resources by the greedy and unpatriotic political elements will be dissipated energy if this rather inner battle is fought but lost. I earnestly charge everyone not to find recourse to dirty dealings or questionable lifestyles anytime, anywhere but embrace the legitimate pursuit of life’s basic necessities which has the promise of fruition to those who diligently persevere.

Steve Obum Orajiaku, freelance journalist and social activist. 


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