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The purpose of life in this world


People walk accros a flooded street in Juana Matos, Puerto Rico, on September 21, 2017 as the country faced dangerous flooding and an island-wide power outage following Hurricane Maria. / AFP PHOTO / HECTOR RETAMAL

There is hardly any person who would not have asked himself what is the purpose of life on earth. It is a question more for the thinking person. He sees all the unceasing perplexing happenings around him, in his land and in distant lands and he says what is the meaning of all this? There are wars and there are threats of wars. There are horrors of wars. On a daily basis the world is being served exceedingly distressing accounts of happenings around the globe—from West to East and from North to South. It is like a wave is sweeping from land to land and from country to country. Wherever it makes its port of call, it touches off upheavals of monumental and horrific proportions. There are social, economic and political flare-ups. There are catastrophes that boggle the mind. Just as there is this feeling of respite that it is has blown over, there is a re-visitation by the rampaging current heavily laden with tribulations.

The devastation of parts of Texas, particularly Houston, Florida, Puerto Rico and the Virgin Islands by hurricane—- Hurricane Harvey and Hurricane Irma sweeping furiously through America —- cannot be forgotten in a hurry. Indeed, lest we forget, Hurricane Maria flattened Dominica. What with the yearly unflattering Monsoon visitation in Asia about the same time. What with the powerful earthquake that tore through and upturned Mexico, crashing building on school children aside from other destructions generally. It occurred on the anniversary of the 1985 same ravaging earthquake in that country.


North Korean deputy United Nations ambassador, Kim In Ryong, has just sent cold shivers down our spine with his warning that the situation on the Korean Peninsula is now so tense that a nuclear war may break out any moment. Mr. Ryong was speaking to the UN’s disarmament committee. The Associated Press reports him as boasting that the entire U.S. mainland is within the North Korean firing range, “and if the US dares to invade our sacred territory even an inch, it will not escape our severe punishment in any part of the globe.” He went on to warn that North Korea “possesses the delivery means of various ranges, including the atomic bomb, H-bomb and intercontinental ballistic rockets…. Until the nuclear threat of the US is thoroughly eradicated”, Pyongyang will never put their “nuclear weapons and ballistic rockets on the negotiating table under any circumstances.” On his part, Secretary of State Rex Tillerson gave the assurance that “diplomatic efforts would continue until the first bomb drops.” That was unlike the less mature Vice-President Mike Pence, like his principal, who has declared an end to what he called “an era of strategic patience.” Those who are adept at reading the mind of his hawkish principal, Donald Trump, who plans to visit the region next month, say he thinks if the visit provokes Pyongyang the better!

I have gone to this length to show how the world is trapped in the hands of nuclear trigger-happy merchants of death who see the path to peace first only through the engagement of their arsenals rather than in the clash of reason through dialogue. Anyone who follows the boasting of the war mongers with absolute disregard to the implications can see how short and brutish they could make life to be. Little wonder, looking into these times, Isaiah said ages ago: “The earth shall reel to and fro like a drunkard…” It then becomes legitimate to ask what all life is about. What is the meaning of life? If life is so unpredictable what then is the purpose? we ask reproachfully.

These questions cannot be satisfactorily answered except we first recognise that we are creatures. And where there is a creature there must be a Creator. To follow this is to ask what man’s place of origin is. What is his nature? Why did he have to be created? What are the attributes of his Creator? There is an upsurge in religious tendencies in some countries quite all right particularly in the developing countries where there is social and economic pounding and people cannot see their way clearly out of the dusts raging to blind the eye. Where people think they have all they need, scant thought is spared that there could be a Higher One directing the affairs of man including their own. With the increasing difficulty in finding direction whether in the areas of politics, economy, and social relations, indeed as in the case of Nigeria, how do you forge a nation out of the multiple nations that dot the landscape, as well as mankind’s inability to answer troubling and fundamental questions about who we are and how we arrived on earth and for what business, genuinely thinking and seeking ones know that our world has reached a dead end and we can only move from one disaster to another—until our world becomes uninhabitable and ungovernable. Where there are religious tendencies, there is palpable lack of spiritual understanding.


From the standing point of believers, we know there is a Creator. We have come to the recognition that He is perfect God; all wise and all powerful. He is omnipresent, omnipotent and omniscient, the ever living Almighty. He is Love and Justice and so we have the Trinity of the Godhead, Jesus as Love and the Holy Spirit as Justice, His Holy Will. Once we accept his perfection, then we recognise that there can be no improvement on perfection and there can be no purposelessness in perfection, nor can purposelessness be compatible with omniscience. It is inconceivable that The Perfect Most High would send seven billion human beings to this earth without a purpose. It should, therefore, be of great concern if a man in his 60s, 70s, 80s, 90s and above does not know the purpose of his existence on earth. If he does not know with the jingling of the bells approaching to be called away, when will he begin to fulfill the purpose of his life on earth? Where does his path lead him when he crosses over to the Beyond? If life on earth is not important and necessary why was he sent down here? Does he have to account to anybody, to any Power when he leaves the earth and if yes what would he say? Is material endowment proof of a fulfillment of the purpose of life on earth and a guaranty of life and joy in life hereafter?

All human creatures are spirits and we arrive here with wrappings of the substances on our way down to this earth manifesting in the physical body as the last of the raiments consistent with the essence of the material world that the earth is. We are spirit seeds planted in the soil of matter as it were to germinate, grow and mature. With maturity come ennoblement, love and beauty, the unfolding of abilities and talents with which to work back home when we emerge radiant, flaming and in joy and happiness in the Spiritual Realm generally referred to as Paradise from whence we set out. We came from the Spiritual Realm. While there because of the luminosity occasioned by the vicinity of the Light and Power, we were unconscious spirit germs. This condition denied us of partaking in the splendor and joyful activities in the Spiritual Realm. On the way, being piloted in love by benevolent beings, we began to develop our Free Will, a tool of choice making and protection because of the attracting nature of the human spirit which is magnetic. Were there not to be such an endowment, human spirit would attract whatever comes his way. It is the same Free Will we have as gift with which to choose upon the decision of the spirit which manifests as his intuition. Thus Free Will is inherent in and an inalienable tool of the spirit. This should explain why freedom of a man can be suppressed only for a while; he must bounce back to fight for his freedom. Of course the freedom can be circumscribed by the spirit himself through wrongdoing that burdens and binds the spirit from which he must work hard to free himself.

How does the maturity, the unfolding of abilities and talents come about? It is through pure acts, doing good, giving love and compassion, as well as a strong resolve not to entangle oneself by harming others, in thought and in deeds. But the goodness is as defined in strict adherence to the Laws of Creation which are the veritable expression of the Will of the Most High and not according to human measure of it. He created the laws to maintain Creation and for law and order, for orderliness, for beauty. It is in the laws that we find that the love in question is one, for example, that gives not comfort, but benefit. It is not indulgent love. The Most High speaks to us His creatures through these laws which are eternally perfect and uniform in all Realms.


Fulfillment in life’s sojourn, therefore, lies in spiritual maturity which manifests in self-consciousness. Through doing His Will we develop a replica of Paradise even here on earth, hence the vow that His Kingdom would come to this earth through our doing His Will.

The manufacturer of a machine or a car produces a manual for it. Some are trained in the interpretation of the manual. The manual is no respecter of anyone. It is not arbitrary in its guidance. It is to the manual all turn for the operation of the machine. Over the ages enlightenment has been sent to us to give us clarity on how the Creator relates to us in His Creation. Teachers, prophets, helpers had been sent and the Lord Himself, His Son had come drawing our attention to the manual of Creation. What are the rules, what are the Laws? How are we to live and relate with ourselves? The manual is right here, brought down from the Heights. It answers all questions! We cannot continue to grope and fall from one error to the other and devastate a beautiful garden, called the earth, made over to us all for our development, to fulfill the purpose of our life. Ignorance is no defence in earthly laws how much more in matters of the Divine Laws.

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