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The purpose of life on earth


As I was saying…Could we say that the Almighty Creator created us human beings without a purpose? Can purposelessness arise from Perfection which everyone who believes in God attributes to Him? Can we say the pursuit of material endowment and raising of families is the whole purport of our existence on earth? Or are we to regard acquisition of position, power, fame as well as being overwhelmed by public acknowledgement and applause as all there is to life? We acquire influence and make merry. Yes and so? The need to find answers to these intriguing questions are what assails our minds from time to time. Yet, as I did state last week, the revelation in the unique higher knowledge spreading on earth in these times states that there is nothing in this Creation without a task! What then is the purpose of man on this planet earth?

Where to begin ought to be in asking ourselves who we are. Who are we human beings? Who are we men? When it is said, ye men in the scriptures, to whom is this addressed? And who is addressing us? Whose voice is it? It is questions and questions galore that arise in the course of contemplation by people who feel some stirring within them from time to time.

According to the new and higher knowledge, man is spirit and that part of him that is visible to our physical eyes, the part we encounter is only the body, the cover, the shell, the cloak which we discard at death. The spirit is the animating entity in us, the only really living part in man. It is an independent consistency which has come from the spiritual world. We learn that the spiritual world forms the upper and lighter part of Creation. For ages, mankind has come to the awareness that when a man is said to have passed away, it is not the end of the fellow’s life. He continues to live elsewhere. Until the coming of the new enlightenment, humanity has been unable to say precisely where a person goes. With the new knowledge which comes with it the revelation of the structure of Creation, from the highest heights and to this lowest plane that our earth is we can see what the journey of man is, and what his ultimate goal is and the distance he must cover and what must be done so that his journey is not hampered.


In nearly all cultures the knowledge abounds that when a man dies it does not mark the end of his life. On this part, yes, he is no more, but he is born into another life elsewhere. So is it that we see in obituaries that Papa, our beloved one, has gone home. Which home? Some sing about New Jerusalem, our home Above. Doctors say, after determined, skillful but fruitless efforts to save a man’s life, “We have lost him.” Whom have they lost? The person the doctors have lost is the real man, the animating core of man which alone bears what we recognise as life. When it goes out of a man, he becomes motionless, the body gets cold and he is declared to be no more, for in no time, the physical body he has discarded is buried in the ground where it goes back to dust from which it was formed. At the graveside, the priest says of him: “Dust thou art, and to dust thou shall return.” It is even more enlightening when it is rendered in Yoruba, the language of the people of South-Western part of Nigeria.

If man is spirit, it should follow that his life must be spiritual, and the purpose of his existence whether it is on earth or in the Beyond, must of essence be spiritual. The fulfillment of life must therefore lie in that which is spiritual, and that which suits and nourishes the spirit. It cannot but be revealing when the higher knowledge states that true life takes place in the spiritual! The body we spend all our time and energy to nourish, an indispensable though it is, is no more than a tool to help the real man achieve the purpose of his existence. Whatever achievement can be said to benefit only the body is of little or no use to the spirit. Thus the attainment of that which gives pleasure and joy to the body is not necessarily of benefit to the man. Consequently we have men of means, immeasurably endowed materially, men of influence and power who do not know joy, for these do not benefit the spirit especially when they have been misapplied. That which is of benefit to the spirit always brings joy and happiness. A life lacking in spiritual goal, therefore, cannot engender enduring joy and happiness because it contains no furthering values.


There are two principal reasons therefore for man’s sojourn on earth. The first is in search of development which entails recognition of the Will of God and living in it. This Will is expressed in lawfulness which governs the entire Creation and life in general. Man is required to adjust himself to this lawfulness. With the adjustment to the Will of the Creator, man gains in maturity and spiritual consciousness, this brings in its trail the unfolding of abilities and talents— which are inherent in all human beings. Man is to be more of an intuitively perceptive human being. We have been created and endowed with the faculty of the intuition so that the human being on earth would form a link connecting with the beyond so that both the earth and the beyond are welded into one. Through man’s special nature, the currents from the Source of Light and Life are to flow through mankind. This brings me to the second reason. Using his unique nature, man is to employ the pure power pulsating from On High through him and around him to build a replica of Paradise on earth. To consciously tap this power to do so is possible only when we swing in the Will of the Creator. The vow to build the replica of Paradise on earth is contained in the Lord’s Prayer we say every morning, the vow that we would hallow His Name, and we would cause His Kingdom to come to this earth which would be through doing His Will. Hence, the pledge: Thy His Will be done on earth as it is done in Heaven.

It is imperative that we know for certainty that if man is spirit, what then is the origin of the spirit itself? This should take us to having an idea of the structure of Creation itself and the place of the human spirit in it. In the structure, there are two Divisions—the spiritual and the material: One a home, the other a school, where we train to recognise peace, joy, harmony and nobleness which are driven by the Will of the Creator. The principal purpose of life on earth is to recognise the Will of the Creator, the lawfulness in it, and learning to adjust to the said lawfulness. It is the cultivation of the nobility of spirit, its maturity and spiritual personality that constitute the qualification and therefore the pass to enter and live in the Realm of Peace which is the spiritual part, Paradise, the longed-for home for those who take their sojourn in the material, the earth seriously. In other words, man journeyed out of the Spiritual Realm, more referred to as Paradise in search of development in the World of Matter. It is the destination we long to return when development is completed and we graduate from the school. We existed in the spiritual realm as spiritual germs, unconscious of our surroundings, the splendor and beauty of paradise. It should bear explaining that unconsciousness is not tantamount to absence of life. A child newly born is alive, for example, but is unconscious of its mother, father, nurses, doctors, sisters or brothers. It will take a few days before the baby begins to sense the presence of its mother, and gradually recognise her, her father and siblings and the environment.


To gain that consciousness, which every living being longs for, the spirit germ must journey out, leaving Paradise where luminousity occasioned by the vicinity of the Light does not permit consciousness of undeveloped spirits. This can be likened to a young plant subjected to untrammeled intensity of the sun. Such a plant will be scorched. When we reach a certain degree of consciousness, the urge to be self-conscious reaches a crescendo. This urge is picked as tantamount to a supplication to be permitted a self-conscious existence. It is the attainment of this self-consciousness that makes a human spirit a truly human being with abilities and talents unfolded and the spirit fully taking on a well-rounded human form, inexplicably beautiful. In answer to the solemn supplication, the spirit germ is ejected from the Spiritual Realm. Are we not told that the Sower went out to sow? From there it descends, traversing the intervening realms and planes until it reaches the earth. On every plane, it wraps itself with the substances of the plane in order to be able to manifest thereon. On earth it wraps itself with the material of the earth, dust which it leaves behind at the point of departure from earthly life which we call death.

There is the need to distinguish between the human spirits created in the Image of God and the spirits that needed to come to the earth for their development. Those created in the Image of God were the ones that issued directly from the Hands of the Most High. They did not need to come to this earth in search of development. They were created perfect from the beginning, royal in carriage, beautiful and huge. The prominent one among them is John the Baptist. This was why the Lord said that of all born of women, there is none as high as John the Baptist; but in His Father’s Kingdom, he is the least. John the Baptist came from the Primordial Spiritual Realm, what the Yoruba following their recognition, call “Akokoda Aiye.” The human beings of the earth do not belong there, and no matter their level of purity and perfection after their wandering, cannot be admitted into the Primordial Realm. The earth is in Subsequent Creation that is Post Creation, which the Yoruba call “Aseinda Aiye.”


To teach and help mankind to develop and fulfill the purpose of their existence on earth, Prophets and Teachers—Teachers of Mankind —were sent down to this earth by God. So was it that we had Krishna, Moses in Israel;, Buddha in India; Zoroaster in Persia today known as Iran; Lao-Tse in China; Mohammed in Arabia: Isaiah; Elijah; Elisha; Jeremiah and Micah to list just a few. Prophet Mohammed was sent by God in 571 AD after Christ. Many of the Prophets and Teachers came as Forerunners to the Light between 500BC; 550BC; and 800BC. Lao-Tse came in 600BC; Buddha 550 BC; Zoroaster 600BC; Jeremiah in Palestine in 630BC and Elijah 800BC. Following the unimaginable failure of man, the Lord, the Son of God Himself had to come. And what did mankind do to Him, they murdered Him! Being Love that He is and will ever be, He still found the incomprehensible heart and compassion to supplicate to His Father: Father, forgive them for they know not what they do. There were protests in all spheres and Realms of Creation. The elements could not believe it, and they reacted. The curtain shielding the Holy of Holies was rent in twain, the sun refused to appear and there was darkness at high noon!

Today, the examination result sheet is nothing to write home about. We learn through higher knowledge that the situation is worse in these times than the time of the Lord on earth. Could the emergence of Coronavirus not be proof that mankind have followed only their own path into the wilderness, hence emergence of Mr. COVID-19 as a signal, a trumpeter of what is in the offing in the Judgment, and a cane for the obstinate human beings who have put their wisdom far above the Wisdom of their Creator, the Most High, our Lord and God?

Felix Adenaike is 80
Have you heard? Felix Adenaike, a foremost icon of the Nigerian Press was 80 two days ago. The editor of editors, hardly matched in editorial writing, what with clarity of thoughts and lucidity of language; piercing leaders he wrote. Informed and courageous. He was a prominent member of the three musketeers at Ibadan who symbolized the unsparing Lagos-Ibadan axis of the Nigerian Press.
****My editor says my time is up; the piece is to be concluded next week.


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