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The significance and blessing that is May

By AbduRafiu
01 June 2023   |   3:03 am
There is so much to say and to write about the month of May. May is the fifth month of the year. As numerologists are wont to say, but mostly those who preoccupy themselves with the science of numbers, Figure 5 represents Love. It is powered by the force that is Love and it swings in Love.


There is so much to say and to write about the month of May. May is the fifth month of the year. As numerologists are wont to say, but mostly those who preoccupy themselves with the science of numbers, Figure 5 represents Love. It is powered by the force that is Love and it swings in Love.

It can, therefore, be no surprise that the Son of God Almighty, Jesus, carries five letters, for indeed, He is the Love of God, the Love Part of the Father as I have mentioned in this column a few times now while Imanuel, the Justice Arm of God swings in Figure 7 which is also Perfection. Thus, the Justice and Will of God manifesting in the Laws of Creation otherwise called the Laws of Nature cannot be anything but perfect.

It is through these living and perfect Laws, self-acting and self-enforcing, irrevocable, automatic and unceasing, the Most High Creator governs His Creation.

In May, out of Love, the Almighty Creator renews His Creation during the outpouring of Power from On High. The Lord Christ said to His Disciples, “Be ye gathered in Jerusalem and ye shall be endued with Power from the Holy Spirit.” It is an Event that has been taking place from the beginning of Creation. If in any year, this renewal does not take place, Creation will shrivel and wither and all creatures, animate and inanimate, denied of energy, will go into extinction.

To round off the series on Creation, having drawn our attention to how Creation came into existence as revealed in higher knowledge available on earth today, I consider it imperative to avert our minds to how it is maintained and will so be in all eternity. This concluding part is being handed over to John Olufemi Kusa, my “Siamese twin” and former Director of Publications/Editor-in-Chief of The Guardian. Captioned Significance of May (Pentecost) to Human Existence, the piece reads:

Nigerians will remember May 29, 2023 for the inauguration of President Bola Ahmed Tinubu. In other countries, different events will make that day an historic one. Yet, many people worldwide, May 29 of every year is observed in spiritual retreat as the forerunner day of the peak of Pentecost or the outpouring of power from On High into our universe.

Since I learned in 1978 of the importance of May of every year for human existence, I have striven inwardly to withdraw from material encumbrances in the last three days of that month to give it deserved attention. Many of us do not know we are tiny parts of a mighty whole and that the mighty whole is microscopically present in each of us. One remembers this fact all over every May 29, 30 and 31 when one observes one’s heart beat, about 72 of them every minute, and imagine the blood as it circulates within the body.

Then one strives to imagine this microscopic event in the body of mortal man at play in the gigantic universe as what is happening below is a mere miniature of what is going on in the mighty whole, the universe. Does it mean that the universe has a heart which is beating and pumping “blood” round it? If this is so, of what significance is it for the existence of every creature, including man, in the universe?

Left to man, this conception must be a difficult one to disentangle. He is no longer a balanced being with the ability to simultaneously experience material and immaterial existence. The intellect, resident in the frontal brain, the cerebrum or the “big” brain, sharpest instrument of the material world, is over-cultivated and out of balance with the back brain, the cerebellum, the connection point with the immaterial or invisible world. Thus, the average earthman knows only his physical environment and of nothing else.

Yet, that other world exists and is tangible to whosoever connects himself or herself to it. Earthly affairs, political, social, economic etc, or simply our tangible world is upside down solely because many of us are no longer able to connect with the immaterial world. The immaterial world we are now distant from is the world which should govern our activities in the material world. There are very few human beings today who are balanced human beings because their frontal brains and the back brains are no longer balanced.

Our language should have warned us about this. We do not speak of a small eye and a big eye. Nor do we speak of a big hand and a small hand. Both lobes of the ear are symmetrically positioned and physically apportioned. So something must be wrong with the conception of a big brain and a small brain. It is this imbalance that makes governments, citizens and the professions to be unable to think straight when it comes to doing things the way of the universe, the microscopic part of it, expects us to conduct ourselves.

Nevertheless, there is a life to the materialist or a purely intellectual person. This lifeline is Revealed Knowledge. Knowledge belongs to the realm of the non-physical world. We always make the mistake of believing that the intellectually developed person or someone who has trained his or her brain through the study of something earthly or physical is a knowledgeable person. Oh no! He or she is only an erudite person brimming with erudition in his or her field of material preoccupation.

A cardiologist is erudite when it comes to discussion of the heart and the cardiovascular system before lay persons or even specialist doctors like himself. But when he says he “knows” a person or something, you ask, can this be a true statement? Whoever “knows” the other person? You cannot say you “know me” simply because you have been seeing me, reading my articles or hearing about me almost all your life. Only a person who can see that other person in and out can claim or speak of knowing him or her.

We may understand this subject better and appreciate better, also, the concept of revealed knowledge from the story of a psychic boy. He was in elementary school. He liked to be by himself whenever other children trooped out of their class for snacks or to relax during break time. The boy was called John. His story was told by Neale Donald Walsch in his book titled Conversations with God. The book was a gift for me on 12th April, 1999 from Mr. Jacob Akindele, economist, tennis coach and a member of the Editorial Board of The Guardian Newspaper. I guess he thought I needed to read it after my review in the newspaper of James Redfield’s book, Celestine Prophecy.

One day, during class break, John’s teacher, a woman, walked up to him to ask why he was not out for break. John gave her a shocking and surprising reply. He said her son had just had an accident. She had a son. When she asked him what he meant, John replied that her son was trying to cross a road and a vehicle knocked him down.

The teacher thought that John was out of his mind. But soon after the break was over and she resumed her work, the head teacher walked in with someone beside him. They came to break the news to her that her son had just been knocked down by a vehicle and was in hospital! The teacher looked straight at John, picked her bag, announced to the class that she had to leave and she went to see her son in hospital.

What I am trying to say is that knowingness is knowledge, and the capacity or ability to know does not reside in the frontal brain but in the Spirit. The intellect is no more than the perceptive capacity of the brain to gather information, classify and analyze it when and if necessary. Where most human beings on earth do not realise they are Spirit Beings, we cannot speak of their ability to recognise, easily become seeing and knowing and, therefore, become knowledgeable.

So, when we speak of revealed knowledge, it is knowledge revealed to the person who does not possess it. We are all meant to be knowing persons, but, unfortunately, we have become thinking persons. That means we think before we act. We do not receive or act on the basis of that which we have received, using the intellect as an instrument to shape our conduct. We do not receive or, rather, we do not easily receive anymore because the back brain, the cerebellum, which is the spiritually receptive part of the brains, has become stunted or atrophied from lack of sufficient use for which reason we now recognise it as the “small” brain. That also, is why our world is upside down and, there is no peace or happiness.

Christians are aware of the BOOK OF REVELATIONS. Moslems, too, are well advised of the events this book of revealed knowledge says are forthcoming to the earth. I find interesting the Revelation about May 30 in Revealed Knowledge of our time. It takes us back to that temple in Christian teachings where 16 Elders continually sing Holy, Holy, Holy God Almighty.

Going by this revealed knowledge, the temple is at the boundary of the worlds of the angels and interfaces with another temple right below it where before Creation came into existence, there was a dark, cold and lifeless void. With the Creation order, LET THERE BE LIGHT, a spiritual temple appeared beneath the Divine Temple of the 16 Elders like an annex to it. From out of the Spiritual Temple, came out the Power which lit up and warmed the lifeless, dark void, giving it the abilities to host and sustain existence.

This was the creation of Paradise or the various species of Creation. It was after the lowest of these worlds that the material worlds developed as miniature semblances. The earth is the Outpost of the material worlds in our universe called EPHESUS. This universe is one of seven referred to in the Book of Revelations which speaks of a Message to The Seven Churches of Asia. In the Divine Message, the “seven churches” and “Asia” is the spiritual name of Creation. An archangel superintends each universe and is being addressed by a higher order. This should resolve the assurances of the Lord Jesus that there were many “many mansions in My Father’s House.” How else but as shown in this revelation could there have been many mansions in a single house? God’s house is the entire Creation and the mansions are the various spheres of existence!

At the peak of Paradise stands a Temple. In this Temple, there is a vessel. It is from this vessel that all the worlds below this Temple in Paradise receive power from the Almighty Creator for their continued existence, flowering and fruiting. Once a year in earthly parlance, power is poured out to the creations below for their maintenance.

The outpouring is akin to the pumping of blood by the human heart to all parts of the body. When the heart fails to perform this function, the possibility of death is high. As it is above, so is it below, we have been told. Thus, if there is no outpouring of Divine Power from the Chalice in the highest Temple in Paradise, Creation would become deprived of energy, it would shrivel or wilt and…die!

In the afore-mentioned Revealed Knowledge in our time, the Renewal of Power for Creation takes place in the earthly month of May every year. Revealed Knowledge informs us that the earthly peak of this event is May 30. Knowing ones assemble in groups in every country where the knowledge is anchored in worshipful thankfulness, to absorb this power unhindered and to triumphantly use it beneficially for upbuilding purposes on this earth and in the Universe.

This revelation does not end there. It informs us that, as this period approaches in Paradise, the Knights of the Temple Who guard the Chalice seriously beseech the Holy Spirit, Creation would wilt and die. There is rejoicing in the Temple when the Holy Dove appears over the Chalice. It is the spiritually visible form of the Holy Spirit. Clairvoyants sighted the Holy Dove above the Person of the Lord Jesus wherever he was.

Even Joseph, His earthly father, would sight it only on his death bed when the Lord Jesus stood beside him. So moved was he, we are told, that all doubts departed from him and he exclaimed…So, THOU ART HE! The appearance of the Dove above the person of Jesus is evidence that, like the Heavenly Father and the Holy Spirit, He and the Father are One in their Activities.

Some churches may have come to the recognition of The Holy Dove as the spiritually visible form of the Holy Spirit to make an image of it as part of their paraphernalia. As the Holy Dove stands over the Chalice inveighing it with power, the Chalice bubbles over from an outpouring of Power from the Holy Spirit into Creation.

This Event has come to be recognised as Pentecost. This was what the Disciples of the Lord Jesus experienced in the upper chamber. According to reports of that Event, clairvoyants saw Tongues of Fire descend onto the head of each of them and their souls were spiritually invigorated. Some Nigerian churches do not celebrate Pentecost. Those that do believe that it was a one-off Event of which the congregation is merely reminded once a year.

But in other spiritual circles, it is well known, thanks to Revealed Knowledge, that this Event has been occurring since the beginning of Creation and will continue to occur for as long as Subsequent Creation deserves to exist through the Will of God, especially after the promised millennium. Man is now educated that Jesus knew about it, having come from the Almighty creator. Did He not warn that man’s sins against the Almighty Father and those against Him, Jesus, would be forgiven, but those against the Holy Spirit would not.

Jesus knew of the time of the Pentecost of His time and instructed His Disciples to gather in the upper chamber for the blessing. In fact, as we are now informed, His Ascension took place on the crest of the waves of power rebounding Homeward.

Pentecost has not ceased to occur at the designated time every earth year calendar, and May 30th has remained its peak. The trouble is that this power is received by many human beings today, but not consciously as the Disciples absorbed it. In this regard, it drives not many people towards beautiful ends as it did the Disciples; some bubble while a great many use it for ignoble ends not knowing the power that fills them.

If we carefully observe what we call Nature at this time, it is a season of regeneration. In our part of the earth, the rains come visiting, the fields and forests are greener, refreshing and they bow the spirits. When the greens settle on the soul it is driven to the point of almost bursting. The soil yields crops in abundance. The fruits and vegetables beckon in their abundance. Traditionally, on the other hand, it is the season of outbursts not only in Nigeria, but globally. It is the season of protests, turmoil of Aluta Continua in Nigeria with youth raising clenched fists to hit the air if the sky is unattainable.

Anyone who does not absorb and use the power is more likely to put it to negative, indeed ill-use. It is the period laden with Flash Points if we run our minds through history whether it is Second World War (1939-1945) and events that preceded it and then the invasion of Poland by Germany; the Nigerian Biafra War (1967-1970) after the declaration of Biafra on May 27, 1967.

One would not know the thinking that informed the shifting of the Nigerian President from October 1, Nigeria’s independence anniversary to May 29, a previously quiet date on the Nigerian calendar. It may very well be that whoever threw up the idea was guided to imbue the new President with the power of Pentecost. It may very well be just one of those things. Whatever it may be, our prayer is that our country would attract blessings as would help the citizens and country alike to recognise the unswerving Will of the Almighty Creator and fulfill it. For, that alone is what can renew the land, heal wounds and restore genuine peace in the beleaguered land.

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