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The travails of Joele Kuru-Kere Journaliste Without Borders



The pleading from especially left-leaning Democratic newspapers + news online outlets has been overwhelming.

In a world where news is no longer enough without its background, its foreground and even its afterward, research and investigation become priorities. And perhaps more interesting and more challenging. Especially when the greatest read today is corruption and malfeasance of politicians small and bid from Museveni to Donald Trump. And these politicians would not stop at any action to stop their dirt from going viral, the equivalent of becoming headline news the world over. Ask Khashoggi and the powerful princes of Arabia or the not so princely noonday democrats of Nigeria and their victims. So, what made Joele Kuru-Kęrę, after a first-class degree in Mass Communication from the original UI, the one and only UI Ibadan, take the decision against all advice from parents, family and iyekan and Ibadan, to be a 21st-century journaliste, like waitress and hostess and actress are a no-good example for journalists.

The big question is: how do we pay for the democratisation of in-depth wide-ranging news coverage? Climate change, renewable and soft energy, inequality across classes and races and employments, topics that should change life on earth against sex, gossip, and in-family violence.


To pay for quality news analysed in print and online, some news outlets put up paywalls. Readers have to pay or subscribe before they can access their news.

Other news outlets proudly insist that their news products shall be accessible to all who have the devices and can access the Internet. To do this they appeal generally to the generosity of their readers able to help. Many respond by ignoring the appeals and simply free reading their news online.

So, when a well-known tv news reader laments the refusal of free readers of online news pay for and buy newspapers, how does one respond?

One responds that newspapers have after-read use all over the world. In most of Africa and the Caribbean newspapers are used to wrap street food by street food vendors like fish and roast plantain on the streets of Accra Ghana or guguru and ępa popcorn and ground\pea nut on the streets of Lagos Nigeria. What can you use the container of online news for after reading its content? Plus why doesn’t this online version of the news carry pictures and cartoons as in the newspapers? You can then cut out these illustrations and keep them in an album. On line, the news is too perishable an item which is difficult to preserve.


Joele is a slim, almost pencil slim, the almost contributed to her statue in front and behind. Moderate in everything except her enormous intelligence along with cleverness of a master chess player. Once she enrolled as an employee of a newspaper she moved to the on the line section of the news industry. Soon the owner began to complain about revenue dwindling. Fewer and fewer people buy newspapers although the number of newspaper readers has tripled in the last decade of internet. The usual big man grumbles about keeping his capital and paying everybody from the revenues from the newspapers and on line sales of adverts.

Adverts are another matter altogether. Being a country of egomaniacs narcissistic self worshippers, it is possible to publish a newspaper of 48 pages or even 72 pages with 80 per cent adverts for birthdays, deaths untimely and natural, general iwuye and unwarranted jollification made possible by the presence of a band of musicians urging them to gbe body ę!!!

There are newspapers who make enough money catering to that audience. They are welcome to it but this is serious journalism my friends, journalism to be quoted and referenced.


Joelle Kuru-Kęrę is one of a kind. Her parents were expecting a boy and she came a bouncing baby girl. Well, you can’t go to the counter and explain, no matter how quietly or loudly, that in fact, you asked for a boy. Please get out of here and thank God you received a living child not two or three of the same female children!

So, they went home and pondered deep and long about the child who will carry on their unique name. But they reckoned without their extraordinary girl. They had wanted to name their son Joel because they adored the name. So they name their girl Joel but she changed the spelling to avoid confusing people. They expect a boy when they call for Joel. So, she changed her name to Joe-llę! Joelle concerned herself with creating a technique that would make readers pay for on line news content. Which was how she met her dream boy. Tall, slim like her but without her protrusions. He is a computer wizard and their marriage vow was to create an instrument that would pay for on line news content.

But there was more. After their marriage, Kekere-Ekun (Leopard Cub) changed his name to Julius Kuru-Kęrę! He did the name change to all his documents. At some time in the future, we can describe the reaction of her parents who pondered deep and wide on the child that will carry on their unique name.


Together, they marvelled at the cell phone industry that could devise an instrument like airtime and sell what everybody always assumed was free – air. Before the later 1990s, who ever heard of airtime? Their other preoccupation is to design an app that can be used to capture and transfer to a safe place impressive passages and notable illustrations and cartoons. Already there is a mechanism for saving passages from material read on Kindle.

Traditional Research and Development, R & D for short is the prerogative of universities and corporations. But given the thieving propensity of our elite allocations to R & D are usually eaten along with other allocations 100 per cent. So, how do you finance research and development in this thieving environment?

You could crowd source, begging the merciful masses. You could apply for foreign funding. You could also take your idea and your coconut oil and join them in Silicon Valley in the U.S. of A. A better bet might be newly liberated Great Britain hungry for brain and brawn.


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