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The unique powers of the feminine scientific, cultural and spiritual perspectives


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History and other writings as well as contemporary experience show clear examples of how the feminine have wielded such great influence on men, including the most powerful and the physically strongest of men, even against the will and best interest of these men. We are all familiar with the story of Adam and Eve. How it was Eve that the serpent tempted and then she, Eve, was very easily able to influence Adam. Not the other way round. We also know about the story of Herod, the King and Salome as well as the story of Samson and Delilah.

To buttress what I am saying about the essence of the feminine influence here, let us even look at what the dictionary says about the meaning of influence. In the Chambers English dictionary, we have the following definitions of influence: A spiritual influx; the power of producing an effect, especially unobtrusively. Reading this definition, it struck me that the spiritual nature of the essence of influence has always been sensed.

The negative uses of the power of influence of women in the cited examples notwithstanding, history and everyday experience all over the world also show that women have it within them to be truly like guardian angels. Guardian angels to their children, husbands, families, tribes and others whose paths cross theirs.


There is a documentation on the roles and influence of the mothers of some of the greatest achievers in contemporary history had on them as well as examples of mothers in the Bible, in the book: MOTHERS OF INFLUENCE by Bordon Books, which those who would like to read more about how women, in practical terms, bring such wonderful influence to bear on their in a way that is peculiarly womanly.

Reading part of this book I found it amazing how irrespective of the level of education of some of these mothers they had the uncanny ability to sense the nature and potential in their children in question and sometimes where these children were headed in life, how they were to get there and the kind of support to give them along the way.

There is also the power of CHARM which goes along with the power of influence and intuition and stems from the overall state of the feminine, outwardly and inwardly. There is the charm of feminine physical beauty and naturally also the charm of inner beauty, inner resources and connections. Such inner charm as emanates from the being and shines forth through the eyes that are the gateway to the soul.

Let us talk about the POWER OF FERTILITY. There are the physical as well as the spiritual aspects of the power of fertility in femininity.

The physical aspects have to do with the health of body, womb and entire reproductive organs including the right hormone balance.

When it comes to the spiritual aspects of the power of fertility, then we must think of fertility with the soul in mind. The majority of people believe that the human being is made up of body and soul. For the coming into being on earth i.e. for every live birth there is procreation, development of the baby’s body in the womb, incarnation of the soul, maturation of the body to term and ultimately birth.

Although there are those who believe that the soul incarnates with the first breath at birth, mothers who have experienced a live birth would have noticed that the first kicks of the baby in their wombs took place about the middle of pregnancy which is when the soul that had up till then been attaching itself to its future earthly body actually incarnates, causing those first kicks so familiar to mothers around that time.

When we talk about child bearing, therefore, it is interesting that we can think about this in terms both the bearing of the physical body in the womb throughout its development right through the process of birth as well the bearing of the soul from the point that it also incarnates into the body in the womb right from mid-way in pregnancy right through birth.

Part of the power of fertility from the spiritual perspective is that for the incarnation of the soul into the body developing in the womb and the maintenance of the soul in that body, the mother has to provide an inner bridge with the femininity of soul that is peculiarly hers. The male spirit cannot provide such a bridge and cannot enable the incarnation of a soul even if the beginnings of the development of a physical body were to take place in his body through any means or device. Only the feminine soul is equipped by its nature and make-up to provide such a bridge as an indispensable part of her power of fertility. This feminine power of fertility and effectiveness of the bridge for the soul provided by the feminine is strengthened by femininity in being and attitude and also femininity in activity.

Other states of mind and attitudes that have been known to affect the power of fertility include apathy, fear, hostility, hopelessness, depression, lack of openness and receptivity in attitude.

Then, there is the power of mother-love something that is also well known in women.
It is instinctual. Its known that the animal would fearlessly face any foe and be ready to fight to death in defense of her young, without any consideration for her own self. Such mother-love is also in human mothers and manifests in amazing ways. A woman once told me she was told there was a snake in the room where her baby was in a cot. She said she got up calmly and fearlessly, went into the room and brought out her baby. That it was after she got out of the room that she became afraid!

Mother is provided by nature as something instinctual and necessary for the protection, keeping and development of the child at that stage before it comes to its own as an independent human entity. Once this state has been reached, however, mother love is no longer sufficient. The mature entity requires more than that. There must be something spiritual to meet the now present spiritual needs and requirements.

This why it is said that only that woman is a true mother who is able to become a friend to her children at the proper age Unique, indeed, are the powers of the feminine! Endowed to be the primary receivers and dispensers of forces and powers of life both physically and spiritually! It is high time for the rediscovery of this office of the feminine as priestess of the powers of the UNIVERSE, and according to Goethe, that the eternal feminine lead us upwards, in all races, cultures and among all peoples.

• Dr. Aiyesimoju, Consultant Neurologist, Homeopath, Brain Coach and Brain Optimization Consultant, lives in Lagos.


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