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The unresolved aberration

By AbduRafiu
18 March 2021   |   2:59 am
There is hardly any gathering where the issue of same-sex union is mentioned that there is no wrinkling of faces and an expression of disgust

There is hardly any gathering where the issue of same-sex union is mentioned that there is no wrinkling of faces and an expression of disgust. There is often the sinking of the heart and the air of disapproval is thick. Even though the lobby that gender differentiation is out of fashion is powerful and vigorous, most people cannot reconcile feelings deep within them with the thought that same-sex marriage is normal. Considering such practice revolting and abhorrent, they would want to flee. Yet the campaign would not abate. It is such that some government leaders in the Western world are yielding, unable to see anything wrong with it any longer, some out of political correctness in quest of political power or misguided concept of freedom and rights. As the endorsement has crept to some churches, the practice of same-sex union is spreading, but restricted so far to only parts of Europe and the United States.

The Vatican high command would take it no more. It frowned at its parishes and church ministers blessing such unions. It forbids Roman Catholic Churches from administering such blessings as it is against the teachings of the Scriptures, arising from which is a sacrament. The Vatican said while it recognised the blessings by some of its ministers were “motivated by a sincere desire to welcome and accompany homosexual persons” and to help them grow in faith, it was bound by “liturgical rite.” It was “not intended to be a form of unjust discrimination, but rather a reminder of the truth of the liturgical rite.” The Vatican went on to say that marriage between a man and a woman is a sacrament and blessings are related to the sacrament. Therefore the sacred ceremony cannot be extended to same-sex couples. “For this reason, it is not licit to impart a blessing on relationships, or partnerships, even stable, that involve sexual activity outside marriage (i.e. outside the indissoluble union of a man and a woman open in itself to the transmission of life), as is the case of the unions between persons of the same sex.” The Christian Association of Nigeria (CAN), commending the Vatican says no civilization can be superior to the Scriptures.

Even for those not too familiar with the Scriptures, there is a palpable feeling of a deviation from the normal human behaviour in cases of same-sex marriage, homosexuality, or lesbianism. The behaviour sounds strange and most people feel shocked and deep within them, they believe there is something wrong in a man running after a man, or a woman making love advances to her fellow woman. If such conduct is recognised as a problem as most human beings do believe it is, the ultimate solution must then be finding the causes. No problem can be satisfactorily solved without first digging into the cause. What then is the cause of the aberrant phenomenon? Those involved, are aware there is something wrong with their behaviour. Those who are bi-sexual can readily wonder why they are different from their peers. Homosexuals and lesbians must in their quiet moments ask themselves searching questions. Where lies the answer to happiness and a feeling of welcome by probing eyes? The answer entails knowing who the man is and by the same token comprehending the mystery of woman!

Whether in relationship between lesbians or in same-sex relationships, what they are seeking is complementarity and balance. Imbalance occurs when there is a shortfall and lack of complementarity when there is a deficiency. It should be instructive that, simply from the differences in words, which express meaning, woman cannot be man. For this reason it is imperative to know who is woman and who man is. It cannot be an accident that one is called woman and the other is man. If there is difference in definition it follows there must be difference in their content, the content which gives the outward features form. As it is said as the content so is the form.

As I have stated in this page before while discussing names, each person is the name he bears. It can be seen that all over the world, all women have the same features, except when there is an occasional deformity that has its own explanation. You don’t find a woman with one eye on her forehead. Similarly, all men have the same physical features. Different complexion has its own explanation as well, dictated by what the man needs in terms of environment and ancestry, the genes of the forebears. If a man is different from a woman, their roles must be different, although complementary. For that reason also their roles must have a purpose distinguishable from each other, the subversion or abandonment of which can only bring grave consequences. The subversion of abandonment leads to distortion of souls with the attendant weakness of the souls. The woman then finds herself in a new earth-life in the garment, the loom of which she had supplied the threads.

A woman can be defined as the female aspect of the human species, distinguished by her nature and the nature of her activity. She radiates her personality which is manifest in her make-up as well as her unseen, but strongly felt and perceivable features. Some of her features which the society, indeed, human beings generally, hardly notice any longer or which they take for granted, are those things which reveal a lot about woman. When woman is discussed these features are regarded as too obvious to deserve mention. A woman is fine and delicate. Charming and graceful. But these days, it is women themselves, the modern women themselves who do not want to see themselves in that mold or characterization as they dismiss it as patronizing, and socially, economically, and politically inhibitive. The sing-song, therefore, and ingrained in young girls is “what a man can do, a woman can do, even better.” This contention stems from the misunderstanding that their subjugation derives from unfair political, cultural, and economic power wielded by men. However hard they try, they cannot throw out of the window those physiological characteristics without which a woman will not be a woman. Many men too seeing the attention women command are known to have wished they were women. They say if there is another life, they would like to be women. The woman is tender, fine, gentle, sensitive and perceptive. On the other hand, the man is dense, rugged, coarse and aggressive. The nature of each gender is a reflection of what is inside. Science of radiations has proven, at least, that every tangibility is a manifestation of finer essence. In other words, the outward physical differentiation of man and woman merely reflects what must be substantial differences in the nature of their core, their being, their nature.

Contrary to the widely held notion and conception of the modern man, women are not men; it is not society that assigns roles to both parties, man or woman, but Nature. In plants, for example, we see that each part has its own roles which are akin to the different genders of the human race perform. The root of a plant is coarse like a man and like him provide the materials, that is the ingredients and water for the plant’s sustenance. The leaves prepare them to feed the whole, to beautify the whole. The leaves because of their finer nature collect the rays of the sun which provides the energy. They also collect carbon dioxide and turn them into oxygen through photosynthesis. These are all fine activities, fine as a woman’s caring and tending. But the roots battle with tough, coarse, not fine activity, with rocks under the ground while at the same time, together with the stem, protects the leaves and the flowers, the delicate part of a plant.

These roles have been perverted and pressed down. Women are content to repress their womanliness. When there is too much deviation from their purely feminine thinking and activity, aping men, Nature records them as desiring to be men. The threads they send out, what are called ethereal threads, are woven to satisfy in lawfulness their craving. So is it that they divert their volition manifesting in the application of their energies to wrong and harmful pursuits, such as footballing, weight-lifting, wrestling, cane driving, train driving, emulating men, excessive intellectual cultivation which blocks the outflowing of the prompting of their intuition. There is a craving for political power whether as president, prime minister, governor, and kindred executive activities which distort a woman’s nature, steeling it and causing an imbalance in the order of life. By moving in a different sphere of activity her volition changes and the womanly nature is dulled… the bridge breaks and the natural structure collapses. This is why as it may have been observed, there is an increasing record of childlessness.

Because all this results from the suppression of her womanliness which may not be apparent in particular earth life, and so unconscious of it, she will come back in her next earth-life carrying features correspondent to the needs of masculine activities she craved so much. So inside her, she is a woman, but outwardly a man. In the same vein, a man who had engaged himself in delicate women activities also aping them in their dressing, wearing earrings, bangles, and plaiting hair, believing this to be the fashion in vogue has also suppressed his manliness. Because the distortion has not been completed, he may still appear in a new earth-life as a man. He and the woman whose distortion has been completed but remains a woman inside her attract each other. In other words, one is a woman in a man’s garment and the other a man but whose new prospective outing in a new earth-life has not been completed. A result is a man running after man, and they are known as homosexual.

In the event, the distortion has not been completed in the woman, and she manifests still as a woman, she resumes her masculine activities. It is in such she finds fulfillment. But everywhere she finds in the company of other women, she is not welcome and is resented. She feels herself not understood with attendant unhappiness and she may be driven to despair and desperation which may make her to nourish thoughts of suicide. In marriage she is domineering. Where the man is weak, there is balance. If the reverse is the case, the union crashes resulting from irreconcilable gaps in their compatibility. It is the same process with lesbianism. One may not as yet fully formed to become a man outwardly and the other a man but outwardly a woman—already distorted. Through the Law of Attraction of homogenous species, homosexuals will always gravitate towards one another.

With the carefree living of the modern man with all energy invested in blurring the line between man and woman and their roles, the world would need to prepare to witness the unimaginable emergence of homosexuals, lesbian and same-sex marriage couples who in pressing for the observance of their human rights one might become president and the other first lady!

The way out: We must seek knowledge. The entire Creation is governed by the Wisdom of God, manifesting in His incorruptible, immutable, perfect, and self-enforcing Divine Laws also called the Laws of Nature. They bear His Holy Will.

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