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The win-win dissolution of Nigeria


As already confessed in my article in this forum of July 19, 2021, for some five weeks before that time and as a humble intellectual, I was suffering from academic and intellectual depression, just thinking about Nigeria! I was, because some young Nigerians had challenged me that since I started writing about Nigeria and our lives from 1980, of our political, spiritual and health care blundering, trying to educate us and to get our leaders out of their dedicated desire to lead us all to their apparently desired and preferred retrogression voluntarily, what have I achieved? So, thinking of those challenges surely depressed me. It did, not only because our leaders in all these three areas of our lives have refused to heed all these 41 years of advices and of education, those who do so in the areas of our politics are even doing so with all the arrogance and devilish/gleeful delights that they can ever get!


So, I only got out of the depression when I could arrive at the conviction to accept and to begin to most dutifully start responding to the later demand of these youths, after I had educated them also on their own responsibilities indeed. This responsibility is that of not becoming the youth leaders of today and tomorrow, according to today’s deceptive Nigerian sloganeering; but indeed, of the true leaders of today and tomorrow; youthful, truly intelligent but not just clever, not those who start their politics or leaderships by tugging for a previous political thief, etc, etc. They should not start their leadership by any of the popular corruptions of religion (fanaticism), or of nepotism, ethnicity (or ethnic hatreds) and all their other ethnic cleansing and silly superiority and inferiority complexes. They should aspire to do so as people who truly know God, whether they go to the churches and mosques or not, or partake in all the other religiosity cults in the Nigeria of nowadays or not!

So, since I got out of that five week academic, intellectual and creative/imaginative depression, I started to respond to the demand of these youths to begin to be prescriptive, and not merely educative or just enlightening of these our erstwhile supposed Nigerian leaders. This is more so, since they have obviously refused to learn or to do anything meaningful about such education. This is, of course, that if these leaders continue in their dedicated journey to this their Armageddon, the rest of the reasoning and progress-seeking Nigerians, including these emerging youth leaders themselves, will at least know where to properly go.

So, in that first article after this deep heart, mind, spirit and soul searching event, I talked about the subject of “whither Nigeria, our very own dear Nigeria?” I made a few preliminary prescriptions there. Most young people who read the article assured me that these political leaders were not going to hear or heed them in any ways at all. I assured them that as a medical doctor, I know that patients who refuse to eat or to eat good food, especially as recommended by us, are the very ones walking to their deaths, unless we succeed in doing something else to that effect. Hence the next target of this article of these medical “some things else” for dying patients who refuse to eat!


Obviously, if Nigeria’s political leaders refuse and continue to refuse to do the very things that they need to do for Nigeria to succeed in remaining one country dear to us all as they arrogantly are continuing to do, the next best thing is to have a win-win and most civilized dissolution of the country! To continue to go in the present ways of anarchy, of apparently arrogantly government-sponsored and protected (Janjaweedean) terrorism, and its ethnic cleansing for the bigoted, uneducated and retrogressive minority of the citizenry, will not only be clearly unacceptable to any reasoning person, but even to the devil himself! That obvious, charitable and most civilized way to go is the warless win-win (that is, “you win, I win”) ways of the modern world. In this way, both those who go and those who stay will have all their true best interests guaranteed and well protected – whether they know it even, or not. It is not that the best of this dissolution alternatives are unknown or had not been thought of by Nigerians.

Indeed, they had been; and even prophesied in a way. The only problem was that the prophesy was given out of context and in the wrong way and situation. As all of us will or should know, prophesy is not fortune or future telling; but the revelation of the mind of God about “the now situation”. It may or may not say anything about the future; and whenever it does so, it will be only in relation of what will happen if we do or do not carry out the mind of God for the now of the prophesy. Not only normal and very ordinary people prophesy; even apparently mad people and drunkards prophesy! So, one day in 1990, one apparently drunken man called Okar prophesied about Nigeria in one of the ways to dissolve her if the leaders continued in the way they were and are still going. He was popular in the event and people rejoiced until his drunkenness in the ark flared up. That prophecy now may not be announced or pursued as he did!


So, as Nigerian so-called political leaders continue to go in this way of Armageddon with all their perceived best preparations to win thereof, but on the negative side, the true political leaders must arise and lead us away from it, of any belligerent ways. This way of civilized plebiscites and referendums can have all sorts of ethnic nationalities lovingly in mind. However, the one which Okar pronounced in 1990 was one in which the Janjaweedean Futa Jallon ethnic nationalities in Nigeria will do well to be helped to go away lovingly to foster to their hearts’ contents on the North-Western side of Nigeria. Similarly, the Shuwa Arab, Boko Haram, ISIS and ISWAP ethnic nationalities of the North-Eastern Nigeria will also be helped lovingly to go their way and live as they desire. The rest of the ethnic nationalities of the Oduduwa Republic, the Republic of Biafra and the Middle Belt Republic that will make up the Federation of the Southern Nigeria Republics may then get on with their lives in peace, unity, love and progress, truly. That is what Okar prophesied in 1990, but he was apparently drunk or under some drug effects that the rejoicing that followed his revealed desire to stop the continuing evil drift of Nigeria then would not continue thereafter. But now, things are more even, and people more enlightened by the events since then.

There definitely are many other alternative win-win ways of dissolving Nigeria and greater details to go with them. But these will have to be for another day. For now, let us keep praying for those who believe and/or have most funnily prepared themselves that physical wars are the ways “to keep Nigeria as one” (remember Danjuma/Gowon in July 1966?) or to dissolve her. May God Himself open their eyes to know that civilization had long exceeded that stage. God bless Nigeria and what will come out of her shortly! Amen.


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