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Truly, Abacha did not steal


Sani Abacha. Photo: All Africa

Sir: A few days ago I was watching a television programme in which one of the participants alleged that President Muhammadu Buhari claimed that General Sani Abacha did not steal. Yes, truly, he did not steal, but, looted, plundered and vandalised our common wealth of this nation. I am not a spoke person for the President or a member of his political party, but, a Nigerian who looks forth to the development of his country. I joined the civil war not for personal gain, I just love this nation not to be disintegrated or a section of this corporate union to leave God’s ordained entity called Nigeria. Now, the truth must be told, take Buhari out of Aso Rock, Nigeria’s common wealth would be looted, plundered and vandalised to the marrow.

They have already skinned the nation to the bone. They desire to go further, to the marrow. They know that many Nigerians are very gullible and during this political campaign period, they put-up high profile propaganda to confuse and bait Nigerians to set them on an everlasting regret. God would not come down to talk or preach to us about our choice. We just have to make a sensible choice between the devil and the deep sea. The presidential debates had let us know that there are several alternatives to these crops of politicians. That Nigeria is work-in progress on the hand of God. I can boldly say that this country has a great and brighter future, once, the citizens can just endure for a few more moments. The Creator of Nigeria is already developing new crops of Nigerians to take over the reign of this nation from those who think that without them, Nigeria cannot be.

They have turned themselves to miniature gods, over Nigeria’s affairs. They want to eat the country to the marrow. But, God would not allow that. Many Nigerians are looking for automatic fixers of all the economic plagues of this nation since 1960. But, they would never find that anywhere in the world. All the developed nations of the world had also passed through the problems Nigeria is passing through presently. We need to be patient and open our spiritual eyes to trust God on Nigeria. Is it not a shame to those who have been in government of this nation that since the past 50 years or so, that Ajaokuta Steel Complex did not work? We have four oil refineries that remain unserviceable. The electricity power project remains epileptic; road infrastructure is nothing to write home about since the past 20 years. They’ve sold the Nigeria Airways, they’ve sold NET, they’ve sold Nigeria National Shipping Line, they’ve sold PHCN, they’ve sold almost all our common wealth to themselves hiding under corruption. Who corrupt the system? Are they not politicians in collaboration with their friends? They want NNPC too to go. Who are those who would buy NNPC? Are they not politicians and those who did not allow the refineries to work?

Those who bought PHCN are the “untouchable Nigerians,” who are only interested in swindling Nigerians by high bills without adequate supply of electricity. All the landed property of ECN up to PHCN is now in private hands. They have fooled Nigerians by telling us that government has no business in doing business.

They have divided Nigeria Airways landed property at home (Nigeria) and abroad among themselves. Who bought NET? Was it not one of them? Ah! God will judge Nigeria.
• Dr. Sunday O. Ajai wrote from Lagos.

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