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Trump’s rhetoric, immigrants and extremist killings

By Matthew Ozah
14 August 2019   |   2:34 am
The American people appear to be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. This of course, is as a result of the unprecedented rise in the number of gun violence across the country in recent times.

(FILES) US President Donald Trump speaks to reporters before boarding Marine One on the South Lawn of the White House in Washington. (Photo by MANDEL NGAN / AFP) / ALTERNATIVE CROP

The American people appear to be caught between the devil and the deep blue sea. This of course, is as a result of the unprecedented rise in the number of gun violence across the country in recent times. However, current shootings in El Paso and Dayton in Ohio which happened within hours apart have been chiefly attributed to President Donald Trump’s unguarded racist comments. Apparently, President Trump in his characteristic manner speaks without much caution in his choice of words to anybody who opposed his ideas and especially on illegal immigrants. Regrettably, when Trump talks about illegal immigrants his comments are usually a pain in the neck and one that puts America’s democracy on the hot seat.

As it were, white supremacists quickly buy into Trump’s strong hate speech towards immigrants and before one can say jack, these racist elements pull the trigger in their bid to target immigrants perhaps to make the President’s job on immigrants much easier. But you don’t pull the trigger on a crowd of people and chase the bullet not to hit fellow Americans which was why the shooter at El Paso killed his own sister.

Inevitably, there have been jeers and protest right from the day Trump declared his interest to run for America’s number one seat. Trump has always being very controversial and did like to grab the news with a barrage of tweets. Currently, Trump’s racist language toward political rivals and illegal immigrants are particularly telling on the American people and the country’s image internationally. In fact, one does not need an embodiment of collective wisdom to know that Americans are living in a climate of fear as a potential racist shooter might be locking around a corner prying to shoot and kill people.

Over the years, schools across the country have been the easy and soft targets for these heartless bloodletting individuals that are christened as mental health persons. Now school children are subjected to drills on how to hide or keep silent in the classroom from a potential shooter. The biggest risk in this strategy lies in the drill psychology which in no small measure put fear in the minds of children while in the classroom. Also, it could subsequently affect school children’s ability to listen, learn and understand what is been thought in the classroom because many would constantly blank out, thinking… what if a shooter is by the corner and the next move is to dive and take cover.

Notwithstanding the fact that immigration over the years has carried a stinking stigma among people who have fought their way either through the desert or the Mediterranean Sea in search of greener pasture in other countries. People still navigate their way illegally into country of choice not minding the consequences that may befall them in such strange land. Therefore, Trump is perhaps naive in thinking his harsh statements or ICE raids on undocumented immigrants will dissuade people around the world from making America their destination choice be it legal or otherwise just to be a part of the American dream. One thing is certain deportation of illegal immigrants is not a cure and cannot stop illegal entry into America.

Of course, the scale and magnitude with regard to the ICE raids on undocumented immigrants has been highly devastating as families are being separated and children become orphans as their parents are being taken away. President Trump believes he is applying reason and wisdom in the issues of ICE raids on undocumented immigrants. Therefore, any one with contrary opinion will earn his poisonous venom of racist or degrading comment. Not minding that the consequences of his action might put American lives in danger through the extremist shooters who are influenced with his comments. President Trump has continued to heat up the polity without regard, a few weeks ago his insult on four Democratic congresswomen, all from minority background over their disagreement on policy issues concerning immigration is still ragging and yet to die down.

Trump, yet again, found another target to unleash his ‘basket mouth’ attributes, this time in the person of Elijah Cummings, a black Democratic congressman from Maryland seventh district who as chairman of the House oversight committee that is investigating the President. In order to belittle Cummings, Trump jeered by saying “…Cummings come from the worst run and most dangerous district in America…much of the city is disgusting rat and rodent infested mess, in which no human being would want to live.” While the President is busy hitting out at his perceived political enemies as well as cranking up the politics of an ‘eye for an eye’ which eventually results to negative thinking at one end of the country as young white supremacists loom around with automatic weapons looking for where to pull the trigger at innocent group of American people.

It is on record that nowhere in the world is gun violence issues higher than in America. Nonetheless, it is particularly worse under Trump’s government as several cases are linked to trigger happy extremist some of whom claim that the president’s comments influenced their action. While supporting the established order, Trump seems to believe that a state without a means of some change is without the means of conservation. The way and manner President Trump is carrying out his administration’s policies particularly on the immigrants issue makes him commit the ultimate sin on democratic principle. This has made concerned fellows around the world to wonder if America is no longer ‘Gods own country’ and the beacon of democracy.

Edmund Burke once wrote that, ‘when bad men combine, the good must associate.’ Therefore, the good people of America must continue to speak in strong terms against the age long disease, racism and the unnecessary shootings or home grown terrorism as they choose to call it. And more importantly, speak vehemently in favour of gun control and background checks before one can obtain a licence to own gun. However, it behooves on the Senate to give teeth to the agitations of gun control among others. This is because with the level and height of racism being played out in America today, the next president come 2020, whoever the electorate decides to elect, will be judged above all on his or her comments and actions towards American policies as it concerned gun control, immigration, jobs, economy among others. It is on record that Trump has repeatedly denied being a racist but attributes from the White House have put the global reputation of American democratic system not only to question but in serious quagmire.

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