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USA and midterm global reset



“Nationalist passions are easy to excite and hard to put back in the bottle” … Simon Kuper in FT.

The good thing about United States is that their elites know how to sound early warning of impending strife so as to work on averting greater danger that could lead to “humans humans.” According to Kuper, before the first world war of 1919, France and Germany were in greater strives and the Armistice, declaring a “Midterm” for reset purposes, was set in place to worrisomely humiliate the Germans. That feeling of humiliation did not fade away till Hitler decided to take a revenge, which culminated to Second World War. USA provided soft landing for both winners and losers of that war by its policies that helped in creating the United Nations’ Organization. Today, the USA, in its midterm elections, is trying to reset a world hitting the redline of disaster and its political elites must be commended as they remain peaceful in that pursuit.

Lyndon Johnson, once USA president, mentioned white backlash and, today, someone is saying, let’s see more of white discontentment so as to relate it to a revenge case of France and Germany experiences. In effect, USA elites do not look back in such direction and it is quite welcoming.

The midterm election was a great harbinger of how best to start resetting the world, as the Republicans remain leaders of the Senate while the Democrats with Pelossi, congratulated in advance by Trump, lead the Congress. Among many features of that election four issues were very striking for how humans must see themselves – the womanism in Pelossi, the pro-lifesm in Trump, the gayism in the governor-elect of Colorado; the Mormonism in Romney and the Florida-Georgia unflinching support for Republicans.

Pelossi remains a great woman in proving that a motherly disposed personality cares for both sexes more than an Alfa male and that humanity is best protected by such disposition. She has received more “butts” than any other Democrat aside Trump’s opponent Hilary. She has remained the shield bearer against policies that seem to obliterate Obama’s achievement including Obamacare. She behaved like nature, receiving all the bashing human beings throw at it but still remain undaunted in protecting them.

For majority of Africans in Africa, Trump is like a bitter-sweet. His penchant for pro-life seems to be his most unique selling point. That penchant so much so intersects with the oriental civilization that make both African and oriental civilization admit that there is something about to happen for their own benefit notwithstanding the harsh outlook on immigrants. It is in contrast with Obama’s over liberalization that intended to force LGBTQI on African leaders, making its acceptance as pre-condition for further Western cooperation. Objectively assessed, LGBTQI is not as destructive as allowing white people anger to go on beyond what it is now – open hate speeches and gun trotting and even recanting fatherhood. Recanting fatherhood is where one could see further danger.

If, as the gay issue has been going on for long, it is the first time the USA is electing an openly declared gay in the person of the governor – elect of Colorado, then the entire USA remain very tolerant for even what they do not cherish so much, because in Germany one has been hearing of gay people in control of mayoralties such as that of Berlin. However, in the same Colorado, reports show that men are feeling abhorrent of fatherhood and even taking the lives of those they have tried to father. Furthermore, it is as if being gay allows for greater achievement as the “best travelled” Quest admits and as the “golden looking” CNN Anderson prides himself of, not to talk of the CEO of Apple and his late predecessor whose daughter castigated as seeing her as unwanted.

Someone has to re-work the neuro-psycho disposition of the white people who want to promote gayism so as to recover humanity from total peril because a world with less white people could be greatly in danger. So, it is important to welcome Romney, the Mormon, with great interest in building families.

I witnessed a Mormon harassment once in USA, Texas which I felt should be avoided also as USA remain a great heart in tolerance. Helicopter was used to liberate young pregnant girls from a mormon camp where people suspected that they were being impregnated and being kept in purdah to procreate, as no one lays claim to nuclear family in that enclave. In effect, it was a collective family breeding camp, and it was all white affairs. People know that Romney has a great generation of descendants and he is applauded for that to an extent that he is currently the senator – elect of Utah, after missing the presidency once, Utah the great State of Mormons.

Romney has a lot to teach the world on how best to reset its engine for humanistic sustainability relationships. Africans know that where no child cries life is non-existent there and where no elderly is challenged to be directing right for peaceful co-existence the set-up is headed to doomsday. Time to reset and get humanity to think right. It is basically adopting the advice of John Kerry from military training experience. We must all have a job and collectively make it matter for the good of humanity. “Each person had a job and knew what he was doing. You learned to take care of each other, move quickly and exercise command decisions”.

Ariole, is Professor of French and Francophone Studies University of Lagos

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