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What London doctors told Buhari


It is possible that the doctors attending to Nigeria’s President Muhammadu Buhari in London said to him: “Your Excellency, you know we don’t mind your being here, but your people are seriously worried. We would like to advise that you go back home to Nigeria; be taking your medicines, resting, and ensuring that you don’t overstress yourself. We don’t envisage any crisis beyond what the best military or teaching hospital in Nigeria can manage.” Could the London doctors have come to that decision without the protests by the Our mumu don do group, led by Charly Boy, and the Nigerians who kept vigil of protests near Buhari’s abode in London? Another important question is: How did many Nigerians become mumu (foolish/stupid/moron)? They owe their stupidity to the purveyors and predators of Christianity and Islam (the world’s most imperialistic and exploitative religions).

The purveyors of Islam used jihad wars to spread it. They killed traditional rulers, and converted their thrones into caliphate/emirates. Then they outlawed African Traditional Religion (ATR), which they denigrated as idolatry, fetish, animism and so on. The purveyors of Christianity adopted establishment of Western-type schools through which they caught African children young, indoctrinating and brainwashing them. The peoples of Nigeria are now divided between Christianity and Islam, and among near innumerable denominations of both religions. Many Nigerians have become mumu to the extent that African Religious Knowledge (ARK) is not taught in Nigerian basic schools, and even in some universities, African Religious Studies (ARS) are only partially available.

Sometimes African Religious Studies are taught by enemies. I attended a Ph.D viva, and the student (a Christian cleric) kept referring to the gods and god of his own people on whom he researched. So, I asked whether the people had no god with capital “G”. Who was his supervisor? He was another Christian cleric. That is the level of Boko Haram (academic fraud) going on in some African universities. I don’t know whether it is peculiar to Nigeria that African Religious Knowledge is not taught in basic schools, but it explains why Nigeria is morally rotten. Christians and Muslims are only hammering on “indecent dressing;” human exploitation means nothing to them. Hence President Muhammadu Buhari could be staying indefinitely in London without counting the costs. He is recovering looted funds without giving account.

Nigerian rulers see nothing wrong in perpetuating war against Boko Haram. They are indifferent to carnage, genocide, and economic destruction of Nigeria, after all they used carnage and genocide to impose Christianity and Islam on Nigerians. They are using Christian and Islamic imperialisms to exclude African Religious Knowledge in Nigerian basic schools and even in some tertiary institutions. Yet until Christian and Islamic imperialisms are tackled and tamed, as in Europe and America, Nigeria’s woes can only multiply. In Europe and America, separation of church and state exists. Nigeria’s rulers flout her constitution that forbids “state religion,” using Christianity/Islam to confuse Nigerians.

Prof. Oyeniran Abioje wrote from the University of Ilorin.

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