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When does life of a baby begin?

By AbduRafiu
21 October 2021   |   3:19 am
In view of the controversy surrounding the status of a foetus it becomes imperative to determine when life of a baby begins.


In view of the controversy surrounding the status of a foetus it becomes imperative to determine when life of a baby begins.

Is foetus yet life or it is simply a sack of tissues which are disposable at a whim of a young girl or the caprice of a tired expectant mother? Without batting an eyelid! Is a human being in a foetus? What any woman or girl who becomes an expectant mother is convinced she is carrying is a human being. It is for a human being she does her shopping, buying clothes, pram etc, filled with great joy. The perfection of the laws ensures that it is only a human being that can be a product of procreation by human beings, and a goat by a goat. Can we imagine the anxiety and confusion that would ensue if a woman were to be expectant and she does not know whether it is a human baby that would result from it— and putting it a little crudely, or a goat! Can we imagine if a farmer were to plant cassava and he is unable to say whether it is cocoa or guava that would come out of the cassava planted? Yam and cassava are tubers and they are similar. But cassava is not yam. A farmer who wants yam can only plant yam to harvest yam. Such is the perfection of the laws that govern our world and Creation in its entirety.

Having established that it is a human child that results from a pregnancy by a human being, it follows that in the law of development, that human being would grow from a foetus. The foetus itself emerges from human organism which also arises from the exchange of fluids by a couple whose radiation combination sends out a tone, an application to the Throne of Grace to be permitted to harbour a permanent guest in their midst. If it is foetus that eventually grows into a human child, it then becomes ridiculous to wonder whether foetus carries human life or not.

In the appearance of man on earth, what many a man is generally familiar with is procreation and birth; and consequently concludes that life begins in the womb of the expectant mother. But contrary to this prevailing concept, there are three steps in the appearance of man on earth, according to the enlightenment shed from higher knowledge on earth today. The missing third step is incarnation, although sequentially it is the second step coming after procreation. Incarnation is the entry of a soul into a forming body in a woman’s womb. This takes place mid-way through pregnancy. As it occurs, the expectant mother feels the first movement of her baby. At this moment it dawns on her that what she is carrying is real. There is no woman who has had a baby who has not experienced this joyful moment. Many a miscarriage also occurs around this period, usually because of a defect in the bridge the soul is to use to take possession of her mother’s womb. This case is rampart today among young girls, admirably educated, but who may have over-cultivated their cerebrum, the frontal brain, which is the seat of the intellect. It happens mostly because the radiation of the over-cultivated frontal brain distorts hormonal discharge that lubricates the womb and strengthens the radiation bridge meant for use at this stage. This cause may not be exhaustive but it can be said to be the principal cause at this time when pregnancy is mysteriously lost. The channel is closed to the incarnating soul. The developing body to form the habitation of the soul for the remaining months of the pregnancy, cut off from the radiation of the soul itself and lacking in inter-change radiation nourishment, has no further use. It comes down.

What I am getting at is that the processes of life on earth begin with that serious yet wantonly abused first step…the procreative act. Unknown to a great many, the mere sharing of that hallowed moment sets off a pressure against the couple’s immediate environment. As the vibrations surge out, ringing away, a channel emerges through which souls waiting anxiously for an incarnation access, approach the couple. From among them a soul most suited to the couple will eventually inhabit the cloak that is under preparation. The scenery is like a vacancy notice hanging on the gates of a factory which attracts multitudes of job seekers jostling for a single or so position.

Statements such as “I knew thee before I formed thee in thy mother’s womb” (Jeremiah 1:5), or “Who shall we send, who will go for us” (Isaiah 6; 8) validate this pre-earthly existence of the soul. Even science is now providing proof! Medical research has established the onset of foetal blood circulation at about mid-way in pregnancy. Since this is about the time that the expectant mother begins to experience the first powerful kicks of the baby, can there be no link between the entry of the soul into the body (incarnation) at this time and the commencement of the baby’s own blood circulation since it is the spirit through the soul which makes its own blood and influences it throughout its earthly life? When the spirit with its fine coverings which make it to be known as soul departs the body, the blood formation and circulation ceases. The animation is over. Since it is also about this time that when the vital breath of life takes its leave blood circulation ceases, it should follow that blood circulation, therefore, is linked with the entry and departure of the soul.

This hypothesis must untie some knots, no doubt. First, incarnation cannot take place at 12 weeks but at between 18 or 20. The growing body would need to have become able to generate a minimum requirement of heat or radiation without which it cannot establish an efficient union with the incoming animating soul. However, this is by no means suggesting that abortion before 18 or20 weeks is right or excusable. It must be remembered always in all seriousness that the essence of the proactive act where the possibility of pregnancy is patently manifest is petitioning by the couple for a soul yearning for an incarnation to come to them, and the inherent promise to care gratefully for it within the limits of their resources. This petitioning automatically sets in motion a machinery to fulfill the dream. Except in a few exceptions, woman, as the stronger sex, attracts the waiting soul, which explains why in the enlightenment of Higher Knowledge spreading on earth in these times, a child is a gift to the right mother.

The body of the child is not forming yet in the womb, although an egg may have been fertilized. Before the splitting of the cell into millions of billions of similar cells, nature beings who attend to such matters must first fashion an astral version of what the growing body will be like. Indeed, we learn that it is part of lost knowledge to the modern man that for every child’s body developing in the womb, there is an astral model, “that is to say a model in a finer material, invisible to the physical eye on which the gross-material-earthly body is then formed.” This astral body, the prototype body, takes account of the threads of fate of the waiting soul, its credit and debit balance, including physical inheritances from the parents. It is after they fashion this astral form that the fertilized egg begins to divide, forming tissue, organs, systems and so on.

Evidence of astral prototypes for every physical manifestation has emerged in scientific discovery. The British Guardian online reported many years ago the story of a Russian scientist it called an inventor and electrician, Semyon Davidovich Kirlian who in 1939 made a spectacular discovery. According to the newspaper he attached a sparking electrode to his hand and placed it on to a photographic plate, the plate revealed the image of a glowing, blue, hand-shaped halo. Visited by eminent scientists, Kirlian and his journalist wife, reports the newspaper, were convinced that their bioluminescent images showed a life force or energy field that reflected the physical and emotional states of their living subjects, and could even diagnose illnesses. Kirlian thus gave the world a key in high voltage photography which enables researchers to photograph a leaf and discover two manifestations on the photographic plate—one, a heavy image of the leaf, the other a fainter image. When the leaf is cut into two and re-photographed as a half leaf using this method the fainter image reappears, whole—while the deep image of a half leaf also re-appears. Researchers are quick to recognise therefrom that what would appear to be an ethereal prototype is ever surviving the physical form, proving also that a soul survives the physical body upon the latter’s death.

Using the same photographic method what they assumed to be human aura has also been photographed. In description after description this is said to be bio-active, reflecting not a stone dead form but a bio-plasmic that is living activity which responds to biological moods and nuances. What this has led us to is the knowledge of phantom pains. These are pains a person who has lost a finger or a toe suffers periodically. The physical form of either may have gone, the astral image is hanging on the body. There is one other point we cannot get away with…which is the involvement of nature beings in pregnancy apart from weaving the Karmaic threads and connecting threads between the soul and its chosen mother. It is delivery of the baby!

This column has touched extensively on nature beings in previous outings. Whoever still doubts their existence and activities need only wonder how the birds, without hands, build their nests; how without simple pulleys the great pyramids of Egypt were built; why pregnant animals do not go to hospitals to see gynaecologists or to have their babies in maternity hospitals and why human womanhood, with all the aids of science and medicine, increasingly is finding difficulties with conception and delivery. It should thus be clear that an abortion does not concern a woman’s body or life alone. At her own request during procreation elaborate activities and processes are set in motion to fulfil her wish. Her fertilized egg alone takes on a life of its own from its radiations. These cannot be for nothing! A unilateral decision will hurt many people in this chain of events. For a waiting soul who may be having the first opportunity for another earth life, say in 500 years, opportunity to make improvements and settle debts through atonement, this is a hope dashed. Bringing it even to life’s earthly experience, how will it feel like, for example, if after waiting for a placement in the university for 10 years, all requirements met—JAMB score, quota, catchment area, university matriculation examination—a letter arrives. The bubbling prospective student quits his job to return to school in search of the proverbial Golden Fleece of his ardent dream. He is honoured by his friends with a send-off party. He arrives on the campus, prepares for registration only to be informed in the end that his admission was made in error! A hope is dashed, a talent is stifled—one that would have benefitted the whole world maybe in its finding a miracle cure to banish COVID-19 and its army of variants, facemasks and vaccination forever from our lives! And hope, being a living form—that is murder! For murder is not killing only in the flesh. An immature soul so treated may seek revenge. He may block the man or the woman’s chances or a couple’s at child bearing, to deny them the prized joy. He may even in that state of immaturity decide to waste his own time by awaiting them in the beyond to settle scores. A mature soul, however, forgives and goes its way to seek other opportunities.

Other souls will avoid the woman each time she is expectant as they never know what she can be up to, for she can decide to terminate the pregnancy at any time. They keep safely away, which unknown to many, could be a cause of infertility, primary or secondary. The cases of men who encourage or push women, abortion providers and all to terminate pregnancies are no better.

For a doctor who has helped girls and women to abort their pregnancies, in another earthlife he will be born in communities where having hordes of children is celebrated specially capped with an award of medals. In such a community not having children raises eyebrow, and is ridiculed, considered as an abomination. Such a man or doctor will have irresistibly attracted to himself only a long queue of ladies who in previous earthlives had terminated pregnancies. He will not have a stable marriage nor will ladies have. They will hop from one home to another in search of babies and also because they are unable to bear gossips in the neighbourhood and disapproving stares. Each of the marriages the abortion provider may contract will crash on account of childlessness. Even if he flees from the community, he cannot run away from consequences of his actions. No one can. Adamantine is the law. In the end, out of extreme desperation, he would commit suicide which makes matters worse for him as suicide is a separate crime altogether. Women have been known to steal babies or commit suicide, too.

A lady who aborts her pregnancy has no doubt also annulled the possibility of the redemption of her karma through the genuine love, understanding, care and worries, sickness and anxieties and joy and happiness which rearing of a child entails. With such care and love, and noble heart spiritual progress is made. Abortion is certainly not a case of loving one’s neighbour as oneself, in the chain of events it has the possibility to unleash. The unborn child in the beyond hovering over her for incarnation is a neighbor. This, however, is still an understatement of the poison this even spreads in the Beyond. Can the nature beings who have laboured to fashion a human body no man can ever make be happy, for instance? What happened on Golgotha is a classical example; nature beings tending the earth made the earth to quake; those that harness the radiations of sprit motes concentrated in inapproachable bowl of heat known as the sun darkened it at high noon in anger; luminous hands tore into shreds the blind shielding the Holy of Holies indicating the termination of the Covenant the coming of the Lord Jesus Christ sealed with mankind. And, as reported the people, afraid, fell on their faces.

Thus, the pro-abortionists battling the Governor of Texas, Greg Abbot, his predecessor Rick Perry and Governor of Mississippi Tate Reeves, the two states where the battle is fiercest in the United States among several other states, and other parts of the world, are being dissuaded only in their own interest. However, if they continue in their obstinacy, pressing to jump into the abyss, they are free to do so. They have their free will, and bear responsibility, individually for their actions. Even if they succeed in annulling the laws and in having the backing of the courts, the Laws of Creation are unaffected. They will return to each what he wills for himself…what he deserves: anguish and sorrow.

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