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Where does evil come from?


What is the origin of evil? Where does it come from? How can it be exterminated in the life of man? For how much longer is evil going to be allowed to linger and torment our world? These are a few of the confounding questions asked as people in all lands and across cultures grapple with the most troubling, complexities of life and the concept and indeed, subject of evil. They are questions which have been asked from time immemorial, since Cain killed Abel! Yet, the phenomenon has not abated. From age to age and from century to century, rather than abating the prowling of evil has been on the increase. It is so much so that in this age it would appear to be all pervading—man’s inhumanity to man, and nation’s atrocities to nations.

Mr. Trump is rehearsing we can see: He has said that if Iran does not behave herself, she would be hit hard to the point of obliteration. Mike Pence, his deputy has warned the boastful Ayatollah not to test the resolve of the U.S. Although Iran has denied pursuing a nuclear weapon development agenda, saying instrument of mass destruction has no place in Islam, U. N. nuclear watchdog said Iran has plans to burst the 3.67 per cent purity curb on uranium enrichment placed upon it in 2015. Already it has risen to 4.5 per cent. The watchdog suspects it might go up to 20 per cent. It is also going to reactivate centrifuges dismantled under the nuclear weapon deal.

Back home, the high level of insecurity featuring banditry, kidnapping, bloodletting and destruction of property is indelibly imprinted in the consciousness of most Nigerians. As they are victims at home so are they targets overseas. Metropolitan Police is offering 20,000 Pounds Sterling in reward for information that can lead to the arrest of the killers of a 16-year-old Nigerian, John Ogunjobi, killed in South London in November last year. Insurance director, Mrs. Uju Ndubuisi-Chukwu died in Johannesburg in circumstances Ports Health Services, in the course of investigation, described as “unnatural cause consistent with strangulation.” She was found dead in her hotel room in the morning of the day she was to return to Nigeria after a conference of African Insurance Organization which took place from 09 June -12 June. That is last month. She planned to come back home on the 13th.


Alan Bullock, a celebrated British historian pondering on the meaning of evil, said: “If evil means anything in this world, it means corruption of people to behave in an inhuman way.” What was on his mind was the obvious evidence in the Nazi death camps. The holocaust in Germany claimed six million Jews during the World War 2. Since Nazi days, there have been comparable horrors in intensity, devastation and spread. And many a man has been wondering: Where does evil come from? The question arises from a conclusion borne out of the conviction that evil does exist; it can be defined; it has life; it is a force!

Lance Morrow of Time Magazine wrote several years back an essay on evil in which he asked: “Is there more evil now, or less evil, than there was …five centuries ago?” I believe he was writing against the background of a survey which revealed that three out of five Americans were just coming to believe in the existence of evil. Hitherto, the contention among many was that bad things just happen, it was not driven by any force that may be called evil.

Evil is certainly on the rise, driven by a sharp decline in the “old fashioned” humanity manifesting in unpredictability of human conduct with the epidemic of suicide among youths and murders spreading like wild fire. The revelation about how man stands, the defiled nature of we human beings today is brought about by the abundance of Light power pouring down bringing into an awakening all that is dead or slumbering in mankind—a feature of the End-Time in which we are. All are being awakened. Evil will therefore go on escalating and soulless until it burns itself out, until its minions exterminate themselves. This escalation has led correspondingly to increased restlessness and the consequent agitation to want to know: Where does evil come from? And reflected as man has the answer seems elusive.

Many a man believes that, like goodness, evil is a creation work, without which life on earth would be unchallenging, drab and monotonous. They equate both poles of the good-evil continuum with day-night counterpoise. Some others believe evil came to the world with the fall of the Archangel Lucifer, a once wonderous beauty to behold, who was charged with the supervision of the flowering of man in this world, but who went his way, introducing the principle of merciless temptation thereby dragging multitudes of weaklings into the murky swamps and perdition. Very few, it has now been revealed in Living higher knowledge available on earth today, seek the roots of a solution to the riddle in man and the exercise of his free will, that inalienable attribute of his spiritual nature which obliges him to live the way he wishes, but a choice for which he bears full and personal responsibility. It is an attribute, a treasure, without which man will not be man. It is part of his spiritual make-up.

Good portends beauty, luminosity and lightness; whereas evil scum, ugliness, darkness and heaviness sordid behaviour. The fact that each goes by a different name suggests different ancestry. For name expresses the nature and essence of the bearer. Good, therefore, cannot give rise to evil, nor can evil come out of good as is assumed in several circles in the world since like can only beget like, the manifestation of which is expressed in birds of the same nature, of the same feather, flock together.

Creation is a work which, like all works, by nature or man-made, is not without a purpose. The author of the creation work stands outside his work as an artist outside his painting. But his work bears his will. When we visit an art exhibition, we can see the message the artist is putting across, his wish he wants those who throng his gallery to read. In this case, the Will of God who stands outside His Work, is to provide an opportunity for the flowering of the human species. A seed grain does not germinate and come to flower which is not immersed in a soil under the right conditions of temperature, moisture, air, and nutrients.

Creation lives, sustained by radiation connections with its Author. In these connections lies mediated power which the growing human seed grains may tap for their strengthening. The human spirit seed grain stood pure in the beginning, using this power aright and reaping bountiful, beautiful harvests in the law which obliges reciprocal experiencing in the exercise of his free will. But that was before. At the time heavenly melodies could be heard on earth in scintillating accompaniment of beauty resulting from men swinging in the Will of the Lord. It was before; not anymore. Due to various reasons, the knowledge of how to tap aright was lost and consequently man’s harvest like the sowing, turned evil. With the loss simultaneous came the eclipsing of the knowledge of Creation, which arose from the fall of man. Man fell when he cut himself from all help with self-inflicted damage to his pathfinder. Man, as his language admonishes him, is not his body. Man, whose body is his tool; man, a spirit!

The body is the tool or vehicle of the spirit. The spirit manifests through the body. It was the Will of the Creator that the spirit affects the body through powerful radiations, impressed, through the blood system, on the hind brain from the connecting point with the solar plexus. The hind brain is the spiritually receptive part of the brain. It receives messages in pictorial form and passes them on to the frontal brain, the seat of the intellect, which decodes and makes earthly meaning out of the pictures, which may lead to motion, action, deed, speech or thought. The intellect produces thoughts. The pictures may be decoded coming in form of dreams flowing from the hind brain, which if unhindered by the radiations of the frontal brain become clear, revealing or prophetic. Thus, is it said: “The Lord reveals to His own in their dreams.” The spirit draws from its environment in a reverse manner. Man is in a state of balance when both parts are functional. When, as is as the case today, one is over cultivated, one loses equilibrium, cut off from higher realms, the spirit as it were, trapped in materiality. That is the secret of the seemingly inexplicated material suffocation confronting us today.

The fall of man happened when the frontal and back parts of our brains developed disproportionately, the frontal or the large brain bigger from over-use, the back or small brain atrophied from little or non-use. Man thereby “went out balance.” It is with this you begin to understand even if it is over generalized and we disagree with them, when most doctors say there is a little dose of madness in every man! Nature loves symmetry and balance. We do not, for example, speak of a big eye and a small one, a big arm, a big ear and a small one. A time there was when both parts of the brain were of equal size. A reminder of that time plays back even today at a definite stage of the development of the forming body in the womb, which growth rapidly traverses in nine or so months all epochs of human history.

In a state of mental balance, the inhabitant of the body, which is the spirit, intuitively draws higher and noble values from connections with his high origin.

It can be seen from the foregoing that to trace the origin of evil, we must permit ourselves knowledge of other correlations. When a person does good, thinks aright to benefit and uplift others, his goodness is reinforced by rays from luminous Realms in On High. The author of goodness thus becomes strengthened in goodness, is happy, is unfettered by pressure and he knows explicable joy. But an impure thought brings deposit on the soul, casts shadows and darkness around it. The thought is strengthened through attraction from similarly unworthy conduct by others. The impure thoughts take on form, and together with similar deposits of thought forms from other men, give rise to power centres of impure thoughts. Every author of impure thoughts, connected by radiation threads, is linked with his dark thoughts. The expanded shadows envelop him, and increases with every unworthy act. A time then comes when the soul becomes dark such that it is cut off from help and enlightenment.

He is completely on his own, impervious to correction, to ennobling values and dead to virtues. With narrowed horizon, he becomes callous, vicious, uncaring unfeeling, ever cold, insensitive and cruel. Wrong doing becomes a propensity and evil. In other words, the origin of evil thus remains with man himself who uses neutral power of the Creator flowing unceasingly into Creation from On High, the Throne of Grace, out of free will to do evil and produce evil forms.


The Lord Jesus Christ did say: “It is that which cometh out of the man that defileth the man. From within, out of the heart of men, proceed evil thoughts.” When man became dark, he became thereby the tool of Lucifer whose self-will brought about his downfall. Evil is alien to Light Realm and totally strange to the Almighty Creator Who is an embodiment of goodness, purity and from Whom all virtues flow. It should go without saying, from the foregoing, there are no two Powers, but One, which is why goodness always overcomes evil and Light triumphs over darkness.

What has made evil to be widespread is that thoughts of hate, murder, lust, avarice, debauchery and envy, to mention but a few, pervade the world. Such is the conduct of a majority of mankind that he has made his world homogenous with the dark world called nether region or hell where aberrations are the order of the day. A bridge has been built down there through depraved conduct. As revealed in the unique and higher spiritual knowledge available on earth in these times, more than 50 per cent of human beings on earth at present do not belong here. They should have been left in the dark region of the Beyond where among their own kind, they mature through their bitter experiences, or torment, come to the recognition of their errors and atone in order to make progress.

Once the majority of mankind change to doing good, concerned with what is honourable, and noble, the societies will change in reciprocity, gradually at first, but open afterwards, with all dross gone, in a flourish of beauty and splendor. Said Goethe: “He who desires god, should first be good.”


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