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Where is COVID-19 taking us?


And the other side of the question is also valid-COVID: where are we taking COVID-19? Whichever one of these two questions we answer first we will need to put our mind to rest and tell the world where on Earth you want the world to be with this invisible virus.

First it does not affect the young. Then it does not affect those who live in the hot regions of the world. It is cured by a malaria medication. And most recently, it is cured by a combination of heat and bleach.

The fact everybody knows is that this virus is not mobile. It can go nowhere unless carried along. Which is why governments around the world asked people to stay put, don’t move, stay at home. Because why? Because if you don’t move it don’t move either. Can’t go anywhere without you. So, COVID-19 can take us nowhere we do not wish to go. So, our first question is answered, gone, out of the way.

Our second question: where are we taking COVID-19 to? This is a difficult question, especially when we don’t know that it goes nowhere unless where we go. So, let us know here and now that it goes nowhere we don’t wish to go. It goes where we wish to go. So, if the authorities say don’t go anywhere, stay at home, please go nowhere, stay at home. We will take the argument from there later.


When it was said that the young would not be affected by the virus young people began to do macho, until the statistics showed that a five-year-old was one of those who succumbed to the evil machinations of the virus.

Then the claim that people who live in the tropics, and by extension, black people cannot be affected by the virus. Along with this was the idea that only rich and powerful people will be visited by the virus. Then figures began to show that in spite of being the minority in the society black people and their non-white relations were the ones contributing the most to the number of the dead.

Then questions began to be asked. Simple, the answers came flying back. Nobody is immune to the virus. Like it’s master Death, it takes anybody, anywhere, anytime.

The matter of cure has been really ludicrous. Just because President Trump has his way of getting what he says, he said the malaria medicine can cure the virus. The doctors said that it is not possible. He said he is not a doctor but a reasonable person and it should cure the virus. Research revealed that the malaria tablets cannot cure the virus. In fact, it is dangerous for the sick to take the malaria medication for the COVID-19 disease.

A few days ago President Trump proclaimed that a combination of bleach and sun heat would cure the illness. That too will come to naught. After all, he is not a doctor and science is very specific.


Everybody young and old, rich and poor, is waiting for a vaccine that like magic, will kill the sickness one time and finish wham.

Scientists and those who have done such work before predicted that it would take at least one year. The day after, the WHO announced the pandemic and the illness as COVID-19 an old man from a Nigerian village announced that he had found a cure for the illness. Nobody paid any mind to him. Which is not fair. After all, President Trump was not ignored. This has nothing to do with rank. It is the cure the world is after. Anyway, my village old man is not equal to President Trump.

Anyway, around the world, in laboratories minds after fame and fortune are busy applying themselves to finding a vaccine to cure the virus.

More anxious for a cure are our people. Here we are, least affected by the virus, sure that our turn cannot but come. And we are hoping that by the time our turn comes a vaccine would have been found.

The race to create the vaccine has become quite open. The one that is most noised about is in Oxford in the UK. With collaboration from Imperial College London and one or two other places. It has even reached human testing level already.

Let’s get back to this heat business without bleach. A science and technology adviser to Homeland Security secretary told reporters that, “government scientists had found ultraviolet rays had a potent impact on the pathogen, offering hope that its spread may ease over the summer.”

There are problems with the paper in which the claims have been made. It has not been made public so that other scientists can comment on it. Moreover, the thing is based on “our most striking observation to date is the powerful effect that solar light appears to have on killing the virus…”


Given the number of general readers of the article, it is neither here nor there. Some of the readers wonder how the heat of Australia cannot kill the virus while that of Texas will kill it. Someone said he read an article that took a completely opposite position some weeks before. So, who should we believe?

One must begin to wonder how the people around Caligula felt, never mind how the horses felt, when the emperor made his horse a Senator! It is alright for humans to take chloroquine for malaria. Perhaps you could take it also for COVID-19. But bleach? And ultraviolet heat? Why bleach would kill a virus is because it is poison and destroys protein. And heat destroys everything it encounters. So, how would you turn on UV against the human body, against Coronavirus?

When you swallow bleach it goes to the guts not the lungs. How does it help the breathing that is ill? One feels sorry for Dr. Anthony Fauci sometimes as he stood next to Caligula contradicting him in broad daylight. There is nothing that the emperor can do to him.


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