Sunday, 1st October 2023

Where lies hope for peace?

By AbduRafiu
29 April 2022   |   3:30 am
The fatality figure in the Ukraine-Russian war is uncertain. The United Nations Human Rights Office says in the first month of the unwarranted hostilities, 1,035 civilians from Ukrainian side alone were killed and 1, 650 injured.

The fatality figure in the Ukraine-Russian war is uncertain. The United Nations Human Rights Office says in the first month of the unwarranted hostilities, 1,035 civilians from Ukrainian side alone were killed and 1, 650 injured. In war, apparently so that the spirit of the fighting forces is not dampened, casualty figures are played down. The UN figure is thought to be inaccurate. It is argued, for example, that a mayor’s office where Russia bombed a maternity hospital on March 9, nearly 5,000 were reportedly killed in that place alone. U.S. Defence Secretary, Ben Wallace says the war has cost Russia the lives of 15, 000 of its troops.

Russia is the aggressor, and it does not take much to see that Ukraine is the party that is at the receiving end. And what about mindless and terrifying destruction of properties Moscow has inflicted on Ukraine!

I have brought this up to remind us of the devastation war brings on nations and peoples. The aggressor moves in triumphal swagger, and with glee. Because of the ignorance into which mankind has been trapped despite the sacrifices and exertions of the Teachers of Mankind, and the Prophets sent by the Creator to bring enlightenment, it is little realised that every soul that is killed or wounded, however, inconsequential we may think he was, will have to be accounted for from the outworking of the Laws. It is the same Laws which are in operation also in Nigeria and the whole wide world, watching and weaving to the minutest details the activities of bandits, terrorists, kidnappers, their ilk, and their backers, no matter where they may be. They are all linked. Ignorance does not protect from the consequences of the outworking of the Laws.

The horrors the perpetrators will find themselves confronted with will make them want to run back to the earth. Alas it will be found to be too late. Through the Law of Spiritual Gravitation, they sink to the region of torment. And should any of them find their way back to the face of the earth the burden of vicissitudes of life would make death a preferred option, again compounding matters. A majority of mankind believe that what it entails to saunter into a community of peace in the Beyond is some prayers uttered by priests. The Lord cannot be mocked. We are now in the period of Light Pressure bringing acceleration and intensification, closing cycles for all human beings. In effect, no human being has any hiding place any more.

Mr. Putin is reported to have publicly dismissed Ukraine’s right to function as a sovereign nation, separate from Russia. He has cut gas to Poland and Bulgaria, describing them as unfriendly buyers, who are not paying for the product in Russian roubles. The crux of the matter is his stubborn resolve to bring Ukraine under the suzerainty of Moscow, again demonstrating how limited we human beings could be in the arrangement and organisation of nation-states. The immutable principle is that a union can endure only if it gives joy and fulfillment to the parties in it. As it is in friendship, clubs, associations, companies and marriages, so is it with nations.

As I once pointed out, all blunders and the resultant atrocities have arisen because a majority of human beings see themselves as being in the centre of life, all knowing and subject only to their own will. There is hardly any introspection, hardly any private questioning in closets, on what this life is all about after all except in moments of crushing travail, harrowing experiences. Yet until we ask questions, arising from personal reservations about life, there can be no progress, nor national harmony. The neglect of the principles, that is the Laws, has led to needless wars and bloodshed as we are witnessing in Ukraine currently. Limited knowledge is being used to govern our world. We are in the midst of pitch darkness but as it is given to us to know today from enlightenment of these times, a majority of us do not give a damn as to how our world is to be run. What must govern our relationship with our fellow men? What must govern relationship among nations?

The principles cannot be from our will, nor as we prefer them to be, but according to the Will of the Creator.

Mr. Joe Biden has just nominated an envoy to Ukraine, Ambassador Bridget Brink who is reputed to have an extensive experience and knowledge of the East European politics, having served as ambassador to Slovakia. She is described as versatile and accomplished. So much hope is pinned on her to bridge gaps, reconcile nations and engender peace in the much troubled region. She can achieve this if she buries herself in introspection and seek guidelines of Nature to open her up and through giving recourse to her intuition, enrich her overall knowledge.