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Who ran down PDP’s fortune?


PDP Secretariat, Abuja

Sir: As the crisis in the Peoples Democratic Party (PDP) continues to dominate national conversation, it is gratifying to put the former President Olusegun Obasanjo’s recent prognosis in perspective.

Obasanjo was quoted to have prayed: “May the fortune of Nigeria not collapse like the PDP’s.” The question begging for answer is who are the people responsible for the disgraceful eclipse of PDP. This question is what PDP has avoided for so long and instead has chosen to blame every tangential link to the party’s misfortune.

It is rather strange that nobody in the party has been courageous enough to see Governors Ayodele Fayose and Nyesom Wike as major spoilers in the PDP conundrum. Those governors have been playing Russian roulette with the party in a manner that stupefies dispassionate political observers.

Makarfi and his caretaker committee have operated as appendages of the two governors for no perceptible reason other than pecuniary motivation. It was these two governors who magisterially sponsored the recruitment of Sheriff as the chairman, hoping Sheriff would remain a puppet ad infinitum but when Sheriff proved to be his own man, the governors resorted to a new manoeuvring called Caretaker committee, an anathema to the constitution of the party.

Now the same governors are frustrating the attempts of former President Goodluck Jonathan to solve the problem through political dialogue. They have railroaded the caretaker committee to zero in the legal option.

The governors’ umbrage against the Sheriff faction includes but not limited to the latter’s alleged dalliance with the governing party. This, the Committee has made a political capital without any modicum of evidence.

Has the committee or the governors identified any surreptitious contact between Sheriff and Oyegun ever since this speculation has been making the rounds?

To all intents and purposes, Nigerians would begin to take PDP seriously the day it weans itself from the comic politics and negative paradigm of these two governors and focus on developmental opposition based on evidence of performance from PDP-controlled states. Lagos was an indisputable poster boy for APC opposition platform that unseated PDP.

Which PDP-controlled state can be used as evidence in governance index to prove the cluelessness of the present federal administration?
Your guess is as credible as mine.

Bukola Ajisola.

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