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Who, what has the last word

By Kole Omotoso
12 December 2021   |   4:09 am
If there were an ultimate order for all, everything would be settled. Like, what will cow eat when grass is growing? Or whose child is this that two persons, a man and a woman, are disputing....

Kole Omotoso

If there were an ultimate order for all, everything would be settled. Like, what will cow eat when grass is growing? Or whose child is this that two persons, a man and a woman, are disputing? Solomon asked that the child be cut into two and he would make his decision on the choice of the part of the body they choose, left or right, North or South.

Knowledge of human heart and its desires would help Solomon. But that was still in his time. Today, technology would have solved the problem in a matter of hours.

As for what cow will eat when grass is growing, technology has come up with alternatives for humans and animals. And because there are alternatives, alternatives are the last word.

A father decided to sell her daughter who was only nine years of age. The child objected to being sold. And sold to a 50-year-old man. The girl had no idea from whence cometh her help? Which means that an intervening must intervene. But until the Idiot Buyer came to take his article of exchange between Father Seller and Idiot Buyer, she did not realise that the ALTERnative had not answered her prayer. Idiot Buyer had to drag her at the end of a rope. And she took her to his house. There is a wife and four girls and she does not know what to call them.

But the community said no, not on our watch. The community said obviously these people are in our community. They said they were thirsty we denied them water. They were hungry; they did not get a loaf of bread from us. So, it is not as if we are innocent. You are our people. But the Idiot Buyer must release her, which he did. The Victim Sold was happy but her happiness was incomplete until the community can guarantee that her sisters would not suffer like she had suffered. They did. They guarantee that the life of her mother will be better than before. They did.

Whatever we may say education is important. We need to know that education that makes us bleach our skin and fry our hair; such education will make us recognise the good in us when we examine ourselves. There would be the initial education of playing with numbers and having fun with A,B,C. This will be the Education that answer the question for what purpose are we here. Or what purpose are we going to serve while we are here.

This section of the Education is the longest deservedly. So much is decided at this stage.

It is at this stage that you as a teenager that you are bombarded with questions about what you are going to study. It is at this stage that the fates are decided. There are those whose fates are decided suddenly, in the middle of the night, in the hands of kidnappers. And the few would go on to careers that would lead to the top of the world.

Few make it to the end of the three stages of the Education pyramid. For those who make to this level, they are well and truly made. They join the senior service and the class of those who greet each other with ‘how is the car doing?’

In what way does making one of the contestants a man complicate Solomon’s decision-making? A man does not give birth. So, how does she become a contestant for the ownership of a baby? Maybe he and his partner adopted the baby before birth and he was at birth to receive the baby. Anyway, we are not informed of how the baby came about.

To ask now about what cow would eat while grass was growing would no longer seem an impossible question to ask or to answer.

Yet, there are two overwhelming issues facing human beings today. There are the personal problems and there are the larger human problems. If the personal one does not drown the person, the tsunami of human dimension would carry one along with humanity. Unless, of course if there were alternatives!

What alternatives would there be to cancer or pneumonia? What alternatives would you prefer to a tsunami? A volcanic eruption or a desert storm? Do we wish to go alone or go with the masses?
Years ago, some disc which contained the greatest achievements of human beings in all endeavors of humanity in medicine, sports, agriculture and so on and so forth were sent into space in case we encounter intelligent life on the wanderings of our various space vehicles. How would that intelligent life understand English, the language in which the recordings were made? Was this a search for an alternative world?

The more NASA and the private providers of space travel have discovered that space is endless, the more they have wound up their wrapper ready for whatever it would take to see the end of the journey.

The idea of colonising space was there right from the beginning of space travel when flags were carried by the astronauts. Each country has sent its big or small spacecraft into orbit with its own identity out there for the country.

Nobody has yet called for a division because it is so enormous an entity that there seems to be enough for everybody including countries who-rest-avec, stay-with bi omo odo. There are some countries who are asking them to be allowed as passengers to help on board so that they can learn as the journeys go along.

Whatever alternatives we might be seeking in the great beyond they will also be counted with those who would be counted that they came along and they would have a piece of the action.
We began with a search for alternatives, a search for justice for both sides. A situation that would satisfy the woman and the man seeking satisfaction from King Solomon, whatever the circumstance. That situation does not exist.

There would always be the more deserving of the two sides. That one will be the winner, the one with whom the last word will rest.

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